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Do you use Wikipedia and its sister site Wikimedia? I know I do, especially since Kyle directs us to these sites for both providing us information for our websites and public domain images. Sometimes we take for granted services like Wikipedia which are free.I recently went up on Wikipedia to do some niche research and was displayed a message asking for donations to save the Wiki sites. I was stunned that they rely totally on the donations of others to keep running and that they are now in nee
A couple of days ago Vicki (Vickic3) wrote a blog about another member posting a WA promotional blog here within WA containing WA affiliate links. When she tried to help this member to tell her that she could not put affiliate links in WA blogs and that a promotional blog was of no benefit here, she was rudely attacked.WHAT VICKI DID NOT KNOW AT THAT TIMEI chimed in on her blog and told her that there was nothing wrong with this other member posting a WA promotional blog here within the communi
Today is Thanksgiving 2018 and despite all of the problems we still face as a society in the world there is much everyone of us can be thankful for. No matter how bad things can get, we can always be thankful we are alive.A WEALTHY AFFILIATE THANKSGIVINGHowever in this brief post I would like to ask you, what one thing about Wealthy Affiliate that you are thankful for? Before you give your answer and say "everything" I want you to put some thought into it. Everything is not a suitable answer.Te
No, that title is not a typo. You can literally create and operate your own online business in any niche for only 86 Cents per day. How? With an amazing opportunity that is only available for 4 days every year and no, this is not a scam. Read on and I will explain.MY EXPERIENCE MAKING MONEY ONLINEI have been making money online in several different ways for many years. Some were not as profitable as others but really easy to do and then a couple of them were quite profitable but required consta
Too often I see new members here at Wealthy Affiliate rushing into the process of starting their own online businesses without taking the time for planning. Why are you in such a hurry? Are you in need of a job or have mounting bills to pay? Or perhaps you are so excited at this free and easy way to get started that you forget to plan things out.6.8 BILLION DOLLAR AFFILIATE MARKETING INDUSTRYOnline affiliate marketing is steadily growing and looks to continue this upward trend for the foreseeab
Within the past couple of months I had written two WA blogs explaining how I make money online. One blog was of the 6 ways I make money because of the WA training and a success blog on how I made over $3,000 in September 2018.FIRST COMES AFFILIATE MARKETING & THENThe core training here at WA is to teach us how to build a successful WordPress website in affiliate marketing from the ground up. We learn about SEO, keyword research, writing content, WordPress, social media marketing, and more.W
Here I go again. Trying to help you all to understand that the days of filling your content with your target keyword more than a couple of times, is a dead and buried out dated ranking technique. Who are you writing your content for? Your website readers or Google?DEFINITELY NOT FOR GOOGLEPut yourself in the place of the people searching Google for answers. If you wanted to know, is lavender oil good for stress, do you need to see that keyword more than twice to know the article you are reading
If you desire it to be, one day in the future you too could have a highly profitable online business. It will not happen right away. It may not happen for many years. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day and neither were the following companies that all started in a garage.WHERE THESE GIANTS STARTEDIt always starts with a dream to be financially successful and then the setting of goals to achieve along the way. There are a few online entrepreneurs that I admire for what they have accomplished.
Rarely do I post blogs about how much I make from my affiliate efforts. I think I may have done this only two times before within the 5 years I have been a member. However this brief post will be such a blog and I am posting this because of a compliment I received that made me feel GREAT.AMAZING WHAT A COMPLIMENT CAN DOLately I have been doing some freelance work for a local company who had a website but wanted one with SEO content. Their existing website was not getting any traffic. So I appli
Way too often I see new members ask, how many keywords should I use per page? And though the answer is simple, people seem to make it more complicated than it really needs to be.EXAMPLELet us say that my target keyword is "Qualpay is to pay in a lawsuit"How many times do you need to use your target keyword? Google only needs to see it twice.First in the title of the page or post. Second in the first or second paragraph.HERE IS HOW MY POST WOULD READQualpay is to Pay in a Lawsuit - FTC vs MOBEKn