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There are going to be a ton of people out of work in 2019 as the death of retail stores pick up steam. With a combined total of at least 6,616 retail stores closing across North America, it makes me wonder, is Amazon to blame?COULD AFFILIATE MARKETING HAVE HELPED?Below is a list of 36 different retail stores that have either announced several store closings or have gone completely out of business. With the exception of a few that are just closing poor performing stores, most are closing down fo
What is a Happy Mother? With this post it is a mom who can earn an income from home and never miss a moment of her children growing up. You do not have to be a woman to realize how much of a blessing it is to create new life and watching it grow is just as wonderful.CURRENT EMPLOYMENT PREVENTS THISI know so many mothers who after giving birth are already contemplating how long they can stay out of work. How long before the finances run dry? How much time can I spend with my newborn before I am
Remember the candy you ate as a kid growing up? Well you can still get that retro candy online and make money recommending it to others. That really could be a "sweet" way to earn money from the comfort of your home, or anywhere for that matter.HOW DOES THAT WORK?It's pretty simple. As a Free or Paid Member of Wealthy Affiliate you will take a few minutes to build and host your WordPress website using the Site Rubix website builder. Then do some keyword research like those listed below.where ca
I often see members asking, how many affiliate links should I use per post? Then I have seen a wide range of responses, some reasonable and others a bit too much. I have never seen a response that was too little with the amount.HOW MANY SHOULD YOU USE?It really depends on the type and length of the post. The Google Guidelines for Affiliate Marketing says that affiliate content and thus affiliate links, should only be a MINOR portion of your overall content.The reason why Google is so critical a
Whether you are new to making money online or someone who has been legitimately running an internet marketing business, you will always come across opportunities that just sound too good to be true. Most times these are scams and there are certain clues to alert you of their presence.$300,000,000.00+ STOLEN FROM PEOPLEThose of you who have been members here at Wealthy Affiliate for at least two years have probably heard by now that MOBE (My Online Business Education or My Online Business Empire
Though keyword research is an important part of your content creation, it is not the most important part. Creating an in depth, easy to read, informative piece of content is the most important aspect, because this on a whole is what Google will rank you for.GOOGLE RANKS YOU ON CONTENTThe job of Google is to display the links to website content that best answers the keyword query typed into the search engine. A person can still find your website without searching for your target or focus keyword
Are you in the health and wellness niche? Are you looking for niche ideas having to do with alternative medicine or natural therapies? Then read on. In this post Natural Cancer Treatments - Is Truth Stranger Than Fiction, I will provide some truthful information you could do research on and even use in your niche websites.WHY AM I DOING THIS?Well if you haven't noticed by now I like to tell truthful stories that have a purpose that can both entertain and help those reading it. I do this here in
As affiliate marketers we have an absolutely huge niche market to choose what we wish to promote to earn passive income for many years to come. It is very easy to get lost when choosing a niche because one person may think differently about a niche than you do. An adult toys affiliate program is a prime example. Let me explain.ONE WORD MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCEWhen you read the title of this post did you think of having fun with adult sex toys or fun toys that adults engage in? In most cases the
If you have wondered how to choose an affiliate program, you are not alone. Many members immediately choose Amazon, and there is nothing wrong with that. But it also is a good idea to do a little research on Google, especially for companies that specialize in your niche.WHAT I DO WHEN CHOOSING A NICHE I use Google in two ways: 1 to find the companies with affiliate programs, and 2 to see how popular their brand is. Depending on the niche, sometimes hype about a company or product can be mislead
Have you noticed today, Wednesday March 13, 2019, that you cannot login to your Facebook or Instagram account? This has been happening to a lot of members, not all, since 9:00 AM PT. Even if you are lucky enough to be able to login you will be hit with an error message similar to what was recently tweeted below.This is not the first time Facebook has gone down. Back in November Facebook ran a test and it brought down the social media giant for 40 minutes. It has now been 3 hours and I still can