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This month, August 2019, will be my 6-Year anniversary here at Wealthy Affiliate. Those who have followed me here pretty much know that I have been a WA Ambassador for five of those six years. There was even a time for a little more than a year that I was rank #3.IT HAS BEEN AN HONOR SERVING YOUFor anyone who has been or who still is a WA Ambassador knows it is an honor to be a contributor and a helper within this great community. And frankly, you do not need to be in the top 25 to be an Ambass
Unless you have been living under a rock lately or have just been unplugged from social media and TV, there is a new viral app for your smartphone called FaceApp. But is FaceApp safe to use? I'll let you be the judge after I present to you the facts.YOUR PERSONAL DATA IS AT RISKI can fully understand the draw of a new fun app that will use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to alter the look of a photo of you and age it 15, 20 or more years. Downloading and using a free app to get a glimpse of what y
Using social media marketing is essential for boosting traffic and eventually conversions to your website and affiliate marketing promotions. I understand that many of you may still be reluctant to get involved with social media but consider this, not all social media is the same.WHY TWITTER IS BETTER THAN FACEBOOKEven though Facebook is the biggest and most well-known of all social media platforms, it is the most problematic in my opinion. Not only has there been several scandals surrounding F
If you already have a website that is getting comments, you should know by now that comments are important for boosting your rankings. But what else are comments good for? You can increase SEO and thus traffic as well as earn revenue from your comments and comment replies. How is this possible?HAPPY YOU ASKEDBy inserting internal links to your already published website content and occasionally affiliate links. Why would inserting links in SOME of your website comments be a good thing? When peop
This post is just a warning to those of you who maybe just getting into using social media for your online businesses. This is also a reminder for those of you already involved with social media. Be careful what you post that you wouldn't want the whole world to know.DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPEHave you ever logged into Facebook, Twitter or some other social media network and were hit with a popup asking you for your phone number to make your account more secure? Giving them your phone number is NOT
First off I would like to congratulate all basketball fans up in Canada, especially Toronto Raptor fans, on their victory over the Golden State Warriors. I'm not sure if Kyle (a fan of basketball) is a Raptors fan, but I bet he was watching or at least is quite excited about the win.THINK OF THE MONEY-MAKING POTENTIALMoney making potential? Yes! Imagine this... Here is a historical basketball question.How many NBA Championships have the Toronto Raptors won?Up until last night...0 Zero Nada Zip!
GOOGLE NEWS ALERT!If you have been having problems with Google Analytics, YouTube, Gmail, Google Cloud or any other Google service you are not alone.According to a post I read, some Google servers in the U.S. and Canada went down today around 2:30 PM EDT. All Google products are affected to some degree.I became aware when a YouTube video I was watching yesterday would not load. Then almost every other video I tried playing wouldn't load either.I checked the embedded videos on my websites and th
I was watching a video interview of 2020 Republican candidate for president Bill Weld about how we all must get ready for the coming jobs lost due to technology. It is expected that within the next 20 years about 25% of the job market will vanish because of technology.DRONES & AUTONOMOUS VEHICLESTechnological advances are fast moving forward. As the years go by the faster things once unheard of are becoming a reality. It is 2019. Can you think back 12 years ago and remember what life was li
It is Memorial Day Weekend 2019 here in the United States.and to many that signifies the start of summer, the first big outdoor barbecue, opening up of your pool, and heading to the beach. But the true meaning of Memorial Day is to honor those American men and women who have died while in active duty service.FREEDOM IS NOT FREEEven though Memorial Day is to honor those that died while still in service and Veterans Day is to honor those dead and alive who have served their country in a time of w
Would you like to know how to get on Google Page 1 not using your keyword? We all do keyword research looking for that perfect word to get us high rankings, but there is another way to get on the first page of search.WRITE INFORMATIVE LONG FORM CONTENTYou will always get some push back from content writers when they hear long-form content. I feel that reaction is based on their unwillingness to write enough content. Like Neil Patel says, "make sure your content is super in depth, answering any