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Today is December 1st, the first day of the last month in 2019. They say time flies when you are having fun and as a member of Wealthy Affiliate, making money too. Is it me or did this year fly by? If you have not yet taken advantage of the Black Friday to Cyber Monday Membership Sale you have until tomorrow night to lock in that savings!RABBIT RABBIT RABBITHave you ever seen that or Rabbit Rabbit White Rabbits before? Do you know what it means? According to Wikipedia, "Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit is
I am sure that you have heard of the saying “it is better to give than to receive” and you may be wondering, what does that really mean? Well the answer is quite simple.When you decide to give and not expect to receive anything in return, you will reap a benefit that you may not know of at that time, but it will come to pass. By giving something to somebody and not expecting to have that person give you anything in return, this does not mean that you will not receive something. A BL
Have you ever published new content on your website, then seen it indexed and wanted to know how to find your website ranking in Google for your keyword? I am sure that you probably went to Google and searched your keyword. Then all of a sudden you become excited. I AM RANKED ON GOOGLE PAGE 1How do you know what you are seeing is actually true? You might answer that by saying, well Google is showing it to me. Yes but did you know that Google will show you what it thinks you want to see? Un
I know that Kyle will soon be sending out his yearly WA Black Friday Yearly Membership Sale blog informing us of the new banners and when the Black Friday Affiliate Link will be activated. But instead of waiting I decided to check for myself and...YES! BANNERS & LINK IS POSTEDI first went to the Banners area by clicking on the $ icon above, then clicking on "Banners" and then on the little drop down arrow next to Show Banners For: You can also reach the banners page at the below link.WA Aff
Those of us here in the Wealthy Affiliate community have a great opportunity to jump start our Google and search engine rankings by getting comments on our websites. Comments should be relevant to the page or post you are commenting on, they should not be generic.I created a tutorial, see link below, about how you should leave comments on other people's websites. They need to be of a higher quality and not - "Thank you for this information. I learned a lot here." If you tried doing this in Site
There are several ways anyone can make money online, but which one is the best way? In my opinion and that of many others, Affiliate Marketing offers the best return on investment. How successful is Affiliate Marketing? Let me show you the numbers.$12 BILLION IN SALES GLOBALLYYes, I said billion with a B. Currently in 2019 the global affiliate marketing industry is making approximately 12 Billion Dollars in sales per year and this amount gets bigger every year. As more and more people do their
A few years ago I created a popular tutorial called How to Get Your Content Indexed in Google Within Hours, but that was when Google Search Console had just switched over from Google Webmaster Tools. All of the functions as well as the look were still GWT and only the name had changed to GSC.I UPDATED MY TUTORIALWhen the functionality of GWT was completely replaced with a newer process from Google Search Console, all of the steps from my tutorial were outdated. I just spent the past couple of h
I have been a very happy and satisfied member of Wealthy Affiliate since August 2013. I have made more money online than I did prior to joining and because of the resources available to all premium members, I am able to earn from multiple streams of income.TIME FOR HOUSE CLEANINGHow many of you who have been here for a year or more, gone into your Private Message Inbox and Outbox and deleted old messages? If you are like me, you probably have some messages still in there from when you first joi
One of the best advantages of being a member here at Wealthy Affiliate, is the training in knowing SEO and how does Google rank content on our websites. You can go outside of this community and search the internet for the best ways to rank on the first page of Google and find dozens of opinions.IT IS NOT COMPLICATEDObviously learning something new for the first time can be a bit complicated. However, once you start putting it into practice, what was once complicated can be quite simple. I see m
One of the affiliate programs we here at Wealthy Affiliate are exposed to early on in the training is the Amazon Associates Program. Even though there are about a thousand other kinds of affiliate programs we can freely join, Amazon is no doubt the largest.FOOD IS A NICHEWhen we are starting a niche website we must choose what that niche will be. It can be practically anything. A niche is nothing more than an experience, product, interest, hobby and passion that many people enjoy. Yet people so