Operate Your Own Online Business for Only 86 Cents a Day

Last Update: November 17, 2018

No, that title is not a typo. You can literally create and operate your own online business in any niche for only 86 Cents per day. How? With an amazing opportunity that is only available for 4 days every year and no, this is not a scam. Read on and I will explain.


I have been making money online in several different ways for many years. Some were not as profitable as others but really easy to do and then a couple of them were quite profitable but required constant effort. I needed to find a way that was easy and profitable.

After a couple of weeks researching I came across something totally to my surprise. I had known from experience that there were many MLM (Multi Level Marketing) opportunities that offered products too expensive for most people and I would have to convince them to buy.

Unless you are a really good salesman, getting people to buy a product they don’t really need is a tough hill to climb. Now I do not know about you but being rejected over and over, not making sales, will make me lose interest really quick.

Then there is the compensation plans of many MLMs which in most cases require you to buy a certain amount of products and recruit others in order to get paid. That’s not an easy and fun way to make money in my opinion. But I found a better way and can run it for as little as 86 Cents per day.

Now all I have to do is recommend any product, service or experience just by writing about it in a blog, and people can make up their own mind as to if they want to buy or not. Best part, I do not have to directly deal with my customers or the shipping and return of products.

Sounds great, right? Though I have successfully done drop shipping I never knew that this type of marketing existed and that most major online retailers provide it. Now I make money online recommending things people need and get paid by companies like Amazon.

This is called Affiliate Marketing. I was surprised to learn that many of the companies I have purchased from will pay anyone with a website who recommend their products. I had to learn how this worked and that is when I found Wealthy Affiliate.


Now let me be honest. I did find two other affiliate marketing training programs prior to Wealthy Affiliate (WA) but each required me to pay a fee to try it out. Even though they offered a money back guarantee I still wasn’t sold on trying it. Every time I have had to ask for my money back it has never been quick.

However WA has a 100% FREE Starter Membership that will give you full access to the first 10 training lessons, 2 fully programmed WordPress websites, free keyword research tool, and 7 days of live chat for direct help and support. ALL of this is for free!

There is nothing like WA anywhere online, or offline for that matter. Go ahead and check for yourself. I couldn't find anyone else that offered so much for free. And unlike other affiliate marketing training programs, WA has only one Premium price of $49 per month.

That monthly price is the highest it goes for everything you need, except a domain name which is $13.99 for an entire year. If you were to divide that by 12 months it comes out to $1.17. So for absolutely EVERYTHING needed you would be paying $50.17 per month.


It is very rare to find an online training opportunity that will not only give you everything for a low monthly cost, but will also offer a yearly payment option that will SAVE YOU a lot of money. Check these prices out.

If you were to pay monthly at $49 per month and $13.99 per year for your own domain name, you would pay a total of $601.99 within a year. That is still a very reasonable price considering everything you get. But WA wants to save you money if you pay for one year.

The WA Yearly Membership is only $359. Add $13.99 for your domain name and you can learn, build and operate your online affiliate marketing business for only $372.99 per year. That is a $229.00 SAVINGS from paying monthly.

That is awesome, right? Well WA can save you another $60 during their 4-day SALE from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. When you become a yearly member during these four days you will pay only $299.00 + $13.99 = $312.99 per year to operate your website business.


Wealthy Affiliate is more concerned with getting you to succeed than it is in milking more money out of you. When all you have to pay per year is $312.99 for everything plus your own domain name, you are actually paying only 86 Cents per day.

I challenge you to find a more inclusive and least expensive way to learn how and operate your affiliate marketing business. And get this... It will only cost you an additional $13.99 for each additional website you wish to build, and you can build up to 25 of them.

Imagine how fun it will be to work from home promoting products in a niche of your choosing. You will not experience the hassles and rejection you get in MLM for trying to sell items that are far too costly that people never heard of.

Affiliate marketing is by far the easiest and least expensive way to make money online from ANYWHERE in the world. And now thanks to the WA Black Friday Sale, you too can create and operate your internet business for less than a small bottle of water everyday.

I have been doing this since November 2013 and I will remain a VERY SATISFIED member of Wealthy Affiliate for many years to come. If you are not a member yet and you want the BEST OPPORTUNITY you will ever get, become a Free Member today!

Try out the training and then take advantage of the Black Friday Sale. If you are already a WA member and you want to save money on your monthly or regular yearly membership, take advantage of this sale! You will not be disappointed.


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FKelso Premium
I think I might just try out this WA. It sounds to me like a win-win situation. Nice job on your post.
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Thank you. Happy you liked my post.
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Great reminder for everyone. I am already sold
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Thank you. I hope those who read this that are not yet members of WA will be sold too.
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Haha you're a born sales person!
Excellent post, I'm sold!
boomergp08 Premium
One can only effectively sell when they are knowledgeable and passionate about what they are promoting.
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Fantastic post!
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Happy you liked my post.
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Beauty full
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Thank you.