Never Give Up on WA Because You Never Know

Last Update: December 31, 2017

Are you one of the many members who are promoting WA and wondering, why the referrals I have gained have not upgraded to premium? The reasons are many but you should never give up on WA because you never know when that referral will go premium.


Getting a WA referral is the easiest part of the money making process because it is the first step at getting someone to join. However, just because you are getting referrals does not mean you are getting paid. It is when that referral decides to get going in the training process is when you will start earning.

As is shown in the image above taken from the Affiliate Bootcamp Course, a premium member will not earn any money until that referral completes their WA profile. This will earn the premium member $1.00, but only if that referral provides a picture and a brief description, could even be one word.

If you are a starter member and you get a referral, you will not have this option to earn the $1.00. The only way to earn money from referrals as a starter member is when that referral goes premium. That step is the hardest part of the process for both starter and premium members.

In my 4+ years as a WA member I have gained over 1,000 referrals. Have all of them earned me any money, of course not. The majority of referrals a member gets does not become a premium member, at least not right away in some cases. Kyle does say that 1 in 8 will go premium.


Just in case you didn’t know, ALL referrals to WA have a lifetime cookie set to the person who invites them to join. This means that if your referral doesn’t decide to become premium until 3 years later, if you are still a member of WA, you will earn money from that referral.

The above image is a recent example. This member was a free starter member for 224 days, almost 8 months. Why did this member wait so long? Who knows…perhaps they were not ready, or something else came up that delayed the process. It could be many reasons.

But eventually this member did decide to go premium and received the first month discount of $19.00. Before you ask, the first month discount has no time limit associated with it as stated in the first image above from the Affiliate Bootcamp Course.

So you see, you never know when that referral you gain that has not set up their WA profile or has not upgraded to premium, will begin their training. Gaining referrals is the easiest first step. The next two steps, completing WA profile and upgrading to premium, are harder to obtain.


Even if you are getting discouraged because you are getting a lot of referrals but none seem to be upgrading, do not give up hope. Keep on promoting, it is pretty much a numbers game. Sometimes your new premium referral will decide to really get serious and go yearly as seen above.

So if you have referrals that have not upgraded or even set up their profiles, just move on and move forward. Because of the WA lifetime referral cookie any of your referrals can become money makers for you at any time in the future. Do not let referrals that don’t get started to discourage you.

This is not an easy process but it is quite rewarding when it does happen. The trick is to never give up and keep on moving forward. The more you do to promote, the more conversions you will see, and sometimes those conversions will surprise you when you least expect it.


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Dhind1 Premium
Great post. Thank you for sharing - you never know.
boomergp08 Premium
It was my pleasure to share this with you and the WA community. And yes, you never know. :)
Loes Premium
So true! I had one who went premium in October 2017 but Joined October 2015

Best wishes for you too Robert!
boomergp08 Premium
I had someone similar. Like I said above, You never know when someone will upgrade.

Thanks Loes. Enjoy your New Years Eve!
Loes Premium
Same to you Robert
imthedamo Premium
Very very cool post. I have 97 referrals and have only earn $1 haha. I love it and I completely understand the long term game. Cool to see the starter that went premium after 224 days. I know down the line these will all pay off. Thanks Robert.
boomergp08 Premium
I have had many referrals go premium after many months. Thanks to the WA lifetime cookie, it is a great feeling to see these referrals that you thought were not interested, all of a sudden become interested.
kimwolfe Premium
Great true words of an online entrepreneur.

I appreciate the insights to the process. It seems that communication with your referrals is not available and I can understand why. However, it means you need to be more creative in the nurturing process outside of WA.

Thanks Rob and community. Happy new year!
boomergp08 Premium
Yes, it does require some creativity to not just get them to join but to also push forward to start.

Happy New Year to you too!
MorneOlivier Premium
Awesome incentive forward for 2018. I want my website to do just that.
boomergp08 Premium
Keep building your website, looks good so far, and keep reaching for your goals and you will get there.