Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? - What Are Your Thoughts?

Last Update: Sep 10, 2015


People searching for a legit way to make money online from home tend to see a lot of posts about WA and ask, is Wealthy Affiliate Worth it? Now I am not going to say that it is because I want YOU, the Wealthy Affiliate Community, to tell the people online searching for an opportunity if you believe it is.

Soon after this blog gets published it will be indexed into Google and the other search engines for the world to read. I also will be including a link to this blog on my website this week, so that my website visitors can read current up-to-date feedback from you, the Wealthy Affiliate Community.


Removing myself as a contributor and looking at it as a regular member, I feel the Wealthy Affiliate Community is like no other on the internet. It is the most helpful I have ever experienced anywhere! But don’t take my word for it, you people who are not yet members, let the Wealthy Affiliate Community tell you in their own words.


Please help to tell the online world and my website readers who are not yet members, what you think of the Wealthy Affiliate experience. It does not matter if you are a newbie or a veteran, please answer the three questions below honestly.




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Recent Comments


Wealthy affiliate is an open educational platform. It contains a complete course to learn all about affiliate marketing. And because it's an open resource, every member is able to add any knowledge they have. Kind of like wikipedia, but then for affiliate marketing and website developing. I feel often as if I am attending a private school, with personal teachers.

It's worth, you ask? There are even experiences here in the community which are priceless.

My daughter just started Highschool (about €1900 for one year), you pay the price, but then, there has to be bought a labcoat, some transscripts, special shoes, a hairnet, a noteblock a... etc.etc.

The price of Wealthy Affiliate Yearly, the complete course, the comperhensive library, and the personal coaching is $359 (= €322) No surprises afterwards, that's the price! That's not even a can of beer a day!

And when you choose to be a monthly member for $47 a month, that's half the price you pay for a dinner in a restaurant.

I recommand Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who is interested in the online world. The databank is huge!

And the nicest of all, anyone can try it out for free, even the premium advantages are free the first 7 days, so you know what you get when you join Wealthy Affiliate as a free member, but also what you get as a premium member.

I've built a few sites and tried to figure out how to monetize them spending hours and hours in research and usually ending up frustrated.

It's all right here. I'm new here but I am taking complete advantage of this supportive community. Every I get stuck, I just ask a question. It's answered within the hour.

If you go by the old adage time is money, WA is priceless.

I have been an online and offline marketer for
more then 20 years. Still I continue to learn new
things from this amazing program almost daily.

Also as a side note, I personally have been a
member for just over 1 year now and I have
increased my network and my income substantially.

The $47 price point is a very small investment
for all you get from Wealth Affiliate. Both from
the training and the fantastic helpful and caring
community. The support is the best I have found.

You can get help from this community in minutes
any time of the day or night. There are many very
well informed professionals here to guide you.

The free entry is a great incentive to attract people.
Once they see all the benefits it becomes clear.
There is nothing else online that compares.
I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate even without
the free entry point. It is worth so much more.

Ken Pringle TRM

1. No it is not worth the $47 per month but MORE. At $47 pe month it is $1.6 per day - not enough for a cup of coffee (where I come from) I am afraid - yet the value I get for my other businesses is huge. My brick and mortar business is sitting right here at WA and I, for the first time in years, am in direct control of its internet presence. Similarly are my two other brick and mortar businesses. So the worth of the WA $47 largely depends on the extent to which one allows the 'learning' from here to extend beyond WA. I could go on...
2. The WA community is very responsive - on a scale of 1(poor) to 10 (excellent) I would place it at 9. It is for that reason that my College students will use WA to get their first lessons on websites and related topics - because the monthly fees are so reasonable they will be build into their college fees. I know that no teacher out there can give them the value they will get from the assistance available at WA.
3. I find WA very user friendly and not intimidating. It is a community of learners who are at different levels making it easy for me to find my own level without the feeling of being rushed.

I really don't know how a person could even put a price on the true value of Wealthy Affiliate. The training works! The hosting is top-of-the-line. The vast amount of information on just about any topic related to making money online is ever available, and can easily and quickly be searched to find the answer to your question. All of that is certainly worth far more than $47/month to me. But the community is the delicious icing on the cake! Surprisingly, this is a community made up of more people with ANSWERS than of people with QUESTIONS. And the Wealthy Affiliate culture is such that those people with the answers are genuinely willing to help. This is a culture that has been carefully cultivated by the founders over the past 10 years. Kyle and Carson are heavily INVOLVED in personally answering questions, and they set the tone of honesty and helpfulness which permeates throughout the Wealthy Affiliate community.

In the 2 and a half years I was trying to make money online with the programs I bought into, I could never get proper answers to questions, got palmed off, It was like the secret service out there, Nobody wanted to give you a straight answer to anything connected to internet marketing.

Until I found WA, It changed the process of learning and being helped on a daily basis,

1] WA is worth it in my eyes, why, it will save you a hell of a lot of heartache.

2] The help, Grease lighting.

3] The free cost is a great way to introduce people because you can try it out, and if it`s not for you, no harm done, no money lost

I believe the cost of WA is well worth the benefits. The collegial, helping attitude by the members is excellent; most responses for help or assistance are forthcoming very quickly. I would recommend it above all because it is an open-minded, friendly, learning community for beginning and seasoned entrepreneurial webmasters.

In addition to $ 47 a month for the success you need to pay for your domain, for membership in Jaaxy: for $ 19 (per month) Pro Edition or the $ 49 (per month) Enterprise edition, etc. Prior to the entry into the community of WA about this does not say.

Jaaxy is optional.
Just use the free keyword tool which has the exact same results.
I do!

You can use the free websites, but a real domain is better of course.
Domains are cheap, though.

I have never paid for the Jaaxy membership. This is not something you have to do. I use the free keyword took provided as part of the premium membership. You also do not need to pay for a domain name as you can use the free siterubix sites (you get 2). For those that choose to buy their own domain name, this is not very expensive. Mine costs me $11 a year.

As has been said Anatoliy, Jaaxy is purely optional and WA has it's own, inclusive keyword tool to use anyway.
As far as a domain is concerned, you're right that it costs extra but at about $10 a year ie 83 cents a month, hopefully it won't break anybody's budget.
What I would say is this, if you can introduce 3 people who become premium members and retain 3 premium members at any time during each month, you earn $67.50 and your WA membership and a new domain is paid for!
Good luck

I agree with RAiderman. I do not know how you could get this much education, information and suggestions from people who are successful in this business in one spot any other why! What a deal!
Support had been great when called on. AAA+

Wealthy Affiliate is more than worth the $47.00 pr month cost of membership because of the training you get. If you could find a university that offered this type of training you would spend thousands and thousands of dollars paying for that training. So that in of itself more than makes it worth it.

Wealthy affiliate has members worldwide. So when you need assistance on anything all you have to do is ask. More than likely someone will be up and online answering your question. If you have to ask a question of support, and I have asked several, they are quick to let you know they are working on it and get back to you with a response.

I would recommend Wealth Affiliate because it is the only place I have ever seen that is interested in promoting the success of each member of the community. You do have to work at it to make money but that work can lead to a secure future. It can also lead you to many different connections to make money.

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