How to Use WordPress - Various Techniques

Last Update: July 25, 2016

WordPress can seem quite complex to the new user, and frankly to those who are not so new to it too. If you are wondering how to use WordPress, I will explain how in the training links below. Fortunately it can get simpler the more you use it, and when you decide to experiment with it.

In regards to that last part, I would not recommend you do too much experimenting with WordPress on your own live website. The last thing you want to do is experiment with something and screw up your website. So what can you do?

In this blog I will be listing all of the links to my few different training tutorials having to do with using WordPress more effectively for your website building journey. I will be providing links to training in how to create drop down menus, heading tags, meta tags, test websites and more.


When we create quality content, in time (could be weeks or months), Google could begin to increase the rankings of that particular page or post. There are many factors that go into getting better and higher Google rankings, but the core factor is quality content.

Knowing how to navigate within WordPress will help greatly in your content creation process. In the training below I talk about creating quality content over quantity content, having a strategy for posting content, and how using the Save Draft button can be a BIG help in the process.

Tips for Posting Content in WordPress

Next I give you the basics of using WordPress such as how to easily create a backup of your website content within a minute. Every time before you make a major update to your website, like upgrading to a new version of WordPress or a new plugin, you should do this simple quick backup.

I also describe the functions of the editor menu buttons, how to create links, heading tags, add images, set up blog post categories, blog post tags and featured images. This will be found in the top link below. In the bottom link I will discuss how to do drop down menus and use the appropriate meta tags.

The Basics of Using WordPress - Functionality Features

The Basics of Using WordPress - Drop Down Menus and Meta Tags

What do you do when you decide to change the theme to your website, just change it? That can cause problems like reformatting content and changing any custom menus and visual website designs you had from your previous theme. So the best solution to this is to use a test website for all experimentations of things you want to do for your live website.

In the following training you will learn why using one of your free 25 Site Rubix websites makes perfect sense for a test website. It doesn’t have to contain all of the content from your live website but it should have some page tabs in the menu and blog posts set up, along with any header images. This way if you change a theme you can see the results beforehand.

Benefits of Using a Test WordPress Website


We all want websites that perform as fast as possible because speed can contribute to better UX (Use Experience). When our websites have a better UX we can get a boost in our SEO, the two work hand-in-hand. There are various ways to make our websites faster, as few plugins as possible, images small in memory size, and even less themes.

Every website comes with more than one theme installed (not activated), so if you may want to know how to delete those themes, access new themes, customize themes, and/or how to access the themes options, the training at the link below will be able to help you out with what you need to do.

How to Change Delete and Manage a WordPress Theme

I hope these training tutorials will be of benefit to you should you have any questions about how to use WordPress. Remember to share this with anyone who may have any questions about WordPress.

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