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Last Update: Jul 27, 2020

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In this current age of the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic, the ways we all used to earn a living are either drying up, gone for good or have radically changed. However, there is a solution that can help us to change the course and journey of our future. We just need the courage to make that change and stay the course once that change has been made.

There are so many people who strive to start their own business because they are sick and tired of working for someone else or they are in need of a job. Unfortunately those who start a business because they need a job are the ones who will more than likely quit before reaching success. Wealthy Affiliate is not a replacement for a paying job.


The one thing many people seem to never realize when they start on their journey of building their own online business is that success takes a lot of time. If a person starts this journey because they need a job to pay their bills, then they better go out and find a job. Making full time income will not come quickly, at least within the first six months.

But for those who start this journey to financial security in their own online business from home that have patience and determination, they will ultimately experience success. All they need to do is create and build their business the correct way through learning and hard work. Cutting corners is not the way to go. Take your idea and have a plan of action.


As many of us know Wealthy Affiliate works for those who learn the lessons and apply what they have learned. Working hard and often on our websites will ultimately bring about success. Without devoting the time to consistently build our websites, we lose the momentum for reaching our financial goals. Consistency is key for your success.

Unlike many of the other work from home online opportunities that are flooding the internet, Wealthy Affiliate never claims what a person can make by taking the training lessons. This is because real success depends solely on the individual working towards their goal. Nothing important in life can be mastered without your effort and taking action.


Both Kyle and Carson know this personally and they teach this in the training here as well as practice it in making Wealthy Affiliate the best online training and business building platform. There is no hype here, just honest straightforward training that teaches us the fundamentals in operating a successful home based affiliate marketing online business.

As long as we do not get impatient, do not expect to get rich quickly and especially without working hard to build our websites, and do not quit, we all can reach our goals. Anyone who quits will never experience success and will only have themselves to blame for their failure. Never give up and remember the message of the following picture.

With the economy of the world limping back to life and in some places quite slowly, the opportunity that Wealthy Affiliate offers all of its members will make it easier to experience success. The key is their world-class training, the supportive community, ease of use, low cost and even a way for you to earn cash credits by commenting on other member websites.

You can use these cash credits once you have enough, and can either cash them out or use them to pay for your membership of only $49.00 per month. To learn how you can earn cash credit by commenting on other member websites, read my step by step tutorial here. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. Thanks!

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Zig is one of my all time favourites and I love that quote, it's so simple and yet so profound.

My experience is that many people start a business, especially online, and expect to reap the rewards immediately. I believe that's like planting an accorn one day and expecting to build a log cabin the following day.

It won't happen; the seed needs to be nourished and cared for in order to flourish.

Same as any business.

Great post Rob


Thank you Rick and a great analogy with the acorn. I believe the main reason why people are fooled into thinking that big and quick wealthy can come with an online business is because of the scammers that promote such an ideology. Building a successful business, online or off, takes planning, hard work and patience.

It certainly does and it makes the process a lot easier when one has realistic expectations, a solid (and flexible) plan, a good mentor and plenty of encouragement which is in plentiful supply here at WA.

There certainly is no better place than WA. It will be 7 years next month as a member here. I am never quitting and leaving.

Thanks sir now I'm so powerful

You are welcome.

Thanks so much for sharing this great advice Boomergp.

t was my pleasure to share this with you.

Great advice thanks, Boomer.

You are welcome Robert.

Great advice. I like the way you spell out the real thing. I use your WA rules and regulations for our newbies who seemed going beyond the limit. Thanks for the info, my friend.

You are welcome Florentino. Always happy to spread more helpful and motivational information.

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