How to Make Money by Getting High - No Not That Way

Last Update: Nov 15, 2020

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Though this blog post has nothing to do with any type of mind-altering drugs, it does explain how to make money by getting high. What kind of high? That picture above gives you a clue into what kind of high I am talking about. I mentioned this as one of two newly popular money making niches back in 2016 in my tutorial at the link below.

Start Your Own Business by Thinking Outside of the Box

Of these two niches, one of them - Hemp - has become absolutely HUGE in its scope of application beyond just food, clothing and CBD oil. There are so many things you can make from hemp, like an entire car body and frame, that would blow your mind, and it is legal to buy and sell it here in the U.S. as long as it contains no THC.

This other niche really gets you high...

As in high up in the air and high commissions as I just found out. I am talking about aerial photos and videos using radio controlled quad-copter drones. In my tutorial I linked to above I mentioned one of the ways you could make money in the drone niche was to buy a drone, learn how to fly it, get FAA certified and do aerial photography.

Back when I wrote that tutorial the niche of aerial drone photography was in its infant stages with ordinary people making money with it. But now? I found an aerial drone video and photography company that offers three ways to earn income with them. Two of the ways I mention above in my tutorial and the other is in their affiliate program.

I was doing some research yesterday for new niches that would not require a big niche website and could earn you income by just sharing your affiliate link. During this research I took a break to view some videos of Central Park in New York City. I know many people who don't realize that there is an oasis of trees, grassy fields, and miles of trails in the middle of NYC.

Then I remembered the WA training tutorial I created in 2016 that mentioned drone photography as more than just a hobby but also a viable way to make money doing something you already enjoy. So I decided to research this niche again and see how it has advanced in the last four years. That is when I came across a company called

Make Money in three different ways

I became very intrigued with this company because they offer you three different ways to earn income through their website. You can do what I mention in my WA tutorial above, buy a drone, learn to fly it, get FAA certified, and sell your service as a drone videographer. By joining there team of drone operators, you get paid 40% commission on every shoot you do.

Another way you can earn money with them is by selling any stock aerial drone videos you may have already filmed. They will pay 50% commission on all sales of your videos. The third way, which is the way I am interested in is through their affiliatee program. They offer a 2-Tier 10% and Commission on ALL purchases of their services with a "Lifetime" cookie!

This means if you refer someone that buys $300 of aerial videos and then they come back two years later and orders again, you still get paid. Just like WA's affiliate program, your referrals are lifetime. With video packages selling for $250 and up, you could make $25 for every sale and you can also earn 10% Commission on sales of stock video footage sold on the site.

Do you need a website in the aerial drone photography niche to make money in their affiliate program? Absolutely not! Matter of fact, while writing this WA blog I sgned up to their affiliate program, posted my affiliate link on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I also placed a banner on my Boot Camp website. It was super simple to become their affiliate.

If you want to make this another niche you can earn from without having to build a website for it, go to and scroll down to the bottom of their home page and click on their "Affiliates" link and sign up. If you have never seen Central Park, NYC from a drone camera and the video that led me to this new niche, click the link below.

Recent Comments


Robert just watched the drone video of Central Park that's amazing!!!
I have to check to see if someone has made one of Stanley Park in Vancouver Canada where I live.
Also will have to check about drones that sounds like a neat business
😎👌 thx again!

Central Park is a really cool place, as I am sure you remember from being there years ago. Imagine having a drone and filming the 2.5 acre Strawberry Fields John Lennon memorial from multiple angles. The video and images could be sold or monetized through YouTube.

The great thing about the money making opportunity of the DroveVideos website, is that you do not need a drone to earn money from their affiliate program. However if you do have a drone and can fly it well, you could make money as one of their independent drone operators.

Wow Robert great info!!!
Will have to sign up. I have a friend who takes his drone with him when he travels, it got him in trouble last year when he was in Turkey.
The police thought he was a spy and held him for questioning for several hours!
He has taken some amazing photos with his drone from what I saw.
I will have to check out the Central Park pictures.
I have been to Central Park about 6 yrs ago and saw the John Lennon memorial and stood in front of the Dakota where he and Yoko Ono lived.
She still owns 7 units there and her son owns one and one in Time Square. Those are very expensive units.
Anyway , this is really good info specially when they give you a lifetime of referrals.
I recently found a vitamin company that I have bought vitamins from that also give a lifetime of referrals.
The company is called piping rock com.
Thx Robert, all the best 😎👌

You are welcome John.

If you decide to join DroneVideos as an affiliate, you can get your friend with the drone to join through your affiliate link. Then if he makes any purchases, sells any of his drone videos / pictures, or becomes one of their certified drone operators, both he and you will earn a commission.

I like that idea

Hi Robert, interesting post!

I recently saw a video where there was a drone show at night. Many drones were doing some amazing designs of all different colors up in the sky.

I think they were promoting safe practices of protecting yourself from the virus.

It's so fascinating, the way they choreographed everything.
If I find the video, I will share it with you somehow.

I might have a look at affiliate program. I'm very much interested in joining.

Please be safe!


Thank you Peter. The technology in how people are using drones for displaying images in the sky is something I just witnessed for the first time when watching President-Elect Biden's acceptance rally.

That blew me away how they were able to choreograph all of that together. I believe there are so many things drones can be used for. The nice thing about the VideoDrones affiliate program is that you do not need a drone to participate.

Yes! The one in Philadelphia right? Awesome!

Thank You for the great post and information

You are welcome Dorrie. I'm always happy when I can share unique niche ideas that do not require a website to make money.


I became completely interested, a staggering page and will immediately sign up for the affiliate program.

Should I send an email address to my private or my website domain email address?


I used my personal email address since I do not need my website to be accepted into their affiliate program.

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