How to Know if Premium Plus is Right for You - Here is How

Last Update: Nov 3, 2020

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Kyle announced many changes for the Wealthy Affiliate platform that I find fascinating and needed as WA evolves to keep pace with technological advances in online performance and the affiliate marketing industry.

Yes there will be glitches at roll out, but my confidence as a 7+ year member is knowing those glitches will be fixed in short order. These guys, Kyle & Carson as well as all those behind the scenes will get it right, so be patient.


Not everyone will need or want Premium Plus for a variety of reasons. That being said, if you can afford it and you are a relatively new member who has not started making money online, Premium Plus could be beneficial.

It is important to note that Premium Plus and regular Premium have a lot in common and I will show just how much below. As Kyle said, Premium Plus is NOT a new membership level, but rather a "Bundled" Premium package.

So how to know if Premium Plus is right for you? Below by way of screen shots I will show you step by step in how to determine if this is what you need. You will first need to click your Profile Image above right and a user interface will appear. See Below.

This UI gives you a snapshot view and navigation to various areas associated with your Profile. You will want to scroll down to where it says "Account Settings" and click there. See Below.

Once you click on "Account Settings" on the left side of the next screen that is showing you your account information, you will want to click on "Subscription" and this will show you what you currently have. See Below.

When you go onto your Subscription page it will show you what you are currently paying and for what subscription level. NOTE: Yours will look slightly different than mine. Because I have been a member for 7+ years, some features are grandfathered in. See Below.

A purple diamond icon denotes Premium and a check mark denotes what you already have access to. A crown icon means a Premium Plus only feature. This makes it easier to see what you have and what you don't have. See Below.

NOTE: You may have noticed that even though hosting for 50 Premium websites is a Premium Plus feature, I already have that as a Premium member. This is because I joined WA prior to them changing it to 10 in March 2020 and I am grandfathered in.

So if you became a WA member prior to the hosting changes to 10 websites in March 2020, you were also grandfathered in for 50 websites. The only perks I do not get is Advanced Hosting Security Suite & 1,000,000 Monthly Visits. See Below.

Moving on to Support features, the only Premium Plus perk I do not get with regular Premium is Priority Expert Private Help. Not sure how this would actually work at this time, but I can see it being helpful to less experienced members. See Below.

For me, and probably most of you (unless you have Jaaxy Enterprise already), in this area of Research I lack 6 of the Premium Plus perks. See Below.

Before you upgrade to Premium Plus, make sure to see what you already have. If you joined WA prior to the hosting changes in March 2020 and/or you already have Jaaxy Enterprise, you might have some of the Premium Plus perks already.

However I still recommend that if you are a new member joining WA after the hosting changes in March 2020 or you do not have Jaaxy Enterprise and also want access to the Expert Training, and if you can afford to, then upgrade to Premium Plus and do so before the $200 discount expires.

If you have any comments, thoughts or questions on what I posted here, please leave them in the comments below. Thank You! ~ Rob

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Recent Comments


Hello Rob, another helpful post as usual. However, incomplete for a visually impaired person as myself.

This is not a personal attack for presenting a percentage of your post in graphical form, which a screen-reader cannot process; I'm well aware it's business as usual. Yet, it points to the fact this entire platform has lots of accessibility issues.

In the years I've been a loyal paying member, non of the fabulous improvements have benefit me in any way; to the contrary, my low participation comes as a result for the lack of accessibility.

Now that my time to renew is around the corner, I could remain hopeful for the Priority Expert Private Help to mean I would receive the type of assistance I deserve as a Premium member; but unfortunately my previous attempts have fallen in deaf ears. In other words, I also have sent private messages that were never answered.

Sorry for using your post to vent my frustration. I wouldn't have written this publicly if the administration was listening, but they are not.


Sorry to know that Edwin, I have always gotten a response, all be it I have not PM Kyle or Carson. I do hope that the improvements do help you more.

Wishing you the best on your journey in life.


Hi Scott, and thanks for your kind words. I cringe when there's an update to this platform, due to what I previously stated. Maybe this time I get a big surprise; we'll SEE (LOL. God bless!)

Sorry Edwin that I didn't go into more written detail for you and I agree that WA has some accessibility issues for those with special needs. Perhaps the Priority Expert Private Help will be beneficial to you should you take the upgrade.

If you do, just know you can always downgrade back to your original premium membership level. So if you do get this "Expert Help" it would be nice if you would let us know by writing a review on it here within WA. Just my thoughts.

I always hated the updates on my I-phone back when I had one, had to relearn the entire thing every time. Other than that, it was a great phone. Working with audio gear, 9 times out of then, the apple product blows away android and PC. However, one of the greatest gifts God gave us, is the gift of learning. Keeps the noodle flexible.

I can see you have a great spirit, where ever you aim your ship, it's gonna get there!

Have a good one,

Thanks Rob, I believe that in accordance to the Global Web Accessibility guidelines, disabled individuals like myself haven't received proper accommodation. We shouldn't have to pay more for it, although I would, if I was able to discuss the details with the administration; but...

Fortunately, I have learned a lot during my time here, and I wish you all continued progress!

Thanks Scott, the captain of my ship is JesusChrist, so I know I'm safe. Blessings to you!

Geez Edwin, that's rough, thanks for reminding us all! Whatever about 'the management', is there any way the community could be more helpful?

We are just not going to be able to imagine what your specific needs could be [though we should be more aware!]. Perhaps if you wrote an open letter to the community, we could all see precisely the needs of visually impaired people online and perhaps more people would look for those solutions going forward? And all blogs appear on google so the pebble would extend out...

Hi Mary, thanks for your concern. I've written such letter, but never published it. I don't like writing negatively about WA, yet it's difficult not to on this subject.

Regardless, I just renewed my membership. I will try to rewrite my letter in a more positive way before I get kicked out for ranting about accessibility (LOL). Blessings to you!

PM me a draft if you'd like a second opinion as I think it's possible to do a purely factual comparison as to how the platform and blogs and bloggers compare with what is actually possible to make things more inclusive

You already have me thinking about my images and as to what is the best way to communicate for everyone

Do you have any course done on this for others?

I need answers for Premium Plus! These are my thoughts:

- Training: there're plenty of expert classes online for free. You just have to do the research
- Jaaxy: I don't use it and my niche website traffic went do 0 to 33000 a month in 8 months (Probably a bad practice but it works for me)
- Priority Expert Private Help: I don't know what this means! Bad explaining! If we consider the lack of response to private messages I don't know if this will work
- Advanced Website & Hosting Package: I don't know what this means! Bad explaining!
- Advanced Hosting Security Suite: I don't know what this means! Bad explaining!
- 1.000.000 monthly visits: I'm not there yet
- The promise of new services: ??

My big concern is to know if the Premium service will degrade with time

In reality, it already has!

They are offering the "expert training" to Premium plus only, the improved website security offered only to premium plus, 50 private domain name hosting Premium plus only.

But remember this is not an up-sale only a bundle to reduce costs of those members that have Jaaxy Enterprise besides their
WA Premium membership?

I too am concerned as to what is going to happen to those of us that stay at the premium rate!


The way I see it. The only thing that this Premium Plus is selling is Jaaxy. The other things are simply words with no meaning. 50 domains I already have. You mention Security Website, but do you really know what features are added? What? The Premium Websites are not secure? Less secure? In what Way?

Yes, you are grandmothered in with the ability to have 25 private domains and 25 subdomains. The new offer allows premium plus to own 50 private domains a big difference if you are hosting websites for client here on WA that's double the business!

In today's world of identity theft which happens about once every 10 seconds all the security that can be offered for a website is like gold!

The new classes offered up to 200 for the new premium plus members is more than four times the classes we get with a premium membership. This alone could skyrocket your business to the next level and beyond!

Somethings to think about,


Cristina, here are my responses to your thoughts.

- 100% agree and there are also "expert" classes available here at WA if you take the time to search them out. ALL of Jay's weekly classes are saved and available for all to view at any time.

- I use the Free Jaaxy Lite and get on Google page one dozens of times with increasing organic traffic. No need for a paid version.

- Priority Expert Private Help? Will be interested in seeing how that works. We could still try to asks the "experts" on their profile pages or in their published WA blogs and tutorials.

- I believe the Advanced Website & Hosting Package is mainly the ability to host up to 50 premium websites, instead of 10 for those not grandfathered into the old hosting package.

- 1.000.000 monthly visits, this is mainly a WA server bandwidth for your website.

- New services? We will have to wait and see.

I hope I answered your questions. Other than the added "Expert Training" and Jaaxy Enterprise, Premium Plus is no different than regular Premium training and free Jaaxy keyword research results.

Thanks Boomer, I've been busy outside WA so this 'premium plus' thing I'd no idea despite two emails from Kyle on it - and then having to use the search box to try to find someone who had written on it, yourself coming up top - this is something I had asked them to address many times years ago, a notice board, place to find out news and important stuff so clearly a few kinks to work out still and I like your use of inverted commas on the 'experts' because unless he hires some just like with site support then the old system of 'most active' just didn't work. The 1 million a month then that really is interesting, I suppose it's across all sites not each?! I still have to go now and find out what the price is, where on earth to find that info, you mentioned something about a $200 off and I still don't know the deadline, maybe these new 'experts' should be getting some exercise then and helping you out! ;)

Hi, I agree with you, in that the claimed benefits for Premium Plus are vague. Your concern about whether the Premium-level membership service will degrade has been my concern as well. In fact, from what I have seen so far, in the last month since they've rolled out Premium Plus, is that Premium members have lost a lot. I no-longer receive any notifications for Jay's weekly webinars. In fact, it looks as though he's not doing them any longer, and is only focusing on video training that ONLY Premium Plus members can access.

This removes one of the largest benefits that I value the most. The addition of the Premium Plus membership really is a NEW level of membership. I'm already paying a handsome sum for the combined Premium membership, and the upgraded level of Jaaxy (not Enterprise). Now my Jaaxy level is considered only "Jaaxy Lite".

If I want to have access to all the new video training, I have to shell out an additional $500. annually! Holy Smokes! A thousand dollar+ per year membership level?! If I don't upgrade, I don't have access to any of the new training. That really sucks.

On a positive note, I do like the wider layout of the site, but I've tried to search out specific topics, and I find it much more difficult to locate. Video content doesn't show the dates when they were published, so at a glance, I'm left guessing as to how old they are. The age of the training matters and it should be readily available.

The new Premium Plus membership level has left Premium level members out in the cold. In November, I allowed my membership to renew, but I'm seriously considering leaving WA over this. $500. per year membership is already a very hefty amount, and now I don't even have access to the new training.

This extracting of more funds out of members is happening at a time where governments around the world are forcing people out of the means to earn a living.

Does anyone know if I'll receive a pro-rated refund if I leave?

Hi. I'm thinking of leaving WA too. I'm not too fond of how WA is going, and I can't find here much useful training for me. I found this These guys are absolutely great and are taking me to the next level. WA is not, unfortunately.

Hi Christina, Thank you for comment. Yeah, I've come across Income School's YouTube videos awhile ago and also found their free content very helpful and enlightening. They're very good at describing how to assess analytics and offer detailed insight into the type of content to create, and reasons why.

Increasingly, I've found it difficult to locate help on specific topics within WA, and what I do find is many years outdated. WA has been very attentive for when I've had technical hosting issues with my websites, but I've been ignored when I reached out for marketing or content help. Now with the recent "upgrades", I'm not even allowed to view the new training unless I pay them double what I was paying them before!

Hi Rob,

As usual great to hear from you and read your latest analysis of something WA.

This new premium plus seems to be a great offer for new free starter members or those current Premium members utilizing Jaaxy Enterprise.

Since, I don't fit into either category I think it is in my best interest to just sit back and see how all this unfolds without participation in the new Premium plus membership.

I must admit that Carson and Kyle's new upgrade is a bit of a disappointment to me. For the past two years, I have heard, nothing but how the platform will keep improving (the new platform interface upgrade is spectacular).

But they brag that they do not present up sales but yet here we are having one shoved down our throats. Yes, it is rouge in nature but it still boils down to a new better membership offer.

Moreover, it is an up-sale (despite Carson and Kyle's denial) because they are offering, "Additional training by Experts". So I have to "upgrade my current membership" (an up-sale if I ever saw one) to receive the new expert training being offered, but had been promised for over a year.

Additionally, the 50 private domain hosting versus 25 private and 25 sub-domain hosting (for those of us grandfathered in) is also another upgrade that can only be possible by u the up-sale.

In my humble opinion, I feel this is not just a great bundled offer but a completely new path (that I for one am not happy about) that WA has taken.

This will definitely take precedence when re-evaluating my current membership in May of 2021. I am sure that there are many other members here thinking the same thing.

And in "Figesthe fig"'s defense, I too have sent emails and messages to Carson and Kyle that have gone unanswered (a poor business practice if you ask me). I have also seen in chat many other members complaining about, how they too, have received the same treatment from the co-founders.

Something, in my opinion, they need to address or work on in the future, nothing like telling everyone they have an open door policy but yet they don't answer those messages that mean something to their members.

Curious to see how this will all work out, after all these years of having such a great platform, is this new path in fact there own demise, As more and more of the silent WA members (only about 300 to 400 of the one million members are active "socially" on the platform) here at WA.

So as this silent majority starts reading how others are feeling about this new premium plus package up-sale and how it will affect them as well: this could have a real impact on the future of WA.

Just my thoughts on the matter!

Only time will tell,


I totally agree that a lot of people feel disgruntled that they have unanswered questions from the founders. I understand that a lot of these will be questions answered elsewhere but there are a fair amount of legitimate answers to questions not answered and not having a phone number in this day and age of communication is archaic. We live in the 21st Century

Yes, I agree in today's world unanswered inquiries about the platform, action on it, and billing concerns need to be addressed within 12 hours of being submitted.

Anything less is completely unacceptable by many!

As Catherine has noted, with the cell phone being the modern-day adult pacifier: there are no excuses for lack of response!

I agree with you on many things Calvin, especially in the area of getting a response to questions that only Kyle and Carson can answer like billing or specific platform issues.

But I can understand that having the ability for Kyle & Carson to answer millions of questions everyday, is an unrealistic scenario when they have so many other tasks to do.

One of the reasons I stepped down from being an Ambassador was I could not handle all of the questions I was getting and still grow my business. This is why I sympathize with Kyle & Carson.

I also FULLY agree that their should be a phone number to call, again especially for the issues I just mentioned above. Maybe they will consider this for the near future, but there is another problem.

WA Ambassadors. In my opinion, if you are an Ambassador you should know enough about the platform to give answers to others. Unfortunately there are many about 35% that have no knowledge.

I did 2 WA blogs back in 2017 that were 10 Simple Multiple Choice WA Ambassador Test Questions. This quiz was open to all members and only a handful got 100% correct. See links below. AND Maybe to be an Ambassador one should pass a test instead of getting there for just being socially active within WA and posting blogs that do not support online business. Just my opinion.

As for Premium Plus being shoved down our throats, I don't see it that way. Anyone can succeed in their online business without it, by just using regular Premium and the free Jaaxy Lite.

Premium Plus training is exactly the same as Premium training. The ONLY difference is the added "Expert Training" which can help but is not necessary for success. Jaaxy is another example.

The free Jaaxy Lite calculates keyword research results exactly the same as either Pro and Enterprise paid versions of Jaaxy. The only differences are more features in the paid versions.

Now the 50 premium websites. Those of us grandfathered in get 25 premium websites and 25 free websites. Do you honestly think that you will create more than 25 paid premium websites?

So personally I don't feel that I need Premium Plus at this time because I get great Google page one results from the free Jaaxy Lite and I have more than enough websites.

Yes the "Expert Training" and "Expert Help" is a really great perk, but we all have access to these "Experts" here within WA through their profiles and blogs they occasionally post.

Premium Plus is a great bundled membership level for those who feel they "really" need it and can afford it, but it is not necessary or guaranteed for your success. It is solely a personal choice issue.

Hi Rob,

Thank you very much for sharing this post. It was helpful in determining whether or not premium plus is for me.

Premium+ has so much value especially with more classes and expert help (no doubt), but I probably don't need it at this time.

Premium is a great investment and I'm happy with what I have now. Once I'm making consistent income and want to scale my businesses, I'll likely upgrade to premium+. So it definitely is an option down the road.

But a great overview which helped a lot. Thanks again for sharing- all the best!


You are welcome Eric. Happy you liked my post and I am considering the same as you, to upgrade down the road. I have all I need right now and it's nice to know that all of the expert training created for Premium Plus will be archived to view at a later date, just like Jay does with his weekly video classes.

Thanks Rob for putting this together for us. Its the clearest thing I have seen thus far. Thanks!!!

50 Premium websites for Premium +. Are those all domain sites or are they also including site.rubix? I am unclear on that.

I agree with you that I am no where needing this upgrade at this time. Everything I have currently is great.


You are welcome Mel.

The 50 premium websites can be on your own domains or Site Rubix in any combination that you choose.

Those of us that were members of WA prior to March 16th 2019 are grandfathered into the old hosting structure of 50 premium websites of 25 on our own domain + 25 on Site Rubix.

Thanks Rob!


My pleasure Mel

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