How to Earn as You Learn - Take Advantage of What WA Offers

Last Update: Jan 26, 2019

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Anyone can earn a lucrative income with an affiliate marketing website after taking the training here at Wealthy Affiliate and growing their business over time. But are you taking full advantage of what WA offers?


You may have heard Kyle mention in the WA training, especially in WA Bootcamp, that every member has the ability to "earn as you learn." Do you know what that really means? It means that you can make money here as you go through the training and grow your websites.

How can you do this? I am doing it right now as I type this blog and as you are reading it. You can do this too aand I am sure you are doing this but not realizing it can make you money. I bet you are thinking Robert, what the heck are you talking about?

Well you should already know that sharing your unique WA affiliate link located at the top of your WA Program Details page, on social media and in emails, can earn you possible referrals to WA. If these referrals become premium, you get paid a commission.

You do not need to be actively promoting WA with a Bootcamp website to use your affiliate link. You can also share the blogs of other members, like those that I write, and get a possible referral commission. Just make sure to use your affiliate link to the posts.

But if you should decide to write your own WA blog, there are some simple things you can do to enhance the prospect of gaining a WA referral. Blogging here at WA has advantages beyond you just communicating to the WA community.


If you are new to WA just know that all of your WA blogs, question discussions, and training tutorials/videos you create, will get indexed into Google. If you write your blogs using keywords, you can get them ranked.

Just like with your website content, the higher it ranks the more traffic it will get. And the more traffic you get, the better chance you will get a referral. Like I said, if that referral goes premium you will earn $8.00 for their first month and $23.50 for every month afterwards.

I have personally gained over 300 referrals from my WA blogs alone and several of them have gone on to becoming premium referrals. I am not a special case. You can do this too, especially if you do some simple things which I outline at the tutorial link below.

How to Make Money with Your WA Blog

At the above link I discuss why you should consider writing your WA blog content the same way you do with your website content. I also tell you how I link to my WA blogs from inside my website content and why Google does not see them as affiliate links.

That latter part may not be that beneficial to those with a niche related website, as the only relevant place to post the link would be on your About Me pagee, but this is very beneficial with someone in the Make Money Online niche (Bootcamp).


As you go through the WA training you will learn about keyword research and SEO, Search Engine Optimization. These are essential to anyone who owns a website. Once you feel comfortable in knowing how tthis works, you can freelance your knowledge in it to others.

I currently make a couple of thousands of dollars every month working with three small local businesses that have websites but have no knowledge about keyword research and how it relates to SEO. What you learn here can earn you money elsewhere.

You can even earn a little bit of money, up to $75.00, for every training tutorial you create here within the community. If you know something that will help members to improve their online business building experience that hasn't been covered in the training, share your knowledge.

There are more ways to earn as you learn here at Wealthy Affiliate that go beyond what you will eventually earn from your niche websites. Though your ultimate goal is to build a profitable affiliate website, WA gives you other options to earn some money.

And remember, you can host up to 25 websites with a paid domain name, so you could build several websites for other people too. If you have any other money making ideas you can do here at WA, or have any comments and questions, post them below.

How to Share WA Affiliate Links on Social Media and Not Get Blocked

IMPORTANT: At the beginning of this post I mentioned how you can make money by sharing your WA affiliate link on social media. Currently Google+ and Pinterest block links from WA. Sometimes Facebook will too. At the link above I show you how I have successfully got around this problem.

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Recent Comments


Talk about eye opener, that was just the info I needed. A huge block just fell into place for my path. I feel like I should feel dumb for not thinking about that, but my focus was on my niche site very strong. But you are totally right. A little focus spent doing a few of your tips will help make a little income with out greatly impacting my niche, heck the tip about getting hired might even improve my skills. Thank you so much for taking the time to write that down and share the links. Game Changer!!

You are welcome John. Though the majority of our focus should be on the development of our websites there is nothing wrong with exploring other options for developing other streams of income.

Thanks for the great reminder! 😊

I have a question. If you have multiple websites, how you can manage hosting up all of those at the same time? 😄 I'm just wondering because I think there is a lot of work with one website 🙈

You don’t need multiple websites to make good money. While you are learning I really recommend you stick with one. It’s better to have one fantastic site than two mediocre ones :)

I started a second one 6 months in and I would have been better off to have concentrated writing content on one, and doing social media etc.. until it was making good money.

While you are learning you make mistakes, better to have to only fix one website not two with the same mistakes lol.

To each his own Heidi, What boomer has out lined is not hard to do, Just one page that can be vamped and revamped as many times as you want.

With out the hassle of worrying about being indexed or not. promotion is still promotion anyway you look at it.

always a better way

You do not need to create multiple websites right away. Do not do more than you can handle. But once your first website is getting traffic and generating money you can then begin to starting another niche website...if you desire.

However you can use your free Site Rubix websites that are mini websites, meaning it has a static landing home page and only two or three blogs. That is it. I have two websites like this, one is solely for the promotion of the WA Black Friday Sale and only requires 2 hours of updating every year.

How interesting!
I will check those later when I get more traffic and begin to earn money from my website. Thank you for this info! 😊🙏

My pleasure Mira.

Even though i guess i knew some of just opened my eye to just one more stream of retirment income i can produce. Thank you!

You are welcome Randall. Happy to help you with your retirement income.

Hi Robert.
Thanks a lot, great post as usual.
I was blocked with quora while sharing the link to one of my WA blog, did you have any solution for this case?

I do what I explain at the link above about not getting my WA affiliate links blocked by social media. Create a site rubix website with your WA affiliate links.

Thank you Robert

You are welcome Karim

Thank you for sharing this as I had forgotten that you don't just need to promote WA on a website and I love the tutorial you made showing other ways that one can earn some money. I definitely will utilize it!

You are welcome Brian and remember, you can use one of your free site rubix websites to gain WA referrals. I have a WA Black Friday Yearly Membership Sale website that I share every November on social media to get people to join WA. It has worked quite well.

Hi Robert.
Great post and thank you.
I was recently asked if I could build a website for someone. If I built and hosted a website for this person from one of my WA websites, could I ask for a monthly reoccurring fee from them? How would I go about doing this? I'm a bit unsure

You can if you want. As for how to do it, that would be something you’d have to figure out billing wise.

Thank you

Yes, you can do that if you want. I built a website for my best friend's Jazz Band and when I bill him for domain renewal and hosting fees, I just send him an invoice through PayPal.

Thanks Robert. Enjoy your weekend

My pleasure.

There is more that meets the eye Boomer. Always a better way Linda

You are correct Linda. There is more here than many of us realize.

Thanks for sharing, Robert.

My pleasure to share this with you Roger.

Great post and a good reminder .Sometimes even though a lot of us know about our blogs getting google love we tend to thank you for the reminder.☺

You are welcome. I see it all the time when I read some of the WA blogs by those who do not realize the opportunity we have with our blogs. It was time to inform and remind members of one profitable benefit of WA blogging.

Wow what a great post, well detailed and simple to understand, thank you.!!

You are welcome. It was my pleasure to share this.

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