How Site Comments Can Pay For a WA Membership

Last Update: August 26, 2019

Have you ever wondered if you can make enough money within Wealthy Affiliate to have it pay for your membership? Obviously spending more time on building and adding content to your website is the best way at earning long term income. But what if you had some extra time to explore another less lucrative way to help pay for your WA membership.


Did you know that it is possible to earn Cash Credits by helping others here within WA? By offering comments within Site Comments you not only help other members to increase their website rankings by providing comment engagement, but you can earn $0.50 Cash Credits for every two comments you leave. But wait, there is a catch.

You need to become a Certified WA Commenter and maintain that status. I explain how this entire process works and how much you can earn in my tutorial I just posted yesterday, see link at the bottom of this post. Like all things that lead to some form of money, it will require an effort on your part to achieve that goal of earning it.

I am sure the title of this post captured your eye. How Site Comments can pay for a WA membership is a very real possibility and one that I am going to try in 2020. Even though I make more than enough from my other affiliate marketing endeavors to pay for my $299.00 yearly WA membership, I am going to use Site Comments to pay for it. Why?


Just so I can say that I did and prove that it can be done. As I explain in the tutorial below, it can be done by giving a certain amount of comments per month. Instead of me cashing out that money every month, I will let in accumulate until I have to pay my yearly membership in 2020 and see how much I have earned. Just a little goal I want to achieve.

Since I have been spending less time socializing inside WA and have been focusing more time within Site Comments, my website Site Health has risen, the meter bar is in the blue, my Google rankings have either gone up or stabilized on page 1, and I am now building up a big amount of both Community and Cash Credits.

What about you? Are you looking for a way to increase your website rankings in search engines and gain more traffic? Want to increase your website's Site Health? Then start using Site Comments to offer and get comments on your website. Being able to give quality omments comes from the experience of doing. Learn more from my Site Comments Part 1.

If you are already using Site Comments 2.0 (this is much better than the first version) but would like to know more about how to become a Certified WA Commenter and earn Cash Credits, read my tutorial How to Use Site Comments 2: Earn Money For Comments and find out what it would take to have your monthly WA membership be paid for.

Naturally if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below. Thank you!


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mergie1 Premium
I worked out that just four comments a day will pay for your membership for the year at $299 plus some of your domain costs, so it is well worth it to just get those four, at least, done a day.
OSegun Premium
Many thanks for this specificity.

boomergp08 Premium
Exactly Michel, I know I can do it without a doubt. For only 4 comments posted per day, I make $1.00 and when you multiply that by 365 days of the year, I will end up with $365.00.

That amount of money is enough to pay for those whose yearly membership costs $359.00 and still has money left over. Four comments per day is VERY doable.
AlejandraB Premium
Thanks for sharing, this is a good idea to work on!
boomergp08 Premium
It was my pleasure to share this information.
HeidiAnders3 Premium
I love this! Thank you, Robert! This is great information for a newbie like me! :)

Thanks for your insight!
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Heidi. I am happy to share this information with the community.
Talk2Ray Premium
Wow, Robert, this is a much-needed post for all. To be able to pay for your annual membership by work inside the site comment platform would really help all but especially those who struggle with the initial costs of membership when they are first starting out.
Thanks again for sharing.
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Ray. It can be done or at the very least cut the cost in half. It will just require some effort, just like any real money making opportunity.
Joes946 Premium
Fantastic Robert.
Ideas I had not thought about.
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Joe. There are many hidden money making gems within WA that many members have yet to discover.