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Last Update: May 24, 2020

Many of you more than likely already know that I can come up with a lot of different niche ideas, some popular and some flying under the radar so to speak. All you have to do is look through my 5 training tutorials, like the one below, and dozens of blogs on this subject. My brain is just full of niche and sub niche ideas.

What is a Profitable Niche - Tips for Choosing a Niche


I started doing medical transportation about three years ago, not something I even considered prior to joining WA. It became another income stream, as I am not one to have all of my income coming from one source. I must admit I do like helping people in this way and especially now with Covid-19.

With the majority of Americans being forced to stay home amid this crisis, I am still working transporting sick people. No need to worry, I take all the necessary precautions to keep from being infected. With this shutdown or lock down of the workforce, my days are not as busy as usual, so I took a break.

The other day while at one of the local hospitals I went into the cafeteria to get something to eat. I saw a doctor/intern with pamphlets in his hand on hiking trails in New Jersey and New York. Seeing how I have hiked many area trails I asked him if he was looking to go hiking in the area, just in case he had any questions.

Turns out he was doing research for a blog he was writing about hiking trails in the U.S. with historical reference. I thought to myself, that would make a cool niche. Then he says, I am an affiliate marketer of hiking gear. Wow! Small world. Another affiliate marketer, but not from Wealthy Affiliate.

We went outside and sat at separate tables in the patio area so we were about 6 feet from each other and traded stories about affiliate marketing, niche ideas, and of course the current Coronavirus. He said he wished he had a crystal ball because there are certain health niches that would do well now.


Many of the diseases, disorders and even side effects of several things from injury to viruses all have one thing in common, inflammation. Not only is inflammation the body's way of beginning the healing process after an injury or imbalance, but too much of it can become dangerous. This creates an opportunity.

Where am I going with this? Inflammation is a niche and though it is a broad niche, there are many kinds of sub niches like Chronic Inflammation you can target. For instance, anti- inflammatory strategies help to relieve allergies, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, COPD, diabetes, psoriasis, plus more.

Inflammation is also a big problem when it comes to serious risk factors for those with Covid-19. Those with ARDS, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, have inflammation in the lungs which leads to fluid build up. Once this starts the patient is put on a ventilator. Many times this can lead to death.

Acute o chronic inflammation are popular sub niches that one could target because there are many treatments both drug and natural that can be promoted. The health and wellness niche has always been a money maker and is even more so now during this pandemic crisis. I just recently came across some amazing stats.

Data from a Klaviyo study of 32,563 brands showed that overall revenue has increased by an average of 65% between mid-March and mid-April 2020 during this Covid-19 pandemic. That is huge and this was NOT for essential products. This increase is for non-essential products, in these three specific categories.


E-commerce brands that are selling products in these three niche categories are seeing record-breaking sales. The fact that these niche markets were already popular they are soaring higher now. If you are in any of these niches or you are looking to start a new niche website, you should consider these.

Take a look at the Google Trends Graph above. I did a search for three popular Covid-19 products that many are looking to purchase, like those indicated in the recent Klaviyo study. From the end of February 2020 to the end of May 2020, all three (Exercise Equipment, Cleaning Products & Loungewear) have soared and remain high.

Though the economy will not come back totally to what it once was, some will have to make changes to find other ways to work from home. This can be in an alternate way within a job where social distancing will either be enforced in radical new ways or will be difficult to implement at all. This presents opportunity for the affiliate marketer.

Covid-19 has presented us with a badly needed change in my opinion. I see way more people exercising and taking better care of their health now. One sure-fire way to avoid getting sick from any kind of human coronavirus is being fit and in good health or having a strong immune system, with the latter being key to longevity.

Any type of athletic or exercise gear is going to be in high demand right now and in the future. The Klaviyo study showed that athletic apparel brand NOBULL had a 50% increase in sales since mid-March. Also, the bike and skateboard protective gear brand Thousand had an 80% increase in sales in the same time period.

How does this all tie into my earlier thought of Inflammation as a niche? There are so many non-drug ways to control and also reduce inflammation in the body. Good health through exercise and fitness along with dietary choices and lifestyle changes will all singularly or in any combination reduce inflammation.


Seeing how chronic inflammation is a health risk for many different diseases and disorders, one could make this their niche and focus in on how to reduce it naturally. The human body is an amazing self-regulating creation as long as it has the natural ingredients for health. More and more evidence is discovered in how health plays a vital role.

When setting up the navigation of your website you can create categories such as: Chronic Inflammatory Risks, Anti Inflammatory Foods, Pro Inflammatory Foods, Anti Inflammatory Supplements, Exercise & Lose Weight, and Control Blood Sugar & Stress. You would then have an abundant amount of products to write about and promote.

Even though this may seem like a niche that can be narrowed down even more, and it can be to anyone of those category ideas, if you are knowledgeable enough in the two types of inflammation (Acute & Chronic) you could just choose one of the two. You definitely do not want to choose both for the same website.

The niche of inflammation is just as important in this current Covid-19 pandemic outbreak as it is at any time. However, the reason I say you should not include both types of inflammation on the same website is because Acute deals with short-term inflammation and chronic is long-term, which has major implications.

Regardless of your choices for your next or first niche website, a website having to do with health, wellness and fitness niches are always in high demand, even more so now. Online sales are doing extremely well compared to in-store retail sales (see above image from end of Feb - end of May 2020) and we here at WA can greatly benefit.

Though this health crisis the world is going through right now is serious and can be depressing with the amount of unemployment, there is a silver lining to those who can take advantage of it. The education and website building tools we have here at Wealthy Affiliate can give any of us the advantage in turning this into a money making success story.

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bestleads Premium
One has to be very careful when marketing health products affiliate programs.

There are so many scams promoting products that are useless and even dangerous.

If one is promoting one of those products one can cause damage to others and even get into legal problems.

Even some health review sites are scams, degrading other products and "recommending" their products which is worthless or dangerous.

I have been doing research on finding legitimate and honest products on affiliate programs about prostate products.

Protecting our reputation, goodwill and customers is part of our business.

boomergp08 Premium
Yes. That is why you should only choose a niche you personally know much about and or that you are willing to do research on.

For someone like myself with over 30 years experience in immuno-health related matters, this would be an easy niche for me.

However for those without experience it is very important to do your research when thinking of starting a health niche.

Take the latest CBD oil health craze right now. Even though CBD has been clinically proven to be effective in the treatment of many chronic illnesses, not all CBD oil is quality.

There are specific aspects of the CBD and the manufacturing process that must be met for it to be effective.

I hope those who decide to get into the CBD oil niche do their research and know these specifics before selecting a product.

Like you said, there are a lot of scam products out there. Doing your due diligence is important in any niche you have no knowledge in.
bestleads Premium
Thank you for your answer.

I am interested in the health niche precisely because of the many scams out there. But, as you say, it is intensively time consuming finding legitimate and honest products.

More intensive for us that are not necessarily in the health field. The nearest that I am to the health field is that my son is in his third year of medical school and my daughter is a pharmacist technician.

I have read a lot about good health and wellness. The problem is finding the legitimate products.

I have three websites. One is about small children and parenting in Spanish. I work in a Head Start Program as parent activity coordinator. They have a lot of things related to health.

The other two are about life wellness. One in English and the other in Spanish. These are the ones that I am using as holistic health niche.

Having a full time job and a temporary part-time job (Census 2020) doesn't give much time for thorough research.

I will have to let many things to pass by. And concentrate on a much smaller sub-sub niche.

boomergp08 Premium
What was/is the specific health niche you were looking to do? If it should be along the lines of natural or holistic, I can recommend many credible products, some even have affiliate programs.
bestleads Premium
Since I am 65 years I have the typical ailments of the age. At least, that is what doctors tell me.

I am looking for legitimate products and/or services that address those conditions.

I don't like taking pills for everything that hurts me. Prefer natural solutions.

One of the biggest problems that men my age suffer are related to the prostate. There are an infinity of products promising miracles.

One of the products that has an excellent infocomercial is Prostagenix. Looked up the doctor, urologist, that recommends it and he is not a fake medical professional.

On Amazon reviews of the product has 3/4 positives and 1/4 negatives.

Its main ingredient is beta-sitosterol. They state that it even enhances sexual relations. But on an other site it says that beta-sitosterol can cause erectil disfunctions.

Prostagenix states that saw palmetto and pygeum are useless for bph. My alternative medicine physician says that they are the best for the condition.

Who to believe?
anjaniis Premium
Nice post. my opinion is that narrow down of niche of specific health area is best option.
boomergp08 Premium
The nice thing about starting narrow, other than it being easier to become an authority in your niche, is that you can always broaden the niche once you begin to run out of content ideas.
megawinner Premium
Hi Rob. you got a great post. Keep it up! 💰🏆🥇🌈
boomergp08 Premium
Thank you Florentino.
Dorrie1 Premium
Great post thanks for the information
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome.
VioletLight Premium
Thank you, Rob, I am taking vitamin D3 on your recommendation so I’ll see what happens. I’d like to try Chronic Inflammation as a niche so thanks for some great ideas.


boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Caroline. The chronic inflammation niche has great potential regardless if the niche is broad or narrow. There is so many health issues related to chronic inflammation and many people are either misdiagnosed or they do not even know that they have it.
VioletLight Premium
I have Fibromyalgia and ME so I’m always looking for new methods to keep it under control. Inflammation plays a large part - I spent Dec 2019 to Feb 2020 with legs like tree trunks from my knees to the tips of my toes, it was horribly painful, put me in a wheelchair and I still don’t know what caused it. I dread it coming back.
boomergp08 Premium
That sounds Peripheral Vascular Disease. If you have never had that before and it doesn't come back, there is a slight chance that it was a rare symptom of Covid-19. I had heard a doctor / reporter list many strange symptoms they were finding related to Covid-19, legs feeling like tree trunks was one of them.