Can You Really Outrank the Big Companies on Google

Last Update: February 02, 2020

A question I have heard many times here within Wealthy Affiliate, mainly by those members who are trying to rank high in Google is, can you really outrank the big companies on Google? The answer is a big fat YES! Let me show you an example of this.


The make money online niche is very popular. Many Wealthy Affiliate member websites are ranked on the first page of Google for that specific niche, as seen in my cover photo above. What about a niche totally unrelated to MMO? Can you outrank the big guys in your niche?

I decided to pick a niche that was unrelated directly to Wealthy Affiliate, meaning it wasn't about WA like a review or a scam report. The niche I have picked has to do with Baseball Affiliate Programs, seeing how I knew one of my website posts was on page 1.

I went into Private Browsing Incognito mode of Google to get accurate search results. This is important because doing a search in Google the normal way will not give you accurate results. I explain why here in this WA tutorial. Then I searched for Baseball Affiliate Programs.

As you can see in the image above the #1 spot on Google Page 1 is occupied by the website owned by our very own WA Ambassador Nathaniell. The #2 spot is a website from another affiliate marketer not from WA, doing the same as what Nathaniell and I did with our posts.


Practically all new members here at WA and also several members that have been here for at least a year, do not know that ALL WA BLOGS get indexed into Google. They can even rank on the first page of Google if the blog is well written with low competition keywords.

In the above image we see the #3 and #4 spots are of two big company affiliate programs, Rawlings Baseballs and the MLB Shop, respectively. Here you have it that two big well-known companies are being out ranked by two affiliate marketer websites, one being Nathaniell's.

Then in the #5 spot there is my WA Blog Post about Baseball Affiliate Programs. More proof that WA Blogs get indexed and ranked in Google. This is why I created a tutorial explaining how to make money with your WA blog. Every member has the ability to do this.

As I mention in the tutorial I linked to in the paragraph above, I write many of my WA blogs (not this one) for people outside of WA and thus I have received many referrals from this. But I digress... In spot #6 is another big name company affiliate program from the MLB.


Now you can see in the image above, spots #7 and #8 are of the Hitting Performance Lab and Baseball Express affiliate programs respectively. In spot #9 is my website review of my Top 4 Favorite MLB Affiliate Programs. Spot # 10 is another affiliate program from SSK Baseball.

Back in October 2019 I was ranking in spot #5 with my WA Blog in #6. However, with the interest in baseball easing and football rising in America, my website post slipped down to spot #9. I expect rankings to go up again once baseball season gets going again.

This is one reason why rankings will change over a period of time. You may be wondering why my WA Blog post on the same niche topic is doing better in the rankings? First off WA has great search engine authority and secondly I link to this WA blog from within my website post.

Within my website review of my top 4 favorite baseball affiliate programs, I mention more affiliate programs that appear in my WA blog. Then I provide a link to my WA Blog so my website readers can enter WA, read my blog for further information, and maybe get a referral.

Plus with my website post ranking on page 1 of Google it is giving a very little bit of link juice to that WA Blog post. It doesn't matter to me which one is ranking higher, as long as they both remain on page 1. So YES, you can outrank the big companies in Google search.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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DerekMarshal Premium
Google is algorithm based, no feeling, no bias, just a plain old level playing field - of course with well written content and good on-page SEO we can out-rank anyone.

It can be frustrating to begin with as our sites are new and in the sandbox or just gaining trust with google.

As a metaphor, what we do here is really like pulling back on the string of a bow...for about a year or two..and then when we let that arrow go - it hitting the bullseyes and ranking at will!.

No need for any trickery or SEO Voodoo or Link building (which if you have noticed links are decreasing in value all the time. 1st..few years back...any link will do, then only relevant links (from similar sites/content) now as from June of last year only links that generate traffic will be considered/help SEO).

In short, just follow the very simplistic, minimal SEO that is taught in the training here at Wealthy Affiliate and you have everything you need to outrank any site.

Side Note:

If you have been a member of WA for any length of time you will notice WA members dominate search, across a whole host of niches.

Why do you think that is?

(Great post Robert!. love it!)
boomergp08 Premium
Thank you Derek and I loved your comment above too.

I was never into any of that link building stuff. Kyle and Jay never really taught it here, so I felt that validated my stance on it. I got further validation from someone I know.

My friend and former co-worker is a senior programmer at Google. He told me that they were working on updates to make insignificant links a thing of the past.

Following the basics of SEO that is taught and advocated here at WA is all anyone needs (as well as consistency and patience) to see great results in the SERPs.
DerekMarshal Premium
In saying that...Webmaster Tools does tell us that links help, at the same time there is no great emphasis put on the value of links or link building by google themselves. It is mentioned in a very non-chalant way


See 3 A.

The rest of article tells us exactly what is taught here, Be complete, create great content. Not rocket science at all.
CLoney Premium
This is so true.
You know, whenever I do a search I can always tell which blogs are from WA members? I start scrolling and then I'm sound like you were bred at WA lol... Let me investigate
philmedia Premium Plus
I love metaphor, nice one...
Roseblogger Premium
Wow! This is awesome 👏🏻 Thank you for sharing. I had a post that out ranked the big guys, and was over the moon. The post has dropped in rank since then and I plan to update it and add more information to see if I can get up the top again.
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Rose. You definitely want to update your post by adding more relevant content and make sure to find some more quality keywords. You do not want to delete any existing content because you could very well be ranked for that content.

Also make sure to get some comment interaction because comments also help increase word count (Google indexes comments too) and you can even get ranked by keywords that can naturally appear in your comments.
FKelso Premium
Interesting -- so do you check ranking on your WA blogs the same way? Enter the title and keyword in rank search?
boomergp08 Premium
Yes! Exactly the same way. There is no difference in the two on how they can get indexed and ranked.
FKelso Premium
Thanks -- you've provided one new thing I've learned today. It's always nice to know I have learned at least one new thing.
boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Fran. This whole affiliate marketing and ranking thing is a continuous learning process.
jojocinq Premium
Thanks for the encouragement.
boomergp08 Premium
It was my pleasure to help motivate the WA members.
Ross57 Premium
This is amazing advice.
Thank you for sharing this

boomergp08 Premium
You are welcome Ross. I am happy you enjoyed this post.