When Is The Right Time To Start A Business?

Last Update: April 16, 2018

There are thousands of people who look for business ideas, sign up for email lists of influencers and join on business forums.

According to Jaaxy, the keyword "how to start a business" has 13k searches per month and the keyword "how to start a business with no money" over 10k search.

How many of these guys take action after finding the information they are looking for? Usually, a small percentage of them.

Most people who want or think to start a business, they are not ready to get started. So, they just wait for the best time to start a business.

But, is there a right time?

Ok, every person is different and we cannot say to everyone when to take that step. However, below you can read some common reasons why people want to start a business and the when is obvious.

Top Reasons Why People Want To Start A Business

1. They Want To Make Money Or More Money

On this category can be anyone who wants to find a way to earn money.

Some people have already a job but they are not happy with their income. Others want to earn money to buy something or do something.

2. They Want A Different Lifestyle

Many people who have a job are not happy with their lives. Some of them want more free time to enjoy the life, want to travel, feel secure, spend more time with their family, etc.

3. They Want A Specific Feeling

I was in this category when I decided to join on Wealthy Affiliate. My motivation was to start something from zero and make it work. Other people want to become experts on something, help people, want to achieve things in their lives. Building a profitable business can offer you these feelings.

The right time for all the above is now!

You can wait for something to change but usually, never happens until taking action.

Do you want more money?

Do you want a different lifestyle?

Most of the times, we cannot achieve the above with our 9-5 job. Unless you are a CEO of a huge company or a talented football player, you need to do something different. So, you must take action!

How Wealthy Affiliate Can Help You

You need a system.

When you are a beginner, there are some problems you must overcome. The first one is the how. It is not easy to figure out a profitable system when you start from zero.

The system of Wealthy Affiliate which you can learn on the lessons works. I have tried and seen the results. If you browse some articles on the activity dashboard, you will find many success stories.


You can start for free.

When we talk about starting a business, the monthly fee is not expensive. Most people in Europe, Australia, and North America can afford it.

However, if you cannot afford it or do not want to invest some money for any reason, you can try it for free. It's fine to apply to everything you have learned here on your free websites.

Yes, the free websites can work, but I would prefer to start on my own domain. Below you can see a success story with a free website.



You can get help from the owners of Wealthy Affiliate who have created a community with over one million members. I do not know any other program on the internet that will offer you that. Also, many members have created profitable websites and they are willing to help you.

Lastly, there are tons of information on the platform. There are articles, training, videos, and webinars for any type of help you will need.


We have the best tools on the internet to build our sites. I have upgraded on Jaaxy and I use it daily, I ask comments on every new post and SiteContent helps me to organize and keep track of my work. I don't think you can find these tools elsewhere.

Last Thoughts

You will not find a better day to get started than today. No matter how much you will wait, miracles won't happen unless you take action and change your future.

If you decide not to start or not to work on your business today, it's possible to take the same decision tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

So, if you are a new member of Wealthy Affiliate, take action.

If you are not a member of Wealthy Affiliate, create a new account now.

And if you are a premium member, let's create great content!

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I am definitely of category of wanting to start something from zero an make it work.
The most common cause of insufficient results is insufficient action.
bonzo124 Premium
That's right! When we get some action, we get some results. With massive action, we get massive results.
CandiGirl71 Premium
Very good post! You've definitely got the idea! :)

bonzo124 Premium
Thank you, Candice!
JerryMcCoy Premium
Great Post. You are certainly right. You have to take action.
bonzo124 Premium
Thank you, Jerry.
Tirolith Premium
Anytime is the right time for those with a positive attitude.
bonzo124 Premium
We cannot make progress if we do not believe good things will happen.
gjshawk Premium
We can’t live in the past, and we can’t live in the future. We can only live in the now. So why wait to get started on our success? Great post, thanks.
bonzo124 Premium
Thank you, Grant. We are responsible for our success and yes, we create it now!