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Last Update: February 19, 2018

Is there any easy way to follow the training or make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

When I joined here, I had to learn many new things. But I was here because I wanted to change some parts of my life.

I am sure that many of you have the same motivation and the same problems.

We can change our lives in many different ways. However, the most of us here, we want more money for different reasons.

It's totally fine.

And we follow the training of WA to achieve our goals and dreams.

Most members of WA know that the training works. If you don't believe that works, you can check some success stories.

Some days ago, I read a post from a guy who made over $10k the last month. He followed the same training, the same resources, the same tools.

We can achieve the same goals!

Now, I want to help you realize that WA is easy!

As I said, in the beginning, I thought that I should learn many new things. This fact made me believe that WA was difficult.

But these days, I believe it's an easy one.

How did this huge change happen?

Three simple things have changed and you can apply them too.

1. Think Wealthy Affiliate Is Easy

When I visited WA for the very first time and watched the first training videos, I was sure that I found what I was looking for.

Many of you guys have felt the same feeling.

The next part is to start applying what we have learned in training and many people think that this part makes WA a difficult program.

Of course, this is not a fact. It's just an opinion. If you believe that the process is easy, it will be easy. The same applies to the opposite.

Yesterday, I wrote a 1000 word article in two hours. Does it sound hard?

However, for many months I was doing anything possible to avoid writing. I had bought some articles from gig websites. Most of them were really low quality. I did not even publish many of them on my site.

Some of them tried to scam me with spun content.

The first 8 months, I had posted only 40 articles on my site. They were not good enough to get ranked or convert.

And that time, I had to make a decision.

Should I quit or should I make it work?

So, I decided to make it work. From that moment, I have never thought again that it's hard to write or work here. Yes, I have done more difficult things than writing in my life like most of you.

I did not think at that time that everything will happen easily but at least, I stopped the negative thoughts.

Again, if you think that something is easy, it will be easy.

The best part?

I got hired at a huge website a few months ago. My job was to find interesting content ideas and write the articles!

In my opinion, the thinking process is the first thing we must change when we want to change something in our life.

Recently, I read a great book on that topic. Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill. It helped me a lot and it costs less than one dollar on Amazon.

2. Practice Makes It Easy

A few hours ago, a fellow WA member asked a question.

After seven hours of writing, he finished a 1000 word article and asked if that's ok. I answered that it's totally fine. My first article was almost 300 words and it took me 4 hours.

I had made a lot of grammar mistakes as well because I am not an English native speaker.

When I stopped thinking that writing is hard, I started to write a lot.

We haven't any alternatives. We must blog. You cannot build a business with $5 dollar gig articles. If you can hire a great writer to outsource everything, it may work. I have not tried it.

However, Kyle says in the last Online Entrepreneur Certification course of level 5 that if you do not know how to create content, it will be very difficult to tell others what you want.

I think Kyle knows better.

So, practice will make it easier. Practice also improves your writing skills.

Here is a great article by Kyle about how you can get good at anything.https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/kyle/blog/the-one-way-you-ca...

Also, I would like to know how fast you write guys. Feel free to share how much time does it take to write a 1000 word post.

I usually write a 1000 word article in 2-4 hours. It depends on the topic and the research is needed.

3. Set Up Your Goals

Our first task here is to define our goals.

I believe that is one of the most important tasks here. You already know that there are two questions:

How much money would you be happy earning?

And, how much money would you be ecstatic earning?

I do not know if there is a way to find my answers. Sorry, but I do not remember the first one.

On the second one, I did not define a specific amount of money but a dream. I always wanted to buy a huge house.

And still, I am thinking myself buying my house. Yes, it makes everything easier.

The last days, I consistently get over 100 visitors on my site and I think, how many people will visit my website in the future if I publish 200 posts or 300 posts.

It helps me to feel excited, motivated and enjoy the process. It is great to think the results of your goals.

So, the last advice is to focus on things that make you happy when you work.

Why are you here?

What are your goals?

How will you feel when you reach your goals?

As I said these days, I get over 100 visitors per day. Many of you get better results.

However, I know I will get more traffic in the future, more referrals, more sales, and money. I just need to keep publishing new posts and promote my site.

It is easy!


Think for a moment things in your life which you can make it easily and fast.

Some friends enjoy cooking and think that is the easiest thing in the world. No, it is not easy for me.

However, I can easily play the guitar. I am sure it would be hard for many of you.

You decide what is easy for you!

Think positively, practice, and define your goals and dreams.

I believe that these three steps will help you to find focus, motivation and make everything easier as it should be.

Thanks for reading my article. Feel free to share your thoughts below!

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Maine3623 Premium
Great article, distills wa down to what we need to do to make it work for us
bonzo124 Premium
Thank you, Maine! That process of thinking has helped me until now. It may help others as well.
leebray Premium
I really really like this post!
My first blog was decent but nothing like it is now.
I read a few good books on blogging in addition to WA training.

In comparison,
the books were really good, especially Hennekke Duistermatt.
WA is just as good in my opinion,
better because this training is task oriented.

Don't be afraid
just do it!
It will get better and easier.
bonzo124 Premium
Thank you, Lee.

I like to read books as well and recommend a great one on this post. But when it comes to blogging or marketing, they will not help you if you do not apply everything you read.

For this reason, I think Wealthy Affiliate is the best training program. It motivates you to get started and guides you step by step. I agree with you, the tasks help a lot.

And yes, it will be easier and better!
leebray Premium
thanks again for the post.
Travis7 Premium
Nice post. I wrote my first 1000 word post over the weekend it took me 6 hours. I am very interested in what I’m writing about so that helps with how long it takes. I learned I need a more comfortable computer chair lol I’m going to start writing my second 1000 word post tonight. I think by writing it helps me retain the knowledge I’m learning. Hopefully I get a little faster at it though
bonzo124 Premium
Thank you Travis and good work on your first 1000 word post!

I think it's important to feel comfortable when you write. So, yes find a comfortable chair.

You will write faster with practice. Do not worry about that.
skmorrow Premium
Great post, thank you for sharing. I can relate and it's nice to see you have broken through that barrier.
bonzo124 Premium
I am glad you liked it and thanks for the comment.
Dktaylor70 Premium
Thank you for that, it is a very inspiring article. I have yet to write a full 1,000 word article in my first 8 posts on two websites, but I know I will get there. I like the idea of just deciding that it is easy and doing it!
bonzo124 Premium
Sure, you will get there and soon, you will write ever more than 1000 words in a post.