Quora Journey - Starting With Zero Followers!

Last Update: October 17, 2019

I want to try new things and test as more as I can. So, I decided to give Quora a try.

I have read posts of other marketers on WA and posts on the internet. Jay has mentioned Quora on some webinars. Also, a guy sent me an email to ask a question on Quora about a website that I have already reviewed.

It's a no brainer that if I can help someone, I will do it. If we can help people, we can create an audience doing that!

So, I have already answered my first answer. It was a little more than 500 words. There is no reason to be lengthy as the posts on my site, but I want to add enough value.

When I answered that question, I had no specific goal. Before that, I created a new profile.

I just did what the gurus of Quora do. I wrote a few words and added a link to my website homepage. Then, I just wrote the article with no links. Only content, only helping.

But after posting my first article, I decided to set my first goal. My goal is to reach 1000 followers.

I started with zero followers so I do not know if this is an easy goal or not. But I am going to reach it and have fun on the process.

My strategy is simple: Add as more value as possible.

I will log in every day, find one question that I can answer and create a nice and detailed post with no affiliate links or any type of promotion. If a reader wants to learn more, he can go to my profile that has a link to my website.

It's against the rules to add affiliate links. I will play with the rules.

The same time I will learn more about Quora. This is the plan and hopefully, it will work or at least I will have fun trying.

Lastly, I invite all of you guys to get started on Quora.

I think there is a lot of value on that platform. Many people answer questions but most of them are short answers with many links. So, it's not hard to win the competition if you add value and not pretending that you add value.

Thanks for reading, please leave any questions or comments below.

P.S. They have removed my first answer! It's ok. I will appeal for that and answer a second one. I have already my first follower and my first 4 visitors from Quora!

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RosanaHart Premium
I've wondered about Quora, will follow your progress.
bonzo124 Premium
Thank you!
Brenda63 Premium
How does adding value on Quora bring conversions to WA? It looks time consuming. I admire your dedication and commitment to answering questions. I saw Jay’s training on that. Perhaps you can add a supplemental training for us newbies about Quora.
bonzo124 Premium
I have a link on profile that will send the readers who are interested in learning more about myself to my website. Then, they can join my email list, read a few articles or check my recommendations.

My first plan is to add value. The results will come.

I do know if it will work but there are marketers who get a lot of traffic from Quora. So, I will do my best.

I will not create a training yet but I will share my progress on my WA blog. In the future, I may create a training.
midhunvm Premium
This will be a really cool journey and
a case study for others.

Keep us updated about your progress, Ilias

All the best :)
bonzo124 Premium
This is the plan! I want to learn from this journey and share the results. I will make regular updates.
midhunvm Premium
Thank you, Ilias :)
MelWaller Premium
Sounds like a great plan. I'll have check out Quora in a few months. I still have lots of content to add to my website.

Thanks for the post!

To Your Success!

bonzo124 Premium
Thank you, Mel! My website is my priority as well.
PastorDre Premium
great job and it sounds like you are on your way. Pretty soon people will be requesting your answers.
bonzo124 Premium
Thank you, I will do my best!