Don't Waste Your Time With Wrong Keywords

Last Update: February 07, 2021

Learning to use keywords is critical to our business. Wealthy Affiliate does a great job explaining the value of low competition keywords. But we tend to choose the wrong ones.

I learned the value of the low hanging fruit after many failures, even if many others mentioned it earlier.

If you choose the right keywords, you will be successful in any online project. You will be able to find opportunities on every platform like Google, YouTube, social media, freelance platforms, marketplaces, etc.

This rule applies everywhere because almost every online platform works with keywords. Find what other people don't offer or don't do a good job at it.

Here are the only steps you need to find the right keywords and niches for your websites.

  1. Find keywords on Google with the alphabet soup technique.
  2. Go to Jaaxy to find close low competition alternatives.
  3. Visit the first page of Google for your keywords and check for low authority pages (for example, forums, Quora, Yahoo answers, social media posts).
  4. If there are no low authority sites, check for low-quality pages in the first five results (for example, short content).

You can easily outrank any low authority pages with a good article. You can learn how to create a good article on the training.

If you find 500-word articles on the first page, you can write a 1500 well-researched article to outrank them. For 1000 word articles, you can write 3000 words to outrank them.

When you don't find low authority or low quality, move to the next keyword. There are hundreds of opportunities in most niches.

Repeat and be patient. It can take 6-12 months to get the rankings you deserve in Google.

This is it!

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Newme202 Premium
Awesome tips. Thank you
Dhind1 Premium
Yes, this is good advice on Keywords.

Thank you.
JillAlexaVA Premium
Great advice. Thank you. Although it can take ages to find a great title for a post, the rewards is woth the effort
bonzo124 Premium
We need to put some extra time into the research.
drjec Premium
Thanks for sharing this advice. Its practical and easily doable. I really appreciated the realistic time frame you offered.
jghwebbrand Premium
Some good advice here. Thank you for sharing.
I needed the reminder to check the first 5 rankings in Google and their word length.

You are picking this up well.

Here's to your continued success.
bonzo124 Premium
You are welcome! This post was a reminder for me as well.