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May 20, 2019
I promote a few products on my website and yesterday I made my bigger sale until today.$1,170 only from one product!I think it's worth to write a blog about that.The funny thing is that I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a better alternative but still, some people want what they want. But it's a legit product.I had written a review about that product almost a year ago and did not see that coming. So, it was a pleasant surprise. The last few months my traffic goes better and better because of my w
July 14, 2017
Hi guys, today I made my first Clickbank sale!It was not expected because I am not on the first page of Google for the specific product review.So, I guess that it came from social media. It is from the website that I promote Wealthy Affiliate and I compare all the product with WA. But I put affiliate links for every product that I review as Kyle says.The sale was at $6.33. I know that it is not much but I am happy for that. In total is the fourth sale of my website. I have three more here on We