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Hello everybody!!!
My name is Ivan (my nickname here is "bodovan").

I just joined recently this community, and I really impressed how much information is available here. That's why I even confused what should I do first (even lots of good tutorials here for beginners are also confusing).

I don't have any experience in online marketing, but I have a big motivation to do so...:) I'm a quick learner, so I think I'll gain all the good knowledge about online marketing pretty fast (especially because all of you guys here). Hopefully, my past experience and my analytical skills might also help somebody within this community.

Just a few words about myself:
Originally I'm from Eastern Europe, but right now I live in North America.
My first education is a chemistry; however I didn't continue it to the PhD as I don't see myself as a scientist for entire life.
My next education is a Business/Management and Accounting.
Now I'm looking forward to start my own business. That's why I think WA is a good place to start it.

My hobby:
I really like sport. To be specific - I play soccer or European football - that's more correct...:) I also like to play tennis, to swim, etc...
I'm also a big fan of music (I even started to play a little bit on my electronic piano). It depends from my mood - I can listen to different genres of music.
I also really like nature: oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, mountains, etc... That's why, once in a while, I try to go outside with my friends.

I hope to find some really good friends here too...:) So, take care everybody!
See you around!

"Love is our Resistance..." (Muse)

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klrrider Premium
Hey Ivan, Buddied up and glad to have you aboard!
Louise M. Premium
Hi ! Nice to meet you ! :)
bodovan Premium
Thank you, Joan, for sharing your experience...

I'd like to chat with you sometime... maybe we'll meet each other in the forum one day...

Talk to you soon...
If you'd like to send me an email - here it is: bodovan@peoplestring.com

jatdebeaune Premium
Hi Ivan,

Pleased to be one of your new buddies.

I too, am new at WA and loving it. The feedback from other members is just one of the important things lacking in other programs. I've spent a lot of money and time with folks/gurus who made promises and delivered only part of it . Nothing is a waste because you learn from everything. To be a good IM, you really need mentoring. You learn so much from other people. People here at WA are creative, generous and wonderful. It's great to communicate. When you work alone, you need to be able to ask questions.

As for starting, I am doing what Kyle and Carson suggest: going through the 8 week program, researching and thinking a lot. I read and re-read what they have to say. Schedule a goal plan, and stick to it while leaving room for flexibility, that is, if you change your mind about something. I leave reading the forums for later in the evening.

I personally believe it is important to love and believe in what you are promoting. This business requires writing a lot and convincing people that they need your product. Easier to do if you believe in it yourself. Then you can write passionately, and work into the wee hours of the morning without feeling tired.

All the best to you. We'll be talking again sharing progress. Joan
bodovan Premium
Hi everybody... I'm a newbie... Just trying to understand how everything works... Where should I start first?