Do I leave my articles on my old website?

Do I leave my articles on my old website?

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Authoring & Writing Content

I have a new MMO website where the domain name is not hyphenated like my old MMO website. Should I transfer my old articles and create new ones to go with them or should I just


I'd check status of my old site, and stats and make a decision. If I can salvage some of the content and still relevant or update then I would or revive it and link to it from the newer site.

However it is better to focus on the ONE site, that's totally up to you what you decide.

Please be aware the Affiliate Bootcamp (make money online niche) as the latter is a lot harder and more competitive, you would need to write 300 to 400 articles before you are able scratch the surface,

You'd also need to do the whole Bootcamp in its entirety before you can commence with your site.

Recommendation is to focus on ONE niche at a time, even Kyle himself would recommend the same.

I also suggest you backup your sites, you can use the AIO WP Migration or Updraft plugins. UpdraftPlus is a premium and highly recommended.

Thanks for the advice... I will definitely weigh my option on this.

What I am considering is creating a new site... leave my old one alone and take a stab at the new one.

The last thing I want to do is try to do two... holy cow. The one is tough enough with my limited time. That's why I will let the hyphenated website sit... no more content for that one.

So very welcome.

I moved my site to as new domain and left the old one running with a redirect for a bit of time. The difference is, I had very few articles on mine, Bob! You have excellent answers already. Site support handled my move.


Thanks, Jeff. I was wondering if Site Support would be able to help with this. Now I know, you were helpful with this response.


You're welcome, Bob! I hope it all goes smoothly!


Hi Bob, some great advice from Dhind and Triblu.

All the very best,


Thanks for taking the time to respond, Michael. I appreciate it.


You are very welcome Bob.

If you are leaving the old website running, then create new articles for your new website. Reference some of the old articles with external links to your old website.

If you are taking the old website down, then - yes move them.

I haven't decided yet as to whether or not I want to keep them. I may leave the old site up and running without adding anything new. I like your idea of putting external links to my new site. I didn't think of that one.

Thanks, I really appreciate this.


Hey Bob,

That is your decision to make. However, if the content is still very relevant, why not.

Here's a tutorial to show you how you can export your posts with comments and import them to your new domain without losing the comments: Hope you find this helpful.

Thank you a whole bunch. I haven't decided yet. I am leaning towards leaving the old site up and running. If I do, I may follow Alexander's advice. But, if I don't I will definitely use this tutorial you made. It is awesome!!

Thanks again,

Hey Bob,

The reason I was able to create that training is that I had 2 separate sites that I realized should have the content in ONE site and have two categories instead, due to the topics.

So... i registered a different domain name, and used a copy of my backup file of ONE of the sites to restore the content to NEW domain and then I had to go hunting down instructions as to getting the other site's content moved over too.

The two sites I removed the content from were then redirected to the NEW site (too make Google happy). And, I went back to where I had registered those two domains from and made sure to UNCHECK the auto-renew registrations.

Once those site registrations timed out... well... Google had all of my content re-pointed to the new domain, so it didn't matter.

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What's the best use for alt text for a photo gallery page?

What's the best use for alt text for a photo gallery page?

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Local Marketing

I manage my wife's website. She also has a photo gallery for one of her pages on the website. In order to use the Alt Text feature, I am thinking of using one of the general ke

Thank you Bob for asking this. Some great answers below that have helped me too.

Have a great day.


That’s the awesome part of WA. Everyone can learn from one person’s question.

Glad you got your answer, Bob!


Thanks for stopping to help me out anyway.

You're very welcome, Bob!


I see you have the answer my friend

Yes, and it is a great one too!!

I totally agree Bob.

Good afternoon Bob, I stop by to answer your question however, the answer has already been given to you below. May prosperity and good health be with you my friend.

Thanks anyway, Earl. I appreciate it.

Hey Bob,

Here's Google's word on this:

Be sure to scroll down to the info on Alt tags.

Hope you find this helpful.

I do, somewhat. I only glanced at it briefly and will spend more time on it later to see the details.

Thanks for your response, I appreciate it.

Here's my post on this topic if this makes it easier to understand:

Thank you Trish... great info.

Nice! Thanks!!

You're very welcome Monica.
Thank YOU for letting me know this helped you too.

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Can I ask for some opinions on my actual business name?

Can I ask for some opinions on my actual business name?

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Getting Started

I am thinking about using BobMarg Enterprises as my business name... If you go to my website on the bottom right of my profile does that seem ok...or should it be more relevant

If it feels right to you it will be the right thing to do. As stated below - people will be searching for content. You can always add to the name in your description if you want it to be more relevant.

BobMarg Enterprises - your gateway to success on the Internet
BobMarg Enterprises - your Affiliate Marketing Partner

The business is about you and the better you feel about it the better you will do.

Thanks...I wasn’t thinking about adding to it later. That’s an awesome idea too!

I appreciate your response.

I wish you the best!

Have you checked the name on Jaaxy

LOL!!! I am almost certain it may not be there... but that’s not a bad idea at all...thanks!

Hi Bob, I may have misunderstood. BobMarg Enterprises, is that separate from your domain URL. Yes I know it is a silly question.

It actually is...more like a tag line at the header of my page. I haven’t done it yet...just contemplating about whether or not I want to change what I already have on my website.

Hi Bob, I kind of like what Dhind1 proposes to do. All the best

I did too! Adding the extension to the end after my website takes on more of a defined focus...I can then add it to the BobMarg Enterprises- ????

Hi - are you planning on abandoning your original site? And in effect starting again? That seems a shame as you have got a few articles on there, and I presume they are indexed. You would have to re-write them, as Google would see them as duplicate content.

In a way, the name is irrelevant, people find it by searching for the content using keywords, not by putting the name of your site in Google.

No. I never had an actual name for my business and have been trying to come up with one for some time now.

I have been trying to design a logo and unless I name my actual business, won’t really have an easy time with it.

Oh, I see. So you are keeping your time-clocks site, and maybe adding a logo and a different tag line as a header to reflect a business name you wish to be associated with it.

Canva is good for designing logos, by the way, and you only need to use the free version.

Yep, you got it. I was registered earlier this week at and was trying to design a logo and wasn’t having a hard time with the current tag line.

The new business name would work better for me for the very same reason you stated. To build a brand name with my own name.

The best part is the name will transfer no matter what site I create...niche or not.

Thanks for the ideas.

hey hi Bob -- it's all good!

frankly, it's sometimes helpful to get a wee bit of feedback for assurance sake, however, ultimately, it is whatever you feel is comfortable and right for you -- as long as the biz name is still available then use in good health & wealth --

all the best to you for every success, cheerio ... ⭐️🎈⭐️

My dad never actually got a business license with the name. So, I figured I would use it. Even before he passed, there wasn't much he did with Amway anyway.

He was rather inactive for about 6 years before his passing. Oh, and he didn't actually use the shortened version of it anyway. I cut off the "roff" from my last name to make it more mine.

Thanks for responding. :-)

go for it, Bob -- you can build your very own 'brand' around your name ... better to use what 'resonates' within you as your inner self or higher self truly has all the answers ... and given that you're thinking of honouring your father, then, of course, it would be for the greater good ...

keep well, keep happy! ... enjoy the amazing WA journey ...

all the best ... cheerio ... 🌈💛😊⭐️🎵

Question... what is your niche?

Make Money Online...WA promo site

I like where you're going with the honoring your dad.
So I think.... why not.... go for it

Thanks for your input...especially since it isn't a niche site.

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Why won't site content let me change my headings to h3?

Why won't site content let me change my headings to h3?

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Authoring & Writing Content

I have been trying to work in Site Content to add to my website and it won't let me type in H3 when I need them. I click on the H3 and then no cursor appears to allow me to typ

Seems like you got a few good options

I did and downloading Google Chrome fixed my issue. Carson gave me that fix in a PM.

Site comments does things like that occasionally.. I get it where it won't let me do bullets points. I shutdown all WA pages and go back in and usually works.

If not.. Tommy's advice below is spot on


Thanks Paul, I have been fighting this the past few days. Nothing is working...I'll give your idea a try.

Sometimes SiteContent doesn't do it in the way you want it to work. What I do then just finish my article and when finish I publish it and editing it in WordPress and all is fine.
Maybe a little extra time, but have to do some editing anyhow.
Have a great day

Thanks Tommy...I like your idea. I have a habit of trying to be complete when I publish and prefer to have all my headings correct before publishing. I am beginning to think that I may have to forego that idea.

Great advice...I'll give that a try if Paul's idea doesn't work for me.

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How much should I charge for website design?

How much should I charge for website design?

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Website Development & Programming

A gentleman I work with in my hourly job now knows I have a website and is interested in me building a website for his new side business...I am asking anyone here what is a rea

There have been some live trainings here about this subject. If you go to "Live Events" on the left menu here, you can search for trainings under different subjects. I believe that Jay has done a few on "Building Websites for Clients" so you might start by searching for that!

Thanks! I will definitely do that also.

Sounds like a great opportunity. I would love to do something like that too. Good luck!!!

It is a great gets my name out there more so I can make a little money to pay for my WA membership. If I do that, it'll be a real low cost to him...I'm on the yearly with the Black Friday

Thanks for your support.

I would cover my cost for WA membership if you are on a monthly or a yearly bases that is a good starting base and if you get more business you will have that experience. Most sites like these are only a couple of pages of information. These type of site are very easy basically what they are looking for is a URL for there business to bust there profile and access for clients that see there URL on a car or a truck or their business cards it just good business these days to have a website. My sister does that for people they are not interested to build a business that they already have just a nice looking informative site. SEO is not even important but good to use.

I was thinking the same thing...he so much as told me he wasn't looking for search engines to find him.

I did the same thing for my wife's pet-sitting website it's 4-5 pages of information. However, I do plan to move it here eventually and will use it to blog about pet car in the future...

Thanks for your input.

your very welcome Bob
always a better way

What a wonderful opportunity. I have wondered the same thing about cost.
First I think find out how many pages and figure about how many hrs it will take y ou since y ou work a job plus your own time with WA.
GOOD LUCK. Maybe even charge him a monthly hosting fee if y ou use the WA platform. Or have him join!

He did tell me that he wants me to keep up the management of it for a monthly I have a lot to research.

Thanks for your response.

Sounds like you are in business!

It does, doesn't it?! I actually am very psyched up for this and cannot wait to get started on it. :-)

I was a school teacher like your wife! Like you I was in MLM. I see WA as something I need to really make a difference. I'm very excited for you. I hope to have similar opportunities. Will keep in touch. Miss Linda

Do a google search for local web developers or contact your local small business development center.

Try to figure out what your competition would charge for a similar job. If he does not use you, who else might he approach?

Best wishes and congrats on the job opportunity.

Great idea, thanks. I will do what you suggest.

Q. How much is something worth?
A. Whatever some one else is willing to pay for it.

Is this a business you want to be in? If so, do a good job for a low price and get a top-notch testimonial and referral.

If not, the next question is how complex is the site and how much follow-up will be required. If he's like most people, he won't know what he wants until he sees what he doesn't want.

Don't really know. If I were asked to pull a figure out of the air, I'd guess around $500.

I am interested in making money this way as well as my own websites. As far as the complexity of his site. I do not know that yet. I have not set up a meet time yet. I did tell him I didn't know what to charge because I have not built one for payment yet. So, I will do my research and see where it goes from there.

Thanks for your input.

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