New Year's Goals - February Progress

Last Update: February 29, 2020

Ever wonder why you aren't achieving your goals? I do it all the time. I beat myself up over it and figuratively pound my head against the wall.

What I Got Accomplished...

Pretty much a lot of nothing. I didn't even spend a lot of time here in the community. This month has seen me sleeping in and getting up just in time to shower and go to work. I didn't get up early as I did last month. Just sort of in a funk all month.

I wasn't in the mood to work on anything. My bills are piling up and it seems just so overwhelming to even think straight on any of my goals I set for myself.

It just seems that everything is rapidly unraveling before my eyes. Mine and my wife's cars are old and little by little there seems like something is going wrong and there is no money to pay for all the repairs that are needed.

I don't expect anyone to help me to get out of this boat, but just stating what I felt... up until a few days ago.

What Happened?

Well, I realized that I have to get to work... not at work at my J O B... but here or should I say my website. Oh and a post by Heidi helped a lot too.

I have another post that I just read before typing this as well. It was a post about Vegas by J-KWest, here it is:

My job is my job, but my business is my business and it is up to me to make it move in whatever direction I choose to take it. I have a little story to tell that sort of helps me a little.

A Short Story...

A couple of weeks ago, my wife's laptop went belly up. I was getting an error message on the screen whenever she tried to boot it up. "Hard Drive - not installed" I took the bottom off and looked at the ribbon cable and even disconnected it. I reconnected it and reinstalled the battery. Put the bottom back on expecting it to work. Nope.

Well, I took it to the local computer repair shop and let them see what they can do for me. I was seriously expecting a $200 bill when it was all said and done. I received a phone call from them telling me that it was working and all the did was tightened a screw holding the N2 in place.

Hmmmph... only $35 for the repair... I was ecstatic! I went in to get it and pay for the repair. Well, while there the manager of the shop and I were talking about the need for the laptop because my wife and I were sharing mine in the meantime. One more reason I didn't get much done on my website.

Oh yeah, my conversation... I mentioned WA and my website and she asked if I build websites. Now, I have only built mine and my wife's for her pet-sitting and she was interested in just that. She informed me that she gets people coming in asking if they do web design and always have to turn people away.

She asked me if I would like her to refer some of them to me. I told her I was fairly new at the web design thing and wasn't sure how well I could do, but that I would be willing to give it a try. So, now I have a web design website of my own and will now be promoting that business for some local businesses.

It'll help bring in a bit of immediate income for me and has helped to lift me out of this funk about the bills.

My MMO niche...

What will it mean for that... nothing. I will continue with it as I have been. I will refocus my goals into smaller chunks and continue as I have been anyway. Oh, and after reading Grace's (Littlemama, to most of us here) post about what it will take to get to Vegas...well. At the pace I am going now it'll take me 15 years to get there.

I can't let that happen, so I definitely need to move more in that direction as well as work with a web design business. I just have to work on balancing my time. Much more important for me to be consistent in what I am doing here.

As we all know... consistent work is what it takes to be successful in our businesses.

Please click "Like This" below and if let me know your thoughts if you have any.

Thanks for reading.

I wish you all the best!


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laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Bob,

It is a pity if you do not make it to Las Vegas, but is that really true? Personally I do not think so as Las Vegas will be at the same spot in a couple of years.
What I do like is the story of the shop asking you if you can make websites. Now there you have a great opportunity to apply what you have learned here, Vegas can wait a little.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

BobMargroff Premium
Hi Taetske, I did the math based on my current performance for placing articles on my website. Working full time and spending time with the family takes a toll on my time for working on the website. It is also based on Grace's recommendation for review posts needed to get the 300 Premium referrals.

I also have no intention of letting it take that long. But, as you said if the income potential of my web design side of the business takes off like I hope it does. I won't be as concerned about Vegas, but it sure would be nice to get there with the sales here at WA.

It will still be a goal of mine.

I wish you well...

cld111 Premium
Wow, I love how circumstances led you to possibly getting referrals for web work How awesome is that? Not only will that income help, but it'll give you more experience too. Who knows what that could lead to...?

(P.S. Did you know you can host websites here for clients and then charge them a hosting fee and maintenance fee, which will pay for your membership? Just an idea...)

I wanted to talk to you a minute about your bills. Have you ever listened to Dave Ramsey? I love his clips on YouTube from his podcast. I really recommend listening to this guy.

My husband and I were struggling with our bills even though he makes a great income! But what I learned from Dave is that we weren't organized with our money.

I started learning all about doing a budget and it has seriously changed everything for us. Our stress over bills has gone from a 10 out of 10 to non-existent. In fact, I LOVE budgeting. I think it's so much fun. But maybe I'm just weird. lol

Anyway, I just wanted to throw that out there for you. :)

- Christina
BobMargroff Premium
Hi Christina, thanks for the advice. Yes, I have heard of Dave Ramsey, he is one of the top finance guys out there. What I love about him is he uses biblical principles to guide others into financial peace.

I can definitely use that. My issue is that we don't budget and really need to. My wife isn't real big on it and doesn't like it. She says it limits what we can do...but she is so wrong in the way she is looking at it.

I have to work on it with her... she'll come around. I guess I have to get to work on that budget then on my own... LOL!

Oh, and you mentioned hosting websites here for clients and charging hosting and maintenance fees. That was my thought exactly. The maintenance would be a monthly recurring depending on how I contract it.

The hosting fee would be really cheap for what I would charge. Mainly, because I would add either a banner ad or a small widget promoting WA on their website. That would be one of the contractual stipulations for me... it has to be there to keep the hosting fee down for them.

Otherwise, I would charge more... I've got that angle figured out already... LOL!

Thanks for all your advice. It is much needed.

As always, I wish you the best!

cld111 Premium
It was a little awkward for my husband and me to budget at first too. We thought it would be limiting, but it's actually very freeing.

We had plenty of money for what we each wanted to do, we just didn't organize it in the right way and we were overspending where we didn't need to.

Sometimes you do need to add extra income (we did that too as I got a part-time job at the local elementary school. But I also enjoy that.)

I hope your wife comes around. There are a lot of great budgeting videos on YouTube. People make them fun and colorful. And it's inspiring to watch people pay off their debt.

Good luck with everything. I think you're going to kill it this month!

- Christina
BobMargroff Premium
Thanks Christina, I appreciate this little input. I do hope I kill it too!
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Hey-ya, Bob!!

I know you feel like you've not accomplished much. I'm sorry about that. BUT - You're still here and it sounds like you're more motivated than ever to make this work!

Like you, I've been extremely inspired by the Vegas posts. I want to make it there to meet all those I look up to in this biz! It would be awesome to meet you there as well!

We've got this, Bob!

Congratulations on the potential prospects also -- that's fantastic news! You're going to have a magnificent March! I can feel it!

Big hugs!
BobMargroff Premium
Thanks, Heidi. It's great to have you in my corner. I am looking forward to being in Vegas, but definitely have to step it up if I want to be there in the next couple of years. Preferably next year, but doubtful of that.

I did the math and 15 years at the rate I'm going now to have 400 review articles on my website...LOL! Stepping it up might get me there in 5 years...LOL! That's hilarious.

Funk is gone now. I am ready to kill it!

Babou3 Premium
The obstacles don't stop you and you keep moving forward and taking the good opportunities that come your way. Keep this positive attitude, it will help you stay on track.

BobMargroff Premium
Thanks. It may not be my MMO niche direction. But, I am not going to let it stop me from working on that either.

It’s income and it counts for something.
Twack Premium
I love when you have that 'moment'. The one where you say 'Enoughs enough' Everything alwasy looks more mangeable form there on in.
That's amazing in regard to the website building. Brilliant.
BobMargroff Premium
The best part is that Jay has some good training on local SEO. I used it when I Moved my wife’s pet sitting website to the WA platform.

If I wanted SEO when I was with iPage, I had to pay $30 a month for it. Not good when I can do it myself for free. 👍
Twack Premium
Sounds ideal.
BobMargroff Premium
Most definitely! 👍😀