New Year Goals - January Progress

Last Update: February 01, 2020

Ever have one of those days? How about a whole month like that?

I sat down and set my new goals for the new year and had everything worked out.


First Month of Actually Trying to Focus!!

The first month of actually trying to get something more than my "slow by design" on my website. I started my business here as a slow pace to eventually work on getting my website built and producing. I wasn't too concerned with moving real fast and devoting hours on end to get it done. I still wanted to be able to spend time with my wife and daughter than I worked on my business.

Well, that was until some things just weren't working in my favor at all. It just seemed that the whole year of 2019 was up against me. A few new people joined WA and I really started to focus a little more than I felt inspired by these newbies. A few of you might know one or two of them. Heidi (HeidiAnders3), Jeff (JeffryBrown) from Kansas and his sidekick Shadow and Star, Lady Jane (JanieTH) and a lot of others...

Anyway, there are so many I cannot even begin to name all of you that contribute to my inspiration and motivation.

Enough about that, my real purpose for creating my website was to create a passive income stream to help out with some extra income and make life a little easier. Apparently, others had something else in mind for me. No one from WA fit in this category.

Issues Abound!

So, here I am trying to focus this month and try to get my website moving a little faster for as producing content to try to get traffic. Things just didn't work for me this month.

My wife didn't tell me she wanted to steam clean the carpets in our house... for three days she had me moving furniture so she can get this chore done. I ended up moving the dining room table into our foyer and did not have access to my laptop to do anything. This happened the first three days of January.

Got the laptop set back up by moving the dining room furniture back into the dining room. I sit down to try to write an article and it takes me 20 minutes to type 2 sentences. It decides it doesn't want to move very effectively for me. I mean, I wait, and wait, and wait for something to happen and nothing. Then all of a sudden the sentence I just typed pops up on the screen. I gave up that evening.

On the 7th, I try to remove large files, do an Antivirus scan, a Malware scan... nothing... still sluggish. Nothing accomplished that night or the next morning.

Started a System Restore on Windows 10 and that takes a day and a half.

On the 10th my wife and I celebrate "Family Day" with our daughter and I take the family out to dinner at our favorite Japanese steak house... you know the ones where they cook in front of you. Robin loves to watch them, and I am amazed at their skills.

I worked the next 3 Saturdays from 7 to 3 and try to salvage some time with my wife and daughter.

Sundays are church and family time together so I spend a little time in the community here, but nothing on the website. I may have to change this a little or at least get up early in the morning so that I am able salvage time on my website on Sundays.

I was able to accomplish some training here and did a little work for as aesthetics on my articles but that's it.

Now, the past week one of my wife's pet-sitting clients required an overnight for their dog since they were on a 7-day cruise. This took me away from my business and I didn't even get to spend a little time in the community. I was like the only one home and had to feed my daughter and cook dinners for the family. Don't forget I work 7 to 3 everyday too.

Some of you moms out there do this on a regular basis and I don't know how you are able to keep up the pace. I definitely commend you on that.

Not much done...

So, as you can see I didn't accomplish much this month. I cannot let another month go like this one. I have since realized that I have to make a conscious effort on my part to make sure that things don't get in my way. Yeah, most of the past month is my fault... I'm not beating myself up for it...

I am just realizing that if I really want this to happen, then I have to make sure I don't let "things" get in my way. I have to make sure that if "things" do get in my way. I have to find a way to make up for time I lost.

It's way too important to lose time. Grace (littlemama) mentioned that it will take 400 reviews on our websites to go to Vegas. Well, if I am going to follow that advice, I have a way to go and having another month like this one won't get it done.

If you are new here and think that the work will get done without putting in the time... you better think again. This is a business that requires consistent work by writing to attract visitors to your website. Take it from me... I'm learning the hard way that it won't get done unless the time is put in.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

I wish you all the best,


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Twack Premium
'Life' is the one variable that we just can't predict Bob. 'Best laid plans' and all that.
I think we all have days, weeks and months like the one you've just had and you're right not to beat yourself up about it.
You'll get there, I know it. We do as much as we can whenever we can.
There's no time limit on success, it will happen when it happens but it will happen, it's inevitable.
Have a sublime Sunday my friend.
BobMargroff Premium
Thanks for the encouragement. I have that exact mindset. Life is life and there are always things in life that will try to get in our way.

I just plan to get up in the morning to get things done instead of letting life's distractions keep me from my business.

You have a good day today as well.
Twack Premium
You're welcome Bob.
It's true to say that my mornings are the most productive, by far.
BobMargroff Premium
Same here. I got out of bed early this morning and my article I have been milking for the last week is just about ready to publish. Once I do, I have a video from YouTube to put on it (not mine).

Then maybe a paragraph or two to add. It'll be done, hopefully, this afternoon if I have the time to do it. I know its Sunday and if my wife allows me time... just a little bonus time that isn't planned.

I take time like that whenever I can get it with the way last month went. I am trying to see if I can double up on articles this month.
Twack Premium
Sounds like a 'shift' is happening Bob. Building up with small steps is how I like to approach things. You'd be surprised what few mintues here and there can achieve.
BobMargroff Premium
I’m looking at things a little differently these days.
Babou3 Premium
Don't worry too much, we are all caught in the ups and downs of life. The roller coasters that life imposes on us, we always end up crossing them. But take the time you need, step by step. Make a list of things to do at the start of each week and try to do as much as possible. It helps me a lot. If you can't do everything you've planned on your list, it's not a drama. The important thing is that you give everything you can with the time you have available.

BobMargroff Premium
Great idea, Ingrid. I sort of do that now. It was just a bad month for me and this month will be better. At least I am going to try to make it so.

Thanks for stopping by.
Dave07 Premium
Hi Bob
I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Sometimes life just gets in the way and unexpected things just pop up in front of you.
The best thing to do is to make sure you have made a plan for your business. Something as simple as a to do list. Write down everything you can think of that needs to be done.
Try as far as possible to schedule time for working on your business. If necessary tell other that you won’t be available on Monday between 3pm and 6pm (or whatever). If you have your to do list ready then you simply choose the highest priority job on the list and get stuck in.
You’ll make great progress this way

Good luck
BobMargroff Premium
Thanks, Dave. That is a good idea and pretty much what I plan to do. My time will be in the morning before I go to work. It's the time when it is quietest in the house.

It's also the time when there are a whole lot fewer distractions and interruptions. I appreciate the advice and the "to do" list is a great idea. I sort of do that now. I think I was mentioning it to Heidi in a response to one of her blogs here.

In short, I just write out all the things I want to do and then check them off as I get them done. I am always adding to it. I don't think it will ever be finished... LOL!
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Bob,

Oh, now I nearly feel sorry for you but that would not help.
I fully understand your story and it happens at least sometimes and to most of us.
You might ask what is the solution? The only thing I can think of is to sit down with pen and paper. Make a list for the week and write down the have to do, those things you cannot escape.
Discover the gaps, meaning the free time periods and fit in your website things. Try and stick to the list as much as possible. It will not be perfect but seeing on paper how you spend your time does help. I know this by experience. Good luck.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

BobMargroff Premium
Oh, I am not looking for sympathy... although I do appreciate any that comes my way... LOL!

I will try what you suggest, but I also will try to be more proactive in my approach and get my butt out of bed earlier in the morning...

Thanks for the idea!
laparra1 Premium
Bob, I was teasing you a bit. I am not in the habit of writing lol.
Ah, this butt out of bed should also come on the list.

All the best, Taetske
BobMargroff Premium
That’s my biggest chore in the morning...
JeffreyBrown Premium
Hey Bob--Thanks for the shout-out my friend! (Shadow and Star say WOOF)

Don't worry about the progress--I know that life gets in the way, and that's why I LOVE it here--it's work at your OWN pace!

Remember--baby steps will get you there, and Family time and obligations are important!

Thanks for sharing!

BobMargroff Premium
This is so true. I am not stressing about it for sure. I just want to be moving in a more focused direction.

I’ve been here for 19 months and very little traffic on my website. So, I just figured it’s time to get serious about it.

Especially since the what happened on the “job” side of things a couple of months ago... LOL!

I may have to start getting Petey to give me pointers. He’s the most playful one of the three dogs in the Margroff home. 👍😀
JeffreyBrown Premium
There you go, Bob--a true sidekick in your endeavors here!
BobMargroff Premium
He’s such a little guy, though. But still good sidekick material.
JeffreyBrown Premium
You bet, Bob--the best kind!
BobMargroff Premium