New Year Goals for 2020!

Last Update: December 31, 2019

Have you ever posted something as a comment to someone's blog here and feel like you have been blind-sided with a response that knocks you off your feet?? But, then you stop and realize that it is nothing but the truth. You feel convicted and realize that it may just be the exact thing or boost you needed to get your butt in gear. So, as a result, I have come to the conclusion that I need a new batch of New Year's Goals for 2020!

A Little Back Story...

It all started with a blog here that I read the other day and placed a comment in response to what I planned for 2020. I stated that I wasn't quite ready to post my plans yet and had to do some contemplating for what my goals and plans would be.

Well, the response to me set me back a little when I first read the response that was left to me. I sort of felt a little offended at first...but then realized that what was being said to me was nothing but the truth. He wasn't being hurtful by any means. Not only that, but it was very well intended advice and I am very much appreciative that it came to me. It really made me evaluate even deeper what it was that I need to do.

You see, the post I responded to was from one of our Ambassadors, Mr. EdwinBernard and the post I was responding to was:

Go ahead and read it if you haven't and look for his response to me. In fact, all his responses to everyone was spot on advice.

So, Thankful He Said What He Did...

Edwin was being very helpful and is such a kind soul that I know his intentions were pure. I needed someone to just speak the plain fact of a plan that I need to follow. He simply said that I need to only do two things:

1. Write articles and write lots of them

2. Do all the SEO steps that are needed in Wordpress after I publish my articles.

He is absolutely correct and I thank him for slapping me with the basic facts. A good point is that I do all the SEO steps as we all have learned to do here with the training and so, at least I have that going for me.

What I am failing to do is focus on my content. As Edwin pointed out to me when someone is limited for time, then you need to spend that limited time working on what is important to being a successful writer. So, that means you have to write.

It is stressed so much by so many here that we get caught up in the community, and don't get me wrong... the community here is one of the propelling factors that I love so much about WA. As Heidi (HeidiAnders3) likes to put it, we are all WAmily here.

We all help each other and that is the best part of being here. But, we also here to build our own businesses and if that is your goal... then work on that too. Don't lose focus as I have a tendency to do.

What Are My Goals Now?

Well, now that I have taken some time to think on the wise advice of many here to so many others and Edwin's advice to me, I have determined that the two things he said are exactly what I will do.

But, to expand on it a little... I plan to write at least 2-1/2 articles a week and do all the SEO stuff that I have been doing. Where does that 1/2 come in? You may ask. I came up with that because my goal is to write 130 quality articles for my website before the end of the year. It rounds out to be 5 per two-week period.

I say this because I want to have time to promote on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram at the same time. It also allows me to be able to complete the Affiliate Bootcamp and hopefully start and finish the OEC training as well.

I cannot forget the WAbinars by the famous Jay (Magistudios) either. I have made goals in the past, but I didn't write them down in a planner... well, I have done that now as well. I have a list that I have of tasks of things I want to get done. But, the goals are now in writing in the same notebook and those tasks will take me to my goal completion also.

I write this here for my own accountability. I will also write at least one blog here each month as a way to maintain that accountability to ya'll, but more for myself. So, my intention is to keep myself focused on my business and be here for anyone that needs help. I have been here just shy of a year and a half and intend to stay.

Final Thoughts

We cannot get what we get here anywhere else. This community is the best place to be for the connections and training. Again, stealing Heidi's term... We are WAmily!

You all are great in the way you support each other and I am glad to be a part of that.

So, thank you to ALL of you, and especially to you Edwin for reminding me of where my focus needs to be as well.



I wish you all the best!


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FKelso Premium
Sometimes it just takes another's point of view for us to recognize a truth. It's good to be thankful for such help when it comes your way.

Edwin has helped me out a time or two as well; he's a good guy. I can, of course, say that for many people on here.
BobMargroff Premium
Hi Fran, I am glad that he said what he did. I mean, Edwin could have just looked at my time here and not said anything by thinking, "he's been here long enough to know this already".

But, he didn't and I am happier for it... now to see how much the hard work will pay off.

You are so right that there ARE a number of people here that are willing to help someone else. That's what makes WA what it is.

Thanks for your comment! Here's to your success in 2020!
sdawson Premium
I like that your goals are "realistic" and not great "PIPE DREAMS". I'm setting more realistic goals this year also. While I would love to write six blog posts a week (3 for my niche site and 3 for my WA site) that is a lot of writing for me - I'm not a great nor prolific writer. So my goal of 2 for my niche site and 1 for my WA site is much more realistic for me this year. Best wishes on meeting your 2020 goals also. -Shirley
BobMargroff Premium
Thanks Shirley. I know that my time is limited with working a full time job that ends up being close to 50 hours a week and then there is family time.

So I had to be realistic with my goals... I just hope that I fulfill what I am setting out to do.

I look forward to seeing your 2020 successes as well.

timstime20 Premium
We at WA are so blessed everyday of the year
With so many encouragers... challengers.... winners.... inspirers ...and best of all people we never knew become our friends
BobMargroff Premium
There is so much truth in that, Tim. I have found that to be the case with me as well!

Thanks for stopping by! I wish you well in the new year!
Twack Premium
Go Bob, looks like you've reached that turning point. You've created a plan and made yourself accountable, that's pretty incredible. I wish you all the very best as we move into a new decade.
Have a good one Bob and I look forward to hearing about it all as we both progress in the new year.
BobMargroff Premium
Thanks TwAck!! I appreciate your comments!! 😀👍
Twack Premium
You're always welcome.
BobMargroff Premium
HeidiAnders3 Premium
I'm so stinking proud of you! I love that Edwin made you realize what you've gone on to do!! He's the best and a wonderful encourager!!

It is a fact... this WAmily helps propel us to new ideas and heights and I'll forever be thankful for each peep who has inspired or encouraged me...including YOU!

I adore your goals and there is no doubt in my mind that you are going to smash them! Great job getting them written and published here for accountability! I will look forward to hearing from you on your progress each month!

You know I'm your loudest cheerleader!!🎉🥳💚
BobMargroff Premium
Wow! Thanks Heidi... just keep the inspiration coming and I do hope it will be decent progress to report.

But, that’s the accountability that I am using here. Again thanks for stopping by and...

HeidiAnders3 Premium
BobMargroff Premium