Thank-you. Positioning. And A Request

Last Update: December 07, 2015

Hey everyone... I took a bit of a break over the weekend to visit with my kids and decompress a bit...

It's been a wild week for me, as I continue to build out the back-end training content and site structure for the new business. So it's always great to take some time away and just let things settle in your mind a bit...

I wanted to quickly thank all of you who have been following along on this series of posts I have put up and providing your feedback... I've had some great comments on the posts and I've also received several PMs that have really helped clarify some things for me.

So what i thought I would do today, is to add a quick note about the positioning of the information I have been providing, that I hope will clarify what this is all about a bit. I'm hoping it might answer a few of the questions I've been receiving also.

So first-things-first... The focus of the information I am providing is to get your feedback on a "Lead magnet" I am building that will ultimately position and promote a number of programs in the MMO Niche, including WA...

This is not about training right now, but rather to build a relationship with the people who will be receiving this "Lead Magnet"... There are emails that will go out, to anyone subscribing to a "Landing Page" that will bring them back to these videos and the content I am sharing here...

I'm looking for feedback on the value of the content that I am sharing and what you like along with what you dislike... Your feedback is important to me...

The focus on the "Lead Magnet" is really all about "Attraction Marketing" or what in the "Bricks and Mortar" or "Offline" world is now called "Inbound Marketing"... We will be going into what all of that means in subsequent Days...

We're also going to cover the need for:

  • training
  • Building Sales Funnels
  • Lead Magnets
  • How To Use eMail Marketing Effectively
  • How to Build Landing Pages to Promote
  • How To Use Content Marketing To Generate Long-Term Traffic
  • How To Use Persuasive Writing To Make More Sales
  • Social Marketing Techniques and
  • Tracking Your Marketinf Progress

All-in all... I'm guessing there is going to be about 45 Days worth or introductory content, for people to consume...

Nothing here is intended to completely educate, but rather to give the people who consume the content a taste and have them wanting more. That's one of the primary focuses of a "Lead Magnet". There are others, which will be covered in that series of emails and Boot Camp "mini-lessons".

For anyone here at WA, along with anyone who joins me in my programs, wishing to leverage the Boot Camp as a "Lead Magnet" for themselves to promote WA, if you are in the MMO niche, then that opportunity will be available to you. Hence the desire for your feedback... I'm hoping together we can make this useful and usable for all as a marketing tool.

I realize that many of you are in "Affiliate Marketing" and will look at this content through that lense or perception. That's great. Not everyone is into Network Marketing like Tyson and I are... However, the structure of the content can be used by anyone interested in learning more about "Marketing" period. You just need to consume the content and then process what you have sen and read through the lense or filter of what it is you are doing specifically...

If you have any questions, or if something isn't clear, then please... fire off a PM and we can go from there...

I hope that makes sense and answers some of the questions I have been receiving... While the first bit of information comes across as being focused on Network Marketing, it's actually important for everyone to understand...

So that's the Positioning aspect I mentioned in the title...

Finally... the Request...

Please let me know if you honestly want me to continue to post this information here... If you don't feel this is the correct forum, then let me know... My goal here is to help... If this isn't helping you or if you have something else you'd like to share... then please do.

As I've said... the intention is to add value... If you feel this is something you can use to make money yourself... then I sincerely want your input, so we can refine this together...

Based on your feedback (or lack thereof) today, I will decide where I go from here, in terms of continuing to post this "Boot Camp" material...

I hope everyone has an incredible day... In parting, I wanted to share a link with you to a "Motivational Video" I love, that I shared on my Facebook Fan Page over the weekend..

For anyone needing a "pick me up" on a Monday... I hope this helps.

Until tomorrow...

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Rmaisey Premium
I am really happy to see what it is you are working on and happy to give feedback too.
bnaylor Premium
Thanks Ruth... few days away... last time this year and hopefully last time for sometime to come...Time to finish getting this all put together between now and the end of the year... It's going to be an awesome '2016...
Andrew-74 Premium
Thank you for the inspirational boost!
bnaylor Premium
Hey Andrew... Thanks for the feedback... I love the video... always a great watch and I make sure to come back to it regularly... Have a great day... Bryan
Andrew-74 Premium
Thanks Bryan!
KatieMac Premium
Well that was certainly a good Monday morning wake up, and regarding your training I know I need to understand marketing better, though I want to be an affiliate in time I do want my own products
bnaylor Premium
Thanks Katie... I love the video... It's one of my favorites of all time... It's very sporty... but then, I was once sporty myself... LOL
KatieMac Premium
me to Bryan even did my martial art stuff a bit ago though
bnaylor Premium
I didn't know you studied the martial arts... What style did you train... I'm finally getting back to it in January... Need to get through XMAS and then I'm back... wooo hooo... Bryan
KatieMac Premium
I did free style karate long ago though, yeah Christmas is almost upon us and I will travel to near London to be with my family and all those grandchildren here's to a great 2016