Some Thoughts, Musings and Rants About Online Marketing

Last Update: December 30, 2015

I've thought about writing this first post all weekend and struggled a bit with what to write. Not so much from the perspective of not knowing what to write, but frankly quite the opposite.

When you first start out in any new community, we always want to try and put our best foot forward. It's the whole concept of "first impressions count". So I opted instead, to get caught-up with all of the folks that followed me in my absence over the last couple of weeks and make some comments on some of the posts that folks here had made.

In the end, I think I'm going to make this first post a bit of an extension to my profile, so members of the community might get a bit better an idea as to who I am and where I come from as it relates to online marketing in general and my outlook on this business in specific.

in terms of some background context, I've been involved in "Online Marketing" for about 5 years now. I've also spent pretty close to 20 years or so professionally in the mainstream "Bricks and Mortar" marketing world. So I'm hoping I've absorbed a few things along the way that will help people here...

In fact, prior to some changes in my personal life, one of my last ventures was a an internet marketing training site, The Online Marketing Success Group (OMSG). I've since shut this program down.

Over the last couple of years, I have become increasingly frustrated with my initial stabs at helping folks in internet marketing, build their businesses. Frustrated, that no matter how good the training content I provided, very few of the people I was working with actually "took the time to take advantage of the training".

In hindsight, I've come to understand that there were a number of reasons that was happening.

For some, there was this need to "make money now" or what is known as a "starvation mentality". For others, it was a matter of starting and then a couple of weeks later, just moving on to something new. There's a lot of that in online marketing. People hopping from one opportunity to the next, never giving anything time to work. Many people suffer from a complete lack of focus or jumping on that next "Bright Shiny Object".

More importantly, I've come to realize, that my challenges were fundamentally rooted not so much in how I was helping others, but to a large extent, who I was helping. For me the bottom line is best expressed in a very old adage... "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink".

So i sat down together with some of my mentors and did some soul searching as to "what I really wanted to be, when I grew up". I took the time to clearly understand what I wanted my online business to look like and then set out on a plan to rebuild my brand and my business.

The move back to WA , along with moving my primary sites and domains over to WA Hosting will be the fruition of that planning.

Over the course of the next several weeks, I'll be blogging a lot more about this new "vision". This is all going to happen one step at a time, with new content and training when I can create it being added each and every day (that's the plan anyway).

I'm now taking all of the knowledge I've accumulated over the last several years and am focusing on three marketing segments.

The first market segment will focus on those people who own "bricks and mortar" offline businesses who are interested in learning how to leverage the power of Digital or Inbound Marketing techniques to reach more customers. That's the focus of my STDH Marketing domain. It's an exciting area of business for me. There's a huge knowledge gap out in the marketplace and anyone with the types of skills we're learning here can teach and help other small business owners with what we're learning.

The second area I'm going to be focusing on, is paring back on my various "Affiliate Marketing" sites and working primarily in 3 niche areas. Once I complete the migration over to WA Hosting, you'll see those sties listed on my profile. These are niche areas are something I'm incredibly passionate about and I hope others will find the information interesting and educational.

The third and final area of focus will be to continue to focus on training those people who are serious about building a real and sustainable "network marketing" business. I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that most network marketing sponsors don't have a clue how to effectively help their team members and do a truly crappy job of training.

I'm not 100% sure how much of the "network marketing training" information is going to find it's way here, I just haven't got that far yet. I'm not completely sure that WA is the right forum for that information and I may just leverage an authority blog I have available to me as part of a different program I am in.

It all depends on the people who wind-up following me and the content they'd like to see. So stay tuned for that...

I'm extremely excited about this new "journey". Over the past several years I've been truly blessed to have been joined by and worked with some truly awesome people. Many of whom I hope be joining me here in WA and continuing to be part of this next leg of "my journey".

For those if you just getting to know me, I promise you this. It's certainly not going to be boring...

I absolutely commit to each and every one of you, that I will always share what I've learned along the way. This is going to include the great, the merely good along with the bad and the really ugly.

Through it all, my only request of you is that you actually take the time to take the training provided here and actually use it. You and only you, are responsible for making this business work. You need to OWN YOUR SUCCESS and the only way that happens is by consuming the training and then taking action.

So with that said... let the journey begin.

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greenwoodtam Premium
Love your vision and I am learning everything before I just put content out there. I want to I guess I would say upload my site all at once so the experience is there when visitors come.

I love all the info on WA but it is info overload lol. Good luck and visit
my site soon.

Thanks your friend -Tammy
ps cute little guy :)
bnaylor Premium
Thanks Tammy... Just keep plugging away one day at a time and it will all come together.. The key though is to "take action"... Don't wait for things to be perfect... It's important to keep moving forward and getting content out there to build your brand... I'll make sure to check out your site a bit later this evening...

By the way.. thanks... he's a cute little guy... and as I said in my profile... he's absolutely my "WHY"... Bryan
greenwoodtam Premium
My goodness that was a great read. Your words... Your words cut deep; deeper than any blade. If you ever write a book I'm willing to partake.
bnaylor Premium
Thanks Isiah... I appreciate your feedback... In face as I post, many of these are exerpts from an eBook I wrote originally... Stay tuned... lots more to come... Thanks,
steviedean Premium
OWN YOUR SUCCESS! I like this statement...I think I'm going to put that on a sticky and stick on my monitor. (◑‿◐)

Awesome first post sir (◑‿◐)
bnaylor Premium
Thanks Stevie.... I appreciate it... I loved the phrase as well, when it was first coined... Because I do so much work in Network Marketing, you get to hear just about every excuse there is on why something won't work or it can;t be done... It's become somewhat of a mantra for me as a "call to action" almost... Thanks again... Bryan
KatieMac Premium
Congratulations a great first post and I am sure with your back ground you will make great progress with those goals, WA is an education platform where we can grow and learn and see Marion has given you sound advice best of luck with it all
bnaylor Premium
Thanks Katie... Thanks for your comments... I love getting feedback from people... so please... keep the comments coming... Everything is always welcome... Bryan
KatieMac Premium
That I will Bryan
MarionBlack Premium
Congratulations on your first post Bryan. I enjoyed reading about your ventures.

You're right about WA not being the forum for network marketing, any sort of promotion along those lines is strictly forbidden here. Don't take this the wrong way - not everyone knows the rules when they first start here - so I'll give you a link I'm looking forward to working with you as we travel this road together.

bnaylor Premium
Thanks for the feedback Marion and thanks for the link... In fact I did get an opportunity to check out Kyle's post, so I realize the no promotion aspect here... Not necessarily my intention... I was really thinking more along providing training for those members who are also into network marketing. I've noticed several along the way... As I mentioned though, the more I think about it, the more I'll use a different forum for that... Thanks again... bryan