Let's Talk About My Step-By-Step Methodology For Success?

Last Update: November 08, 2015

So far over the last few posts, I’ve talked a fair bit about the painful side of online marketing.

One of my core fundamental beliefs is that I believe in absolute transparency. So it’s important to me that your expectations are set realistically, right from the start.

As I've mentioned, online or internet marketing can be a confusing, bewildering world for most people. That’s why it’s estimated that over 98% of those people who start will fail and not earn a dime online. For many, it can be overwhelming.

The other factor that tends to make online marketing so confusing is that all of the so-called “gurus” are preaching different tactics and strategies. There is a tone of absolute crap and BS published, most of which has been slickly designed to separate you from your hard earned money.

The question I tend to get asked the most is “where do I start ” to build an online business?

For those of us who are members here at WA, a large part of that confusion is removed. Just begin by following the training and you're off.and running.

Most people I work with are just like us when we first started out. All they really need is a simple, straight forward resource that can answer questions about building a business online or adding online tactics to grow their existing business.

This was why I decided to create some training from my own past experience and that’s how my first business “The Online Marketing Success Group” was developed.

Over time, I've built out an easy to follow, step-by step training program that will help anyone who is serious about building a business online, be successful.

I continue to use these same "best practices" every day, with my various online businesses.

Is this process perfect?

No… nothing in business and marketing especially ever is. Things are changing way too rapidly. I do continue to always evolve the process however, to make sure it remains as current and as effective as I possibly can.

Over time I constantly refine the tools, tactics, and strategies in the training, in order to make sure that the content and approaches I’m passing along are current and reflect the most up to date and effective online strategies.

I feel, that the key to the long-term success of any business, whether online or offline, is that people have a clear understanding of the core fundamentals. Instead of using every new trick or fad and each new “shiny object” they get exposed to, the key to success is remaining focused on building your business by using a sound marketing strategy.

So just what does that mean?

Below, you will find a breakdown of my 9-Step PROFIT 123 Methodology for building an online business.

To follow this methodology, it really doesn't matter what your “primary” business is. You could be into affiliate marketing, network marketing or an owner of your own “bricks and mortar” business, it really doesn’t matter.

The first six (6) steps or the PROFIT steps, tend to be more focused around activities that need to happen, before you start driving traffic to your site. These are some of the pieces you really need to have in place to build long-term sustainable organic growth in your business.

The first 6-steps (PROFIT) are taken care of upfront, and then you will come back to from time-to-time to fine tune. From my perspective these steps tend to be more “strategic” in nature.

The final 3-steps (123), tend to be more implementation oriented and need to happen on an ongoing and consistent basis. These activities should be evolving with time, given your results and will likely change frequently. The other way to think of these steps is that they are more “tactical” in nature.

By following these 9-steps to success, you should be on your way to building your own sustainable business online. Better still, you can feel confident that you are not doing anything unethical, immoral or taking advantage of anyone online.

The 9-Steps

P - Pick Your Niche/Market

R - Research Your Chosen Niche/Market

O - Organize Your Sales Funnel/Unique Selling Proposition

F - Find or Build the Right Web Presence

I - Initiate Your Marketing Strategies
- Blogging and Content Curation
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- Web Page (Static) Content Development
- Social Publishing

T - Target Your Prospects
- Enticing Clicks & Calls To Action (CTAs)
- Anatomy of a Landing Page
- Guiding the "Next Steps" with Thank-you Pages

1 - Your eMail Marketing Campaign
- Autoresponders
- Sending the "Rignt eMail"
- The Power of Aligning Your Sales & Marketing Messages through eMail

2 - Drive Visitors/Traffic To Your Site
- Various "Tactical" short-term options
- Social Media Traffic Strategies

3 - Measuring/Tracking Your Success

Now, it’s important to understand a few things along the way.

First of all, you don’t need to accomplish all of these steps before you can begin to earn money. This will take some work however. I’ll repeat it again and more than likely again later;

There are no short cuts to long-terms sustainability and success

If you can follow through each of these steps, use your own best judgement and work hard, you will be successful.

If you are willing to give your business between 1 to 4 hours per day, every day to complete a series of basic tasks and increase your presence online, you will be successful.

If you’re unwilling to put that 1 to 4 hours in each day, then let’s just agree to part ways here. Please just "unfollow" me now. Any of my posts or any of the advice I'm going to offer along the way comes with ownership of your own success, effort and commitment.

Why Am I Saying All of This?

If you do decide you want to continue and read the next post, there is one thing I am going to SINCERELY ask you to do. That’s to take ACTION. You need to follow the steps and to work at them each and every day. The difference between those who are successful and those who are not, is ACTION.

The material on I'm going to provide over the next few posts is not shelf-ware. My expectation is NOT that you read through the material here once and then to stick it away or bookmark only to never return again.

Originally this was training that people who followed me PAID FOR similar to the training we are provided here at WA.

Moving forward, this training is part of training that is offered FREELY to those people who are either in my Network Marketing Business opportunity on my Team or who have signed up as an Affiliate or Distributor with my primary Product Business.


The training will not replicate any of the content published here, but will in fact augment it and include things that the standard WA training DOESN'T. If there are points of overlap, then I will be pointing back to the WA training as the primary reference point and then augmenting from there

In fact, you will even be able to leverage this training to promote WA if you have decided to take that on as an optional niche for yourself.

The training will include affiliate links to various tools and resources and WA is one of them. As I mentioned, I use this training for the people I work with day-in and day-out as part of my programs. So if you are part of the training program, any links to join programs or tools that are included as part of the training (and WA is one of them) will be your links with your Affiliate ID not mine.

Ultimately down the road, there will also be a version of the training that will be for sale to "Bricks and Mortar" business owners, interested in using this same training to build their "Local Businesses" online. I will be looking for people down the road who are interested in building a business "coaching" inbound and digital marketing strategies to local business owners.

As I build out the content for the affiliate marketing and network marketing training, I will also be building out the "paid Version" of the training in parallel.

So who knows another potential business opportunity for anyone who may be interested down the road.

For now though, I want to emphasize, that this is NOT a sales pitch and I'm NOT selling anyone anything here. I'm hoping this doesn't contravene any of the WA Policies and I don't think it does.

The training will be made available to anyone who is interested and I will not be providing any links on the WA site to this. If you are interested you will need to contact me for the information.

The reason I'm being so emphatic about this is that I've been down the road with this in the past and it frustrates me.

It's always amazed me that even when given the best training content available, many people just won't consume it. What's even more frustrating to me is that of those that actually take the time and consume the training, most will never actually TAKE ACTION.

My true hope is that those of you who do decide to take advantage of the additional training I am offering will take action and "OWN YOUR SUCCESS".....

Tomorrow... I'll provide the first module here on Picking Your Niche... Until then have an AMAZING WA Day and remember... ONLY YOU CAN OWN YOUR SUCCESS.

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Tirolith Premium
Very good. Well said.
bnaylor Premium
Thanks Tom... I appreciate the feedback
marycraig Premium
A very good post, and I'm looking looking forward to the continuation of the subject. I think the training here is very good but I can use all the help I can get!! It seems to take me awhile to absorb everything but I continue on and don't plan to quit. Thank you!
bnaylor Premium
Hey there Mary... That's absolutely the right spirit... It's the concept of "Plus 1" I have talked about before and you will here me speak about much, much more in future posts... Just do whatever you can each and every day and the next day... take one more little incrementa step forward... each and every day and before long... you know the rest... Thanks ... Bryan
KatieMac Premium
Very informative and I will go over this again so have book marked it , I had no experience in sales so working on understanding the funnel
bnaylor Premium
Hi Katie... Thanks for replying... This post today is really more about expectation setting for me... As I mentioned to Pauline earlier... I've been really frustrated over the years with people either not consuming the training provided ot not executing on it... It's important to me, that people understand that any training... whether it's the great content they get here at WA or anything that's provided through other sources... doesn;t just sit on the shelf gathering dust... It's meant to be consumed and eecuted on... Bit of a pet peeve for me... Thanks.. Bryan
KatieMac Premium
You are right there is no point in learning and doing nothing with it
ibmountain Premium
Great and informative! Thank you!
bnaylor Premium
Hey Ilyssa... thanks for stopping by and the feedback... I hope my post tomorrow adds even more value... I'm actually going to get into the "meat and potatoes" of all of this...Bryan
PJonline Premium
I wish i could print this off ! Really great stuff here! Bryan! Seriously! Thank you so much for taking time to put it all down..
bnaylor Premium
Much more to come... I take the whole concept of expectation setting seriously... as I mentioned, way to much fluff and garbage gets published my "gurus"... I spent 2 years charging people to consume the training content I offered... so many people signed up and then didn't consume the training or worse... never took action... Really hope people take the "hint" knowledge without action is useless...Ooopsss... maybe that's my inner Sagittarius coming out...LOL -- Bryan