I'm Doing It Again

Last Update: November 30, 2015

It seems I’ve been writing a number of apology posts recently.

It's funny though. I read a post from Pat Tucker this morning talking about our “why”. This has always been an important concept for me in online marketing. In fact I even mention it in my WA Profile


I’m going to talk more about my personal thoughts on that soon.

The reason it struck me this morning, is that my ‘Why” has driven me to make a number of life and business decisions over the last several months. In fact, my personal reflection on all of this started about 6 weeks back on Canadian Thanksgiving and culminated this past weekend with the U.S. Thanksgiving.

So many decisions have been made. Some for the better and some... well let’s just say that the damage has been done and whether I like it or not; some things just can’t be taken back.

What I’ve come to realize is, that a lot of the decisions I've made, have been less about my “Why” which was what the original intention was all about and more about “Shiny Object Syndrome”. Let me explain...

Many people have written about "Shiny Object Syndrome" here at WA and well frankly, all over the internet for that matter. It's a major factor in why people fail in this business.

This is not a new phenomena. From an online marketing perspective, maybe this sounds familiar...

So you’ve joined a program you think you can get really excited about. Maybe it’s WA as an example.

You start off, you get into the training. Maybe you get some advice from some of the other Community members. You’re really looking forward to seeing the results.

Some of you see nothing and for some, maybe you even start to see some things begin to happen, but it’s just not quite what you were hoping for. We all want more, faster, quicker and easier. We’ve all seen the ads. Haven’t we? It seems to be a part of human nature.

So what happens, you start to get frustrated and you begin to question yourself. You wonder if you’ve made the right decision or if it’s business the right investment.

Then … All of a sudden one day you get an email from one of the people you might be following online or maybe you see something on a Facebook Group you follow. Who knows, you just maybe surfing Traffic Exchanges, Safelists or even a webinar on a topic that sounds great.

In the end though, (especially if it comes from someone you might know, like and trust) someone comes up with the next “shiny object”. You guessed it... it's even GUARANTEED to generate traffic or leads... whatever it might be.

So, you drop everything you are doing and check it out. Hopefully you even spend a few hours doing some research hoping it’s not a scam. We all know we can trust all of the “reviews” we read out there. (A little sarcasm)

Maybe you even whip out your credit card and buy... You go through the training or the set-up videos of what you’ve just bought ... Boy-oh-boy, are you excited.

After a couple of weeks though, the cycle starts all over… You do get some results... just not as many as you wanted... you’re now officially frustrated again and well... I think you know where I’m going here.

If this describes you, don’t feel bad for a minute. In fact it not only has happened to me in the past, but it happened to me yet again over the last three months and I should absolutely know better.

If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll know that I’ve been re-branding myself and building out a new sales funnel. This whole exercise has been driven out of some of those changes I alluded to at the beginning of this post.

The problem I was having though is that the more I got into the re-branding exercise, the more convoluted it was becoming. I made several investments in new programs, tools and “shiny objects” thinking that this was what I needed moving forward.

In the end, I realized I “fell for it once more”. I got sucked into the whole “Shiny Object Syndrome” and lost my focus on my “Why” and what was most important to me. The intrinsic reason I go through this every day.

As I mentioned before, some decisions you can’t ever reverse. Whether you want to or not. "All that glitters is NOT gold".

The good news is in this instance as it relates to my new sales funnel and re-branding, I can reverse it.

In fact, I’m reverting back to a strategy I had originally decided I was going to pursue back in the summer with my partner at the time. Why you may ask... Because it better reflects who I am and more directly aligns to what I do and what I’m good at.

In reality, I never should have strayed from that strategy in the first place.

So why am I getting into all of this now.

Well there are a couple of reasons...

The first is, make sure to be vigilant and stay focused. Watch for the symptoms of “Shiny Object Syndrome” all of the time. Believe me, it can and does happen in more ways than you may possibly realize.

It’s important that we remain “laser focused” on what it is we are doing and our “Why” for doing it. It’s important that we constantly track and measure our results, so that any decisions we make are based on fact and metrics and not that next “bright shiny object”.

The other reason why I’m getting into all of this is that I am now refocusing my sales strategy and funnel to focus on my original strategy. For the things I can, I’m going to turn back the clock and build out the "IM Success Strategies” Boot Camp I had always envisioned and make this the “Lead Magnet” for my new business moving forward.

I’m getting back to my roots.

The posts I’ll be starting tomorrow will be each of the modules that people will be able to get access to FREE, if they sign-up to my training site as part of my “Lead Magnet”. This will be a subset of the full blown detailed training people will receive if they work with me in my “business opportunities”.

The “Boot Camp” training will focus on marketing as a whole with a “deep dive” into List Building. It won’t matter if you're into Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing or even if you own an "offline" business and are interested in leveraging the internet to bring in new customers.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the "IM Success Strategies" Boot Camp Training will even be re-brandable, meaning that the links included will be the member links for anyone they promote the “Lead Magnet" to. In essence I’m giving people an opportunity to absolutely duplicate my sales funnel for themselves, if they want.

Also, WA will absolutely be one of the programs represented in both the “Boot Camp” and the full blown Member Training. So anyone wishing to promote WA in the “Make Money Online" (MMO) niche can leverage everything I will be creating.

I’m building out the “Lead Magnet” training and posting it here so anyone in WA who is interested might get some value out of it and benefit. I’d also love to get your constructive feedback (both positive and negative) so that I can make the Boot Camp “Lead Magnet” even better.

So with all of this said, I’m going to leave it here for today. This is already an incredibly long post. My most humble thanks to anyone still reading... I appreciate that you took the time out of your day to get all of the way through this.

I wanted to let those of you who “follow me” know just what the heck is going on and why I haven’t been visible.

I’m here now and completely focused on my “Why” and what my direction is moving forward. How about you?


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Ruslann Premium
Hello Bryan, you know exact "active points" to press to get healed. That's happened to me many times. Thank you for the encouraging. Ruslan
GaryMoorey1 Premium
Hi Bryan, yes Shiny Magpie collecting stuff has hit me in the past but I have been with WA since March and I aint moving, I totally recognise how it effects people and your description is spot on but WA have been good for me and eventually I will learn how to make a couple of bob but in the meantime I am investing in myself and learning a bit more every day.
bnaylor Premium
Hey Gary... That's exactly the way to go.. keep moving forward one step at a time and you'll get there...Thanks for the feedback... Bryan
KatieMac Premium
Sounds very interesting Bryan I am always keen to learn and I am pleased to say I started this journey with blinkers on to stop the shiny object syndrome, some aspects I need to go over a few times before I grasp it.
bnaylor Premium
Thanks Katie... It's amazing just how many times I've caught myself in the same boat where even though I know what to watch for... you still fall into the trap... One thing the martial arts has taught me... the longer I'm doing all of this... "the less I know... I know"... Bryan
KatieMac Premium
lol Bryan you know what they say the pupil who is new and knows nothing is easier to teach than those who know something about it.
Rmaisey Premium
Bryan, I am very interested in your theories and your lead magnet training and where you are going with your business, as you know and will definately be up for giving some feedback or even getting on board. I frequently suffer from shiny object syndrome and I find it hard to stay on track sometimes so I know what you are saying! Thanks for sharing this, I look forward to seeing your work!
bnaylor Premium
Thanks for your support Ruth... You're one of the people I sincerely felt I need to reply to so you knew what was up... Starting from scratch and I'll make sure to keep you up-to-date not only here but on PM... Thanks for your patience... Bryan
Rmaisey Premium
Great! I'm looking forward to it!