Day 3 - Discover the 2 Skills That WILL Put Money In Your Pocket

Last Update: December 04, 2015

Today, I wanted to talk about "the money skills". These are the "marketing skills" you are going to need to build to actually make money.

In Tyson;s video, you're going to discover, the answers are pretty simple, yet so many people seem to be confused and focus on the wrong things.

They'll get hung-up on SEO and Page Rank or the tools and "technology". Again, as I mentioned yesterday, while all of these things are important, acquiring in-depth skills in those areas is NOT what's going to earn you money, especially online.

In fact, in the video Tyson mentions the story about "Henry Ford" from Napoleon Hill's classic book; "Think and Grow Rich". This happens at around the 1:12 mark. It's a key takeaway from today's video for many people.

In fact, why don't we have you watch the video now. Just click the link below:

So what are the marketing skills that you need to learn, that will truly put money in your pocket. In the end, it really comes down to only two things:

  • Traffic
  • Conversions

It really is just that simple and as Tyson points out, it's going to be the same for any business, whether it's Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing or even an "offline business".

It all comes back to building relationships and then knowing how to persuade people to purchase your products or join your business. This is where we're going to begin to get into the concept of "Attraction Marketing".

The real skill that you will need to develop and focus on is our persuasion or "conversion" skills. As Tyson points out, we all have the power of persuasion, whether you believe you do or not.

I have six (6) kids. Two (2) are adults now while the other four (4) range in age between 16 and 7. You know you have persuasion skills, when you can get a group that diverse to agree on what they want for dinner, without having to cook for separate meals. Better still, try getting everyone to agree with what movie we're all going to sit down and watch on family movie night.

So really to summarize, it all comes back to traffic and conversions. Being able to add enough value to your prospects, that they are "attracted" to you offer and buy.

This industry is no longer about plastering the URL to your products all over the internet and then expecting people to buy from you. People are going to buy from people. More importantly, people are only going to buy from people they "know, like and trust".

We're going to a lot about that in the upcoming training segments a little later into this "Boot Camp".

This whole concept of adding value and "attracting" people to a series of offers is what this lead magnet is intended to do for me and is something you can leverage as well.

We're going to talk more about "Attraction Marketing" tomorrow, when Tyson helps us with understanding how we can determine who our perfect prospect is and how we attract them to come to us.

In the interim, if you are interested in reading Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich" please click on the link below for a .pdf copy. This was a book that changed my entire outlook on life and I sincerely hope it will have a positive impact on yours.

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SamiWilliams Premium
Thanks for the share, and copy of Think and Grow Rich. I still have my copy bought back in the 70's when the print was tiny, in paper back books, and my eyesight better! Will enjoy a copy that is more readable now days!
bnaylor Premium
You're more than welcome... I'm amazed that the original was published back in 1937... It's truly is a classic and has stood the test of time... Bryan
paulgoodwin Premium
Hi Bryan and thanks for your words and yes I agree that the way to get. Ysiness is traffic and trust but the key is Getting the traffic to look
At your site and that means getting on Google first page and that is the trick how to get there - best regards Paul
bnaylor Premium
Hey Paul... I won't disagree with you... the long-term goal to growing any business organically is to get your business on "Page 1".. But depending on your niche, competitiveness and many other factors, that could take a significant amount of time and/or resources... For some, it's easier than for others...

The whole point of this ultimately will be to find other sources of traffic other that just "Google"... In fact I would add, in my personal opinion whenever we can, we really don't want to place the success of our business, solely in the hands of Google and their search algorithms... Any changes (Panda etc., etc. etc.) and it can (and has) wreaked havoc) on many businesses...

Don;t get me wrong, please... I firmly believe that the best way to make Google Page 1, or Bing Page 1 or Yahoo Page 1, is through creation of great content... We're going to get to that... In that way, you;re not dependent on any search engine... but rather your content speaks for itself... More to come... and I really appreciate the comments... Bryan
Rmaisey Premium
hi Bryan, a lot of what he talks about in this video is introduction, still at video 3 I would hope to get actual information now. In video 2, he says, if I remember rightly, that he is going to teach you about traffic and conversions, but he doesn't do this..

He is focussing on trying to get you to buy into Lead Marketing Pro. Is this the point of his videos? Is this his business? You might put people off at this point, as this is all he is talking about, as it feels quite sales heavy....

The point about traffic and conversions is spot on..
bnaylor Premium
Good points Ruth..He does go on about EMP a bit more than I am comfortable in this video... It is still introduction and he is leading in a direction towards talking more about traffic and conversations, but it is high level... What I have done is added some additional depth in the training that will be on the webpage the video will be on...

One other point to keep in mind with some of this information as well... This is a "Lead Magnet" not full on detailed training... So the goal of this information is to inform and educate to the point, where you are building trust with the prospect... This isn't full on detailed training like you get as a member here... That's going to be reserved for members in the actual training site, which I will be giving people access to...

The purpose of the "Lead Magnet" is to give people enough value to read the next email, or take the next step, based on the "call to action" you'd like them to take. So it's always a fine line to walk between giving people too much information and not providing enough information...

It's a great point though ... thanks for the feedback... I need to get to adding more meat by Day 3, so there is more value ... Bryan
MPrice Premium
Hi Bryan, Thanks so much for the info! I'm on the bus, but will watch the video later.
bnaylor Premium
Hey Michael... Thanks for the follow-up and letting me know... I'd really be interested in hearing any feedback you can provide me once you get the change... Thanks again... Bryan
Rmaisey Premium
I am at work at the moment, but looking forward to watching the video tonight.! Thanks again for sharing this Bryan.
bnaylor Premium
You're more than welcome as always... I'd love to get your feedback on this and Day 2 as well, when you get the time... Thanks again for all of your feedback... Bryan