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I can't believe it's been almost 2 years since my last post to all of you. So many things have changed in both my personal life and my business.Through it all however, the one constant has been my desire, to revamp my business in such a way, that I could return to this Community. I know it may sound trite to some, but I've always considered many of the members here an extension of my business family. As more than just colleagues, but fellow entrepreneurs on a journey of discovery and ultimately
Good morning everyone...I just wanted to write everyone to let them know that I've made the decision to leave the Community today for reasons not related to the Community in and of itself, but rather over some of the limitations imposed by the way the WA Hosting is structured.I want to hasten to assure each and everyone of you, that this is not something that isn't the fault of Kyle or Carson. I completely understand that the way WA Hosting is set-up, is to make things easier and more secure fo
July 21, 2016
Hey everyone... It feels like it's been forever but it's only been about 6 months, since I was last really visible here at WA... Having said that, in the Internet Marketing world, 6 months is forever...I really just needed to take some significant time and take a step back to get re-invested personally in my online business... There have been so many changes in my life over the last year or so, that I had to get away for a bit to get some perspective.In fact, it's been a wild 6 months, full of
Hey everyone... I took a bit of a break over the weekend to visit with my kids and decompress a bit... It's been a wild week for me, as I continue to build out the back-end training content and site structure for the new business. So it's always great to take some time away and just let things settle in your mind a bit...I wanted to quickly thank all of you who have been following along on this series of posts I have put up and providing your feedback... I've had some great comments on the post
Today, I wanted to talk about "the money skills". These are the "marketing skills" you are going to need to build to actually make money.In Tyson;s video, you're going to discover, the answers are pretty simple, yet so many people seem to be confused and focus on the wrong things.They'll get hung-up on SEO and Page Rank or the tools and "technology". Again, as I mentioned yesterday, while all of these things are important, acquiring in-depth skills in those areas is NOT what's going to earn you
So today, we have kind of an "artsy" flair to the training as Tyson shows off his piano playing skills.Again, you are going to notice that the video is focused on "Network Marketing"... However, as you listen to the content make sure to apply it to your business. This is especially true if you are in the "Make Money Online" niche, as Tyson and I are and you are interested in promoting WA as an income stream.Watch today's video by clicking the link below... Tyson poin
So yesterday, I promised that I would begin to lay-out my new marketing funnel and lead magnet day-by-day over the next 30 days. The promise was that this is the content (for the most part) that will become my "IM Success Strategies" Marketing Boot Camp.So today, I am going to provide you with Day 1 of this content.As a reminder, for anyone who is interested, this content will be a part of a FREE "Lead Magnet" that I will be offering to "Build My List". It is also something that I will provide
November 30, 2015
It seems I’ve been writing a number of apology posts recently.It's funny though. I read a post from Pat Tucker this morning talking about our “why”. This has always been an important concept for me in online marketing. In fact I even mention it in my WA Profile’m going to talk more about my personal thoughts on that soon.The reason it struck me this morning, is that my ‘Why” has driven me to make a number
So far over the last few posts, I’ve talked a fair bit about the painful side of online marketing. One of my core fundamental beliefs is that I believe in absolute transparency. So it’s important to me that your expectations are set realistically, right from the start.As I've mentioned, online or internet marketing can be a confusing, bewildering world for most people. That’s why it’s estimated that over 98% of those people who start will fail and not earn a dime online.
I just wanted to send a quick note to everyone who may (or more likely may not) have noticed I haven't been as active over the last week or so...I've been trying to stay away from WA a bit as I really NEED to stay heads down and focused on putting together the pieces for a new "branded" website and the sales funnel I want to connect to it...I've often commented and many of you share my tendency to get distracted or pulled off course... WA is a great way for that to happen to me.I truly want to