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Just over one hundred years ago, the RMS Titanic sank to the bottom of the North Atlantic. In fact it happened on April 15th 1912, to be more precise. With it went the lives of over 1500 luckless souls. From the day she had been conceived on the drawing tables - she had been deemed unsinkable. "Unsinkable" - What does that mean? - Could it mean or have meant that it could or would never sink - no matter the circumstances. Most of the passengers were in a total peaceful state of mind when they h
January 08, 2015
Once upon a time, there was a man who sat in the shade of an old broken down building and simply watched everybody and everything just pass him by. He did not know why everyone was passing him by. He just knew that he had been told to sit there and mind his own business - and do what he was told. He had asked for a different task, and had wanted to study music, and play ten different instruments. After all, he had won many awards at school in his earlier music days. Some had said that he was a
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January 02, 2015
I remember clearly watching the near historically correct film, Zulu. It was set in Africa and I was amazed to see how the Zulu generals had fought that final battle in the final scenes that day in January 1879 at Roeksdrift in South Africa. The Zulu generals were positioned high up on a mountain overlooking the valleys far below; valleys made up of thick long grass and thorn trees, and valleys that swept up towards the farm- house where the 150 gallant British soldiers were entrenched fighting
December 27, 2014
We are born and as we are born we become the source point of a stream that was designed to grow and mature and enter into a bigger river and that river flowed until we reached another bigger river. As we flowed we learnt all about how to love, live and survive. We met many other smaller streams on the way , some we stayed with and alongside and others just vanished and meandered off into other directions to never be seen again. Then we heard it that indestinguishable sound of that big roaring m