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My name is Basil and I am originally from Jamaica, but I have been in this country for some time and is now a naturalized American. So that makes me a
Ja-American. Why did I decide to join WA? I walk pass a beggar on the corner of the street where I work. The beggar holds out his one hand and I drop a coin into his hand. One day the I walk pass the beggar again and notices the beggar is holding hold out both his hands. I asks: “Why are you holding out both of your hands?” The beggar replied, "You see sir, business is going so well I decided to open another branch". So if the beggar can open another branch ,then I can also do another business.lol-I love comedy.

I have 'tinkered ' with Internet Marketing in the past and bought programs from the so called"gurus" but did not make any money to speak of. But WA seems like a comprehensive system that is laid out for success if you follow the guide lines and put in some hard work.
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Labman Premium
Welcome to WA Ja-man. My brother-in- law grew up in Jamaica. Glad to have you here.
Pounders Premium
Good story! Funny too. Good you have a sense of humor. HOw are things coming along with you here at WA?
bmitch6382 Premium
Thanks Jamie,I appreciate your welcome.
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
bmitch6382 Premium
bmitch6382 Premium
Hi Marcus, It took me some time to sign up, but I decided to join WA. Thanks for the email, I am sure this is a life changing decision. I am fired -up and ready to roll.Looking forward to working with this group of wonderful and informed people.