Life's Struggles

Last Update: March 23, 2020

Hello all my WA family and friends! Hope all is well with everyone. Patriotic Wingman Chance and I are doing well. No Virus here~~thank the Lord!

I'm blogging again after a two day hiatus. I am so glad that Wealthy Affiliate can be an outlet from the distraction of all Life's Struggles.

The platform, the amazing training, and the community interactions all draw be back into WA, even when there are instances in my life when struggles abound, that distract me from my WA goals. There are many times when life's struggles cannot be avoided and need to be dealt with.

For the past two days, that is what has consumed my time. In between the struggles, I have tried to participate in the community, write some blogs, post some comments, and even write/edit some articles.

And when I least expect it (like just this moment), Google surprises me by indexing another article. Believe it or not, Google just indexed my About Me page for my Wealthy Affiliate website.

Life's Struggles

Some of you know the situation with my mom from my mentioning it in other posts. For those who are not aware, I have been a co-caregiver for my 86 year old mother who is suffering from dementia. It's been a long and challenging road for my sister and I who live within close driving distance to where my mom lives. For nearly four years now, we have been taking turns caring for her in every way possible.

Yesterday my sister decided that she would take mom home to live with her in the midst of the current situation with the virus and mom's mental state. We all decided that this was the best solution at this time for my mom and my sister has the room in her house and the means to accommodate mom until her final days.

While this move is the best thing for our mom right now, it did come with some additional challenges for both of us.

My sister has to deal with all the legal issues of getting Power of Attorney, Guardianship, Caregiver and filing for medicaid for mom.

I have to deal with all the local issues involved with closing up and clearing out her house. She'd lived in a Senior Community so, changing or deleting all her services that involve her residency fell to me because I actually live the closest and can easily deal with these matters.

However, it is not so easy to make these things happen when no one is working because of the virus situation. I spent most of my day, packing up things that my mom needs to have while living with my sister, clearing some things from the house like food and pantry items, etc. But the tough part came when I tried to deal with her homeowners' association to stop her services. No one was available to speak with, so that part will have to wait. I tried to have her TV, phone and internet service disconnected, so she won't receive any further bills. I was able to handle that but was required to return all the equipment. When I get to the FIOS store, they checked in the equipment and lo and behold, don't you think I forgot to bring one piece with me. That means, I need to go back another day.

This all wouldn't be such an issue if it weren't cold and raining here today. By the time I did make it back home, I was soaked to the skin and shivering to the bone.

The hardest part for me is emotionally dealing with and accepting what is mentally happening to my mother. Mom isn't the mom anymore that I knew for nearly 63 years. This is a big emotional struggle for me. On top of that, I must now deal with taking care of all the necessary arrangements to prepare her house to be closed up. She's lived there since 1994 and there is a great deal to accomplish.

Right now my stress level is through the roof and the only thing that draws me back in from the edge is being able to come onto the Wealthy Affiliate platform and absorb myself in all that it is. Wealthy Affiliate is not only a place where I come to work but has become a place for me to escape to and distract me from this particular Life Struggle.

Each and every one of you here, provide kind words of support and encouragement. Virtual conversations to me equates to the same as sitting and talking with a good friend.

Thank you Wealthy Affiliate for providing me with a venue to escape from Life Struggles! I wouldn't want to be any other place right now.

Stay Well Everyone! Chance and I appreciate all of you very much!

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Fiona13 Premium
Congratulations on your article being indexed:) You and your sister are going through so much for your mother l am sure she knows how lucky she is to have wonderful daughter like you two. Life struggles are temporary you will get through them as a family you will see hang in there. We are here for you if you need a shoulder to lean on.
All will be fine !
BMcGinley1 Premium
Thank you very much for your kindness. I truly appreciate everyone's support.
Fiona13 Premium
You are welcome 🥰🥰
BMcGinley1 Premium
JeffreyBrown Premium
Wealthy Affiliate is always here for us, Sis! It's certainly a GREAT place to be! Hang in there, Sis! All will sort itself out in due time!

BMcGinley1 Premium
Hey Brudda,
Thank you so much for the encouragement. I'm sure things will work themselves out in time but right now I seem to be overwhelmed by the emotional aspects of everything happening.

Stanleycmng Premium
Wish you the strength to overcome these struggles. We all have them. Best wishes and stay safe.
BMcGinley1 Premium
Thank you. I appreciate your encouragement.
brichnow21 Premium
Hi Barbara!
I know I've deserted you and the rest of the WAmily...
I think I'll do what you've been doing, and making WA my go to for sanity place!
If I'm not doing something like blogging, I feel guilty, just hanging out! I'll stay in better touch...
My ex is at the VA and wasn't feeling great several weeks ago. He did come out 2 Sunday's ago, but now...NO visitors or passes.
He, too, has some dementia, so I hoping that make it clear to the men, why nobody is coming to visit. They don't have phones in rooms to call, and I doubt theey are watching TV for updates.
Hoping you'll get an early spring up there. We've had cloudy weather for the past month, and it's rather depressing, so...
Come on Spring!
Hang in there, Barbara...
Thank God you're healthy and can do all that is needed.
Prayers for you, Mom and Sister!
BMcGinley1 Premium
Thank you very much, Barb. I truly appreciate your support and prayers.
GKalu Premium
Great post, I hope you’ll be fine soon
BMcGinley1 Premium
Thank you very much.