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Hi WA folks! Me again, here.Since I have blogged earlier today, I will simply just get on with this segment of Friday Poetry Corner.This weeks' poem is entitled:ONE HEART(by Barbara McGinley)One heat beats in me tonight.Its beat exact and trueThis heart of mine beats for you.I have but one love tonight,I share this love with you.Share your's with me and make things right.Hold tightly to this love I give,Don't ever let it slip away.Cherish it for always, forever and a day.I ask but one thing in
March 27, 2020
Hey WA folks! Greetings from the Jersey Shore! It's Friday and a bit after 1 pm here right now and I just wanted to share with you one thing.I will blog my normal Friday Poetry Corner, later today, but first I want to express how great it feels to be in this wonderful WA learning environment. I learn something new each day here.Today, I completed Phase 3 of Affiliate Bootcamp training and I can't wait to get started on Phase 4. However, I think I may put that on pause for a bit until I can have
March 26, 2020
Hello folks! Greetings From the Jersey Shore! Whether locked-down or isolated, I hope you have all been productive in some WAy today!As you can see from the photo below, Wingman Chance and I have been working hard all day on Wealthy Affiliate stuff. We worked on some Affiliate Bootcamp training tasks, we commented on some of your blogs, we finished two articles and a third one is in the works and we have some milestones to share with you.Wingman Chance looked at some of our stats and said "let'
March 25, 2020
Hello all my WA friends and family! Hope everyone out there is well! My prayers 🙏🙏 to those who are ill.All I Have To Say!I shall just be as short as possible. I realize we are living in uncertain times, but if we let fear control us, things will be even worse. If you do not have the virus, go about your life as normal as you possibly under the restrictions you may have. If you don't you will live in fear all the rest of your life. If you have the virus, I pray 🙏ԅ
March 23, 2020
Hello all my WA family and friends! Hope all is well with everyone. Patriotic Wingman Chance and I are doing well. No Virus here~~thank the Lord!I'm blogging again after a two day hiatus. I am so glad that Wealthy Affiliate can be an outlet from the distraction of all Life's Struggles. The platform, the amazing training, and the community interactions all draw be back into WA, even when there are instances in my life when struggles abound, that distract me from my WA goals. There are many tim
Hello again WA friends! Yes, I am back again! I keep getting surprised by my friend Mr. Google. I was just checking my email a few moments ago and a new email popped in saying my content was Indexed again. This particular article was from my Wealthy Affiliate site and was about showing College Students how to make money in their spare time. It's always refreshing when you get these emails, especially when you don't expect them or when they arrive a day after you post them to the Google Search C
March 21, 2020
Hello my WA family all over the world! Hope everyone is doing well! I fell like crap but I am resting. I don't have the Coronavirus. Just a mean sore throat and body aches but no fever.I was just told something from a member here (Mickey/Mick18) at WA, that as a writer I should've known but was unaware of. Each day I learn something new from Wealthy Affiliate and all of you here. Today Is World Poetry Day!"Poetry reaffirms our common humanity by revealing to us that individuals, everywhere in
Hello everyone once again!I will be short in saying this because I have been drifting in and out of sleep all day.A little bit ago, during a period of awakeness, I checked my email and found two from our fearless leader Kyle, saying my awesome content has been indexed by Google.Sick as I am, this shed a bright spot on my day. I still have to say that WA is the place for me, even through times of doubt and uncertainty and of course illness.I'd like to say thank you to all those who have wished m
Hello all my wonderful friend and family in Wealthy Affiliate land! Hope you are all staying well. It has so happened last night that I began feeling ill. I don't believe it is the virus, hopefully, just a cold but I still feel pretty crappy.Friday Again and Time for Poetry CornerAnother week has passed and it's Friday again. So as promised, I will bring you this week's segment of Poetry.This poem is entitled:Into The Fog(by Barbara)Fog rises up from the ground this October Morn;There's blackne
Hello WA family! I hope everyone is well, wherever you may be! I wish you all the best. Never have I worked anywhere before, that had such a great community of people to engage and communicate with. I just wanted to acknowledge that upfront.Oye! What a Day I've Had Today!You all know from past conversations, that my sister and I take turns caring for my 86 year old mother (with dementia) when her caregiver has time off. Well now we are trying to prepare certain important information to apply