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Hello my wonderful WA'ers. So. Some of you know that I've lost 150 pounds. I have 45-50 more to go. I want to shake up my last efforts and totally change my nutrition to clean eating and paleo.Any paleo niches out there I can tune into?I figure, why do research on line when I can reach out for "you" here... right? :)I'm so excited! I can't wait to hear from you.Sheila
Hey all my peeps! What's shaking?I haven't blogged here in quite a while and find I quite miss my lurking about and voyeuristic peep and Tom activity on the threads.I've been totally focusing on my new website (it's shaping up quite nicely). And as my site develops, I find that I'm moving off focus with the subject matter. This process will continue to be a learning and growing experience, so I don't fret about it. Right now, I'm having a blast of a time, and I'm good with that for now. An
I've seen this question a bunch lately... "How do I add a space between my numbered or bulleted list"This answer seems elusive and I'll tell you why. It can be a bunch of BS and make your head hurt!One way to do it is to add HTML code in your style sheet... which quite frankly is a pain in the arse. And... you could unknowingly change the code in your theme without realizing it. (Yep. Been there done that). It was bad. Real bad.But, after much trial and more error I came up wit
Hi peeps!You might remember a while back I was looking for "baby boomer" volunteers to share their story as to what brought them to Wealthy Affiliate, and what made them decide to start businesses at this time in their lives. It's a project I'm very passionate about, and I want to showcase those stories. And this project is WAY bigger than I expected!Well...the article is shaping up nicely! I've just finished the introductory post and it will be followed by a 5-part series - each series show
Remember I promised short and sweet blogs? This ain’t one of those today, folks. I have a lot to share today. Bear with me.So. Here I sit unemployed and enjoying the heck out of starting my own business. I can't believe what I've accomplished so far and I'm quite proud of myself. My husband is proud too. And so are our kids.Going YearlyWhen I look at the investment I just made, part of me is like...ARE YOU DAFT? I'm spending money that I might need for necessities! Then I realized somethi
So, today as usual, I remain always humble and always an apt student. I stumbled across this quote that I think is simply marvelous!“You can learn new things at any time in your life if you're willing to be a beginner. If you actually learn to like being a beginner, the whole world opens up to you.”― Barbara Sher I love being a beginner. Being a beginner means you always get to see things through new eyes and experience new things. How cool is that? As we remain cosmic beg
Okay. For fun today I log into Amazon and guess what? A sale! Actual 4 sales. Wha...?Then I'm frolicking through my email and I got my first referral for WA! My site is only 2 weeks old and I'm so stoked! Wha...? I really needed something good to happen this week - and here it is. Ask and ye shall receive.If you all get a chance to stop by our new peep, please do and give her a Wealthy Affiliate Welcome! you guys...for being here for me. You'v
So, I just received this. Again. Second such-crap email in as many weeks. As we start making money on our businesses and knowing that the money goes into our paypal accounts, I thought I'd share what I've been receiving.Ila just sent you $3,182.00 USD with Paypal. Paypal recommends to withdraw it now. Ila <> Ila just sent you $3,182.00 USD with Paypal. if you can't click above, then click here Sheila Best of luck! Ila To Sheila 07/08/15 at 5:25 AM Ila just
So, hear me out. I've got this great idea and would love to ask for open comments for a blog I'm doing about entrepreneurs over 50. First, is that ok to do? And secondly, could comments be sent to my email instead of posted here on WA to protect the content from being considered duplicate or plagiarized?I would love to showcase, in an article, some of your reasons for jumping into the on-line business market. I'm a good writer and promise not to bastardize your life. LOL!Just a thought. I'd a
April 16, 2016
I miss blogging here on WA, but lately I've chosen to focus and prioritize on the projects needed to grow my business. However, sometimes something comes along that must be shared. I will continue to do that.Please excuse my short and sweet blogs, but I promise they are there to inspire you and give you food for thought as we go forth and build our futures! And besides - I don't want to take up all your time! :)TODAY'S QUOTE FROM FORBES:"The product is secondary to the storytelling.”Z