12 tips to choose a good domain name

Last Update: May 27, 2014


  • brainstorm 5 most important key words
  • be unique
  • only .com domain name
  • easy to input
  • easy to memory
  • be short as possible
  • create and meet expectation
  • avoid the violation of brand
  • stand out through branding
  • no hyphen and number
  • not follow the fad
  • use AJAX domain name tools

Recent Comments


perfect advice

Thanks for the advice!

I appreciate the good pointers, Xue.

Good point to consider. Many people just find more easy to buy EMD domains instead a brandable domain! Thanks

Thanks for your thoughts on choosing a domain name, they are very good points.

Excellent information! Thanks.

great points!!

I notice they don't use domain name to get ranking anymore. So keyword research is not that important. Nowadays they like brand name instead of keywords. Am I correct?

Probably u r right,I will check further.

Please check further. I want to know more details too. I have seen many website where they don't use the keyword domains, but they rank on the first page.

Thanks for sharing. good advice!

Hi like you list, but where do I get AJAX tools...?

Try domaintyper.com
Hope it help

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