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Anyone know how to change the shape of images?
Just wondering if I should leave this feature showing on homepage? I am showing comments in genesis feature widget for product reviews in sidebar. I know its important for visitors to see that there are comments but showing already in feature box thanks :)
Hi I have noticed the last post I shared on facebook it shared my signature rather than the image of the product, is there anyway you can select which image you want to share from that post when when sharing whole post? Thanks Justine
Ok so I have a product reviews tab in my main menu, but was wondering if I can have a drop down menu that lights up when on it of all my product reviews which are posts? Thanks Justine
I have been looking at themes on Studiopress,com and someone has referred me to more feminine themes, has anyone used Pretty Darn Cute?
April 08, 2015
Hi everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know, never REFRESH your pc!! OMG, I thought I was doing the right thing, and I lost everything, thank god not my photos. $300.00 Later, for the computer guy, I wiped Microsoft completely, and entire emailing system, and more. I was devastated, BUT a day later I realized that out of all this I realized that this is all a lesson for the future. I finally have it back, with over 600 emails to go through, and realized I had made in that time 13 sales!!
Just wanted to say that I re-worded and added a video tutorial, some larger images to my most popular post last night, added an image of the product I am trying to sell at the bottom leading them to my product review and omg, 4 clicks over night and one brought. I am feeling so exciting at the moment, looking forward to the future, thanks so much for all the ongoing support and to Kyle and Carson for creating this space for us. :))
Hi everyone, I have just completed my first proper Product Review, I would love to get some feedback on this, I am open to any suggestions that could help it look even better, thank you so much !!!!
Hi everyone, its's been about four weeks I think, maybe a little less since being here, I seem to struggle with time. Due to a very physical job, by the time my children lay their heads I struggle to even keep my eyes open at the moment. But that doesn't mean that I am giving up or think that I have failed, I still get very excited about WA but would really love some good feedback about my site so far. I am about to start reviews, so my site is not really monetized at this stage, but feeling a
Hi everyone, I just wanted to create a blog about how I have been going here at WA. Firstly it has been just over a year and in that time I have learn't so much. I still cannot believe I now have a website of my own that is up and running, with content and out there for the world to see. Unfortunately due to 3 jobs, 1 full time, and two part-time I don't have plenty of time to work my way through the courses as quickly as I would like, especially with two young girls. But I have still mana