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Hi everyone, I have not yet begun to build my email list, so here goes..I have an idea that I would like to get people to sign up for their very own nail appraisal. It seems that there are a lot of woman looking at trying to get their natural nails back into shape after wearing acrylics, gels and shellacs, etc. I do get many private emails from woman asking me questions about their nails, so I thought what about I set up a sign up box with me offering a nail appraisal plus information and al
I have been so looking forward to sitting at my pc today and moving forward, but it seems everything is against this for some reason. I have spent half the day trying to verify my site with Bing Webmasters Tools and still cannot get it to work, and I have no data on my google webmasters tools for a site that I have had verified for 302 days.Although I am very thankful to you Shawn for taking the time and trying to help, but I am honestly so frustrated.....anything that is not about writing cont
Hello everyone, I don't what is going on, but I still cannot get any data from my webmasters tools, for google? I feel like I am driving blind, any suggestions...
Hi everyoneJust wanted to share my day, I have been working so hard on my site, and have just started my new one which hasn't even had any content added to it yet. I woke up this morning and headed off to work to find my first client sitting waiting for me 25 minutes earlier than her booking, meanwhile I am driving past the salon to take my children to school. Once she left another staff member then decided to have a go at me for being late and that my client was cross about it, news to me!!So
Hi everyone, I have just re vamped one of my popular posts, it is ranking on page 1 for it's keyword and #7. If I was to adjust the title slightly would this hurt my ranking?My heading so far is professional-callus-remover-gel-that-nail-salons-useand I would like to change to: professional-callus-remover-gel-that- professional-salons-don't-want-you-to-know-aboutIf I can change, do I change the permalink also?thanks Justine :)
Hi everybody, I just wanted to let you all know how things are progressing for me, I was having a bit of a hard time editing a post of mine which was getting about 300 - 400 visitors a day. With the help of a WA Member that recommended some slight changes I woke up the next day to find 17 sales, conversation 77%. Even though my site is still in the early stages I think, I haven't even touched really on social media, at all on PPC or Adsense, and I still haven't added a Newsletter sign up syste
Hi everyone, this is my most popular post, Can anyone make any suggestions at all that would make it better? I know that I still have to add a sign-up box but apart from that any feedback would be very much appreciated, thank you :)
Hi there, I am just going through one of Jays tutorials, about Webmaster Tools.1. First of all I have this message there which I don't understand, can anyone help me with this please :)Your site is now linked to a Google Analytics web property.November 13, 2014Your Webmaster Tools site is now linked with a Google Analytics web property. If this is unexpected, it could be because another site owner has created or changed t
Hi there, just trying to add to drop down menu on my site and when I am in the editing area of my post there is no category box for me to select whether I want this to be good review or bad. Can anyone suggest where I may find it now?
Hi everyone, not sure what has happened but when I go into to add a new post, all the little icons in the toolbar have vanished, when I go to click on page to start typing there is nothing? Any suggestions for be greatly appreciated thank you :)