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Just wanted to say thank you for everyone's support here, I wouldn't of come this far without you all, and you all know who you are....especially you Marion. I was having a real hard time to get that situation with Filezilla sorted out and thanks to you it is all good now. So thank you all and Marion thank you so much!!Justine :)
Hi there, I have purchased the Easyazon plug-in but because I use Thrive content Builder there is a lot of mucking around with copying html into 'edit with TCB', is there anyone else using this plug in and do you think it has helped you convert more?
February 29, 2016
Okay so yesterday I decided that it was time to put a PPC Campaign together for the very first time. I actually set this up months ago but was terrified and paused it after about 2 hours.Yesterday I went through Kyles PPC training, how to set up PPC Campaign in Bing Ads. Anyways I went through the training and felt comfortable with what I have already researched in regards to a group of keywords and enabled it.WELL I Just noticed that I made 21 sales, 36 clicked through. Conversion rate 28%
Hi there, I am thinking that I would like to set up some kind of area on my homepage that is like a feed I guess of nail stuff going on in the world, does anyone know how I can do this please?
I know something is going on because my click throughs are all there, but no sales? And on top of that last night I had the most click throughs I have had ever. Last sale was Jan 26th....before changes were made? I have gone to Amazon and put in a support ticket but still nothing back as yet.When you were making between 3 - 17 sales a day at 50 - 100% conversion and now nothing , I am sorry but I am freaking out.Here is an image showing you some of the click throughs, I was selling this n
I would love some honest feedback regarding this page please, not sure what is happening but hardly any of my visitors are clicking through to the nail repair kit that I am promoting. Click through has dropped dramatically!!!! Is it because I am giving them too much information????? Need advice please, I would really appreciate some honesty ....starting to loose faith :(
Hi everyone, well I decided to finally change my theme, I love this theme but still working a few things out, I was hoping for some feedback as since changing my theme my conversions has dropped yet I am still getting the visitors....I have no idea why. Any honest input would be much appreciated, thank you so muchwww.blubutterflynailtips.comJustine :)
Hi there, I have purchased visual content builder which I am having problems with at the moment and the admin/technical staff at thrive want to access my account, how to I do this? The password and user name that I give them from WA details does not work for them? Would really appreciate some help on this please
Hi Guys, I actually got this off WA from another member here that shared it....I finally decided to give it a go, brought my diary for 2016 and write my schedules in on the appropriate days up to two months later. This has really helped me feel a little more organised. I hope it is helpful to you too :)
Hi there, I am just wanting to change the font on my search bar for my site. There is nothing much better within this theme, can I do this and if so how please, thank you :)I have my search bar up top in header section, so it is in widget area.