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I've experienced remarkable improvement on my social media engagement, represented by the number of follows I've been receiving.My LinkedIn number of followers for instance, has more than doubled from about 200 to 500+Same with Instagram; from about 40 to 81 now. Still much work to be done here, but my current results are encouraging. It means I have to continue doing what I currently do.I was getting very excited about my Pinterest Social Network, because the number of followers I had increase
Let's always take the time to give credits where due. The reason why this post is very short, is simply because I got so much to say, and I don't know where to start.But I can at least say one thing to our Affiliate Marketing Stars...THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SETTING UP A GREAT PLATFORM LIKE WEALTHY AFFILIATE.Don't relent in your efforts in making this world a better place in your own special and unique way.You Are Because I am. I am Because You Are.Stunning Bell.
Have you ever had the thought of loosing your hard work maybe after 10 years?I was horrified this morning when I read an article online about TRADEMARKS AND COPYRIGHT OF DOMAINS. It scared me to numbness.You do all it takes (and we are all familiar with the enormous efforts we put in our businesses-learning,practising, failing, rising up, failing again, getting up again, a little success, total failure all over again, sometimes you have to go back and rewrite all your posts...until your busines