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Today was such an interesting one! My niche comes from my passion for preserving, making pickles, chutneys, jams, and whatever else you can bottle. So this morning Mark and myself were up at 4:30 to get ready for the annual museum fete in our little sister village of Himeville. I was up until midnight last night tying ribbons and putting labels on all my products. Now these included apple chutney, pickled beetroot, piccalilli, banana chutney, pickled curried green beans, and peach and apricot j
December 10, 2013
I am so excited! I have just read Kyle's blog on how to get your Street Article ranked. Only problem here is that I have already written and submitted my first article. So there was no way for me to do it over again. Although when I wrote it, I did make use of a low hanging fruity keyword. Chunky Apricot Jam Recipe. I should have made the title sound a bit more interesting, I know. Anyway, I decided to test to see if I have just maybe been ranked. Well, I first did a Google search, and what do
December 07, 2013
Saturday has drawn to a close, and this post that was due yesterday, is in the making right now. I'm celebrating the passing of two months already here at WA. I know we all react in the same way,seemingly shocked to the core that time has eluded us in some magical way. But for me it's been a detailed two months. From the start I have kept a daily journal tracking my progress. Some days a lot was accomplished. On other days the washing had to be done, and little progress was made. Looking back,
December 01, 2013
I'm so excited. I've just written my first street article with a really juicy low hanging keyword. I have always had a great love for reading, my number one pass time. And then followed my love for writing. The last time that I ever did some real writing was in high school, did you also get those seriously boring topics to write about? I used to turn them into stories, I had quite an imagination, let me tell you. But the teachers obviously enjoyed reading them, as I usually got fairly good m
So, I've been wondering about our brothers (and sisters) in arms, those that are trying to navigate the passages of the WA maze on there own. There are so many newbies that have not upgraded yet, and others that can't afford to, that are wondering how those out there are faring. Quite frankly, I'm one of them. We would like to know how they are managing without any form of communication. Is there a way that we could possibly get some feedback from them, maybe via my email. I can then publish th
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To all you Wealthy Affiliates out there, I am sitting here writing this post with a thunder storm and light hail falling outside. I am so grateful to God for the security of our home and that it doesn't leak. I am also so grateful that He has given me this opportunity at WA to learn so many new things and become aqainted with so many people in this lovely community. In less than two months, I have my own website. I am now an author (sounds so important!) of my own content. I've always had a des
November 23, 2013
I so well remembered the day I joined WA. It was Saturday afternoon on the 5th of Oct, not 2 months ago. I was totally jaded by the hundreds of emails that were promoting everything from cash machines to binary options. Needless to say, I had paid for some of these empty promise scams. I had no more money to spend, and honestly, I had just had ENOUGH!! Then another email arrived & I opened it, another 'something' university or other, so I decided to review it. The search took me to Steve's
November 03, 2013
My first month On Wenesday the 6th I will be celebrating one month here at WA.And what a month it's been.When I started I was a total ignoramus concerning anything regarding internet marketing.I followed the training step by step,got to understand the terminology which at the beginning was Greek to me.Slowly things started making sense. And when the real fun part started with learning to build my own website, I was ecstatic! I got the basics done & was told it looked good but I need more co
October 22, 2013
Hi there to all you wealthy affiliates! I did it! I took the plunge,the leap,the jump,whatever you want to call it but I did it!The most amazing feeling,like I'd been holding my breath for such a long time and suddenly I could take a long deep breath of fresh air again. I have now at the ripe old age of 44 entered a world unknown to me.My knowledge of computers and the internet has been limited to emails and browsing the net, much to the disappointment of my two sons. I've always wanted to run