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I have just received an email with the following link, Is any of this legal? As far as I'm concerned, the only way to get traffic to your site is to follow the training here at WA, and to implement what we learn. I'm sure that in the terms of an affiliate program in Offervault, I once read that they prohibit you from using any form of software to drive traffic to your site. Just another way for someone to make more money?? Lydia.
I see that I have three WA links. 1. Main Affiliate Link 2. Premium Page. 3. Create Account Page. What is the difference between them, and which one do I use when referring people to WA? Thanks. Lydia.
I would like to change my theme, I still want it to have a soft feel, but more professional and mobile friendly, and that supports a header image. I also want to change the site's name as well as the tagline to be more SEO friendly. I would really appreciate any advice, my head has hit a flat right now! Lydia.
I was reading through a member site and came across a referral to Copyscape that scans your site for duplicate content. After the scan I got a message of 'page not found'. I was then given the option of navigating to 'Siteliner', which I did. After the scan, I got worrying results. A total of 19 broken links and 56% duplicate content within my pages. So I clicked as they tell you, and the results came up on each page with the little nasties highlighted. I go to my site, click to check, and only
We all know that is one of THE biggest affiliate programs out there, don't we? We have all at one point applied to be part of their affiliate program. Some get rejected outright, I got accepted by .com but .uk said no,no, sorry but we can't accept your application. No reason supplied. Now that is not the issue that's worrying me here. I got an email today from the 'associates' program informing me that when I joined, I was given 90 days access to the program. Now that is something th
Two days ago I wrote a post about not feeling too good, and just feeling depressed in general. So this one is a follow up. The response that I got from my WA friends was in one word, OVERWHELMING! Keep your chin up, the sun will shine again, don't give up, take a break... All I can say is a big THANK YOU! There were so many responses that I can't thank each one personally, to Autumn, I had that ice cream! I stepped back, spent yesterday morning baking a batch of spicy cookies, visited our villa
January 23, 2014
So it seems that I am definitely NOT immune to feeling just a liiitle bit down in the dumps. But today has been one of those. I have been trying the whole day to write a new post, have done most of the research to review some products, but for some reason everything has been happening in slow motion! I'm sure you can all relate to that. And then to crown it all, I decided to see how many visits my site has had today, 10pm here in South Africa, and guess what? Not ONE! So can you blame me for fe
January 15, 2014
I bet you all remember the fuss I kicked up a while back about my image disappearing from G+, and the ensuing riot by other WA members! Well, good news! I got it back! Don't know what I did right though, we all know that the big G has a mind of its own. I was checking on my rankings by searching each post in order of publication, and out of all eleven I found my pic added to my very latest post that was published on 6 Jan. It was also not the ranking that did it, this post is ranked #10 on page
January 12, 2014
So at last I am seeing most of my posts ranking! You cannot believe the boost it's given me. I mean, you can all identify with the feeling, can't you? I have been here now for three months. I have learnt an enormous amount in that time, and although I'm not earning any money with my site yet, at least visitors will start popping their heads into my kitchen now that I'm becoming visible! So of my eleven posts so far: three are either not ranked, or further down the line after page 7, 3 posts are
December 17, 2013
When I click on my pic, then on account, it takes me to my personal info, but there's no menu on the left. The only place where there is a menu on the left is on my profile page, but there's no account tab. And I need to get to my products to use the webmaster tool. Please help!