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If you’re interested in writing as I am, you’ll always be on the lookout for any writing tips to help you improve your writing. A quick search on the internet and you’ll find hundreds of examples. Of course many of them are very similar, just written in different ways but I still find them fascinating and use them as a guide to the way I want to write.The three examples below are from Jeff Goins, a writer and blogger . I chose them because it's been one of those weeks
I was watching Live Chat earlier today and I saw a piece of advice given by one member to another that is very common but always worries me when I see it. Although kindly meant it’s not always a good piece of advice.So what was the advice? It was... ‘just keep doing what you are doing – it will happen’ Now this isn’t a direct quote because I’m not trying to criticise the person who made it. I wasn’t part of their conversation and I don’t know
I’ve been struggling to write recently. I would like to claim I was suffering from writers block – but I don’t believe in it. (self indulgent clap trap). I just have felt really demotivated and although I’ve had lots of things I could or should have written about there was nothing I really wanted to write about. Until today that is and here I was in WA and something made me really cross and hey presto it made me want to write. Welcome messagesThere’s been lots of ta
Last week I was having a look at the homepage of Street Articles at the most recently published articles. One of the things that struck me was the variable quality of the headlines. Without a doubt some writers are running the risk of losing readers because they’ve put more effort into the body of their article than the headline.This is mistake. It’s the headline that draws people in and encourages them to read what you’ve writtenI prefer to think of article headlines rathe
In the last few days in WA I have come across the issue of 'feedback' and it is something that means different things to different people, so I thought I would address it here. Members frequently ask for 'feedback' for their websites, post, pages, blogs, videos, articles ...Listed below are some of the issues that have been raised about feedback recently Some people are frustrated that they’re not getting the type of feedback they need Some are not getting the type of
How many articles can you write in a day? This is a question asked by Veronica on Day 4 of the 'Writing Challenge' that she has been running inside WA over the last week.The question in itself isn't a challenge. She's interested that if she has a day free form her family and other external distractions how many articles could she reasonable write in a day.I replied 15. I'm expecting her to reply to me - that I'm either bonkers or a genius. I promise you I'm nei
Today, I reached one of my goals. I passed 200,000 views for the articles I’ve written at SA so I thought that I would reflect on what I’ve learned. Practice makes ‘perfect’...?Well not quite – but through writing on a regular basis I have got a lot faster, and the quality of my articles has improved. Article titles matterThis is one of the greatest changes in my writing. When I first started writing I took very little notice of the title. My first article was &ldq
As a coach and communication specialist WA is always a fertile ground for me finding inspiration for things to write about. Today was a case in point when @BlueDot wrote about his experience of participating in Live Chat when one member was particularly agitated. I witnessed some of what went on and although occasions like this are rare they can be upsetting to all sides. However, putting my communication hat on - I had the following observations. How we communicateWe spend about 76% of our waki
Like most members of WA - I dislike internet scammers with a passion - particularly as I have been scammed. It took me 18 months to be able to admit to anyone what had happened and then it was only in a pm to Kyle after he had written an article about scammers. One effect on me is that I like to keep an eye on the tactics employed by the scammers as they are constantly updating their psychological games and finding different ways to gain your attention and money.I've seen recently some ne
Anyone who watched or participated in the London Olympics would have had their particular favourite moment. There were so many special moments during the 16 days of the games that one has been left with a large amount of great memories.Being unable to switch off, although I loved the sport I also watched with my coaching hat on and gained a lot of rich material for writing articles and blogs. One of the things that I found most interesting was peoples view of success. Among the press in the U