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Like most people I receive a lot of rubbishy emails, most of which get deleted but occasionally something catches my eye and I decide to investigate further. Well when I received an email this week about automatic software for creating infographics from content you've already written - I had to investigate further. It turned out to be a waste of time because the tool isn't ready as implied in the email - it's just in the early stages of development and seeing what has been produced so far
It's very easy when writing a post or an article to concentrate on the content and neglect your headline. And yet it is your headline that will encourage readers to carry on reading. There are many different ways you can write headlines - the infographic below has just a few suggestions. Make sure that you always write a selection of headlines - not just one. Get it right and you will gain more readers. Get it consistently wrong you run the risk of never building the type of traffic to make
Writing content for your website or an an article directory can be time consuming. Here are a few practical tips to increase your speed over time. You can view the full-sized infographic here
Back by popular demand - LOL - Well not quite, but I felt there was definitely a little more advice that could be given to beginners in an infographic form. If you didn't catch the first edition you can read it here Find the full-sized infographic here Edition 3 (on a different topic) - coming soon!
September 27, 2013
If you're someone that gets carried away when writing blog posts or articles you may find these editing tricks useful. You may not want to change your overall style of writing but it's important to remember that many of your readers will be in a hurry when they land on your site - so if you can keep to the essence of what you want to say, but say it in fewer words - that's got to be good. You can see the full-sized and complete version here
Writing for article directories no longer has the same advantages as it did a few years ago and you should definitely be focusing your writing activities on your site. However, article directories are still useful for practicing your writing skills and for setting up a few links to a brand new site. Some writers get frustrated with Street Articles when they find their first articles rejected. 9 times out of 10 the reason for rejection is because the submission criteria haven't been followed. T
Click here for the fullsize edition in one piece! Look out for part 2 next week! Beverley
You see evidence of it on the internet every day. People behaving in a way online that they wouldn’t offline.The most obvious example are so called ‘internet trolls’, who delight in making vicious comments about people they’ve often never met. The majority of people who indulge in such behaviour would probably never say such terrible things to someone’s face.But while internet trolls are in the minority there are many people on social networks of all ages who are dr
One of the most common concerns voiced by people new to internet marketing is about their writing skills. “I’m not a good writer” “I don’t have good writing skills” “ I’m not very good with words”, ““My grammar isn’t very good.” “English isn’t my first language so I struggle with writing”..are just a few of the things I've heard recentlyHowever, I rarely hear people make similar comment
April 12, 2013
One of the hardest things to decide when you join a community like Wealthy Affiliate is who should you listen to when people are handing out advice. The members are an enormous resource of knowledge and experience that you can tap into and learn from. However, as you’d expect in such a diverse community people don’t always agree with each other and they sometimes give different advice about the way to do something, sometimes completely conflicting advice and on occasions poor advic