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November 10, 2013
Checking the quality of your content It's great if you have someone able and willing to judge your content for you, but most of us don't. so it's important that you develop the skills to be able to critique your own work. The easiest way to do that is to compare your content against a quality checklist. Hope you find this useful. If you're a beginner you might also find my Website Checklist For Beginners useful. You can find the full-sized infographic here
Every site is a work in progress if you're constantly adding new content, but the sooner you can avoid making mistakes that could affect whether a visitor will start reading or will leave your site immediate, the better. Shown below is a compilation of some of the most common mistakes that people make on their websites. Ask yourself. Do any of these apply to my site? If they do - do something about it now! You can find the full-sized infographic here
Never underestimate the importance of the images on your website Images are an important part of your website, as most visitors will look at headlines and images long before they look at the main content of a post or page. Back in 2012, I wrote a blog and designed an infographic about it called - Tips For Making Your Website Images Count. (If you haven't seen it - it's worth taking a look) Why revisit images? Well Ive been reviewing a lot of sites recently and almost without exception in m
Key factor in your success Managing your time will be a key factor in your success at internet marketing. Having your dreams and setting goals may be relatively easy, but suddenly you find yourself overwhelmed because there's so much to learn. How do you manage your time on a regular basis? Plan Schedule Be organised Follow the training Be realistic Stay motivated No one can do this for you - it's up to you. Always make sure that you add in some 'wriggle room' ie - extra time. (I generally a
Have you got your focus wrong? There have been a lot of new members recently worrying about data. People want to know why they've only had 10 visitors to their site - when the site has only been in place two weeks or they're worrying that the 'perfect' article they've written hasn't appeared on the first page of Google. And so it goes on and on - data, data, data! Focus on content I'm not being unkind really I'm not. We all want traffic to our websites and we all want people to click on our
Article/Page/Post Although throughout this blog post I use the word 'Article' the same information would apply to whether you are writing a post or a page. Fear of writing A lot of people come to WA worried that they don't have good writing skills. Mostly these fears are unfounded, but the only way that you can get over that fear is to actually start writing. You're writing may not be 'perfect' (whose is?), but you an only learn to improve by 'doing'. So don't waste time worrying about it -
Giving Your Visitors Reasons To Return As a website owner one of the things you really want is repeat visitors. One way you can do that is by building a reputation for providing them with up to date information in your niche by writing about 'Hot Topics'. What are hot topics? News, product launches, new version releases, new research, gossip ...etc. Anything that is happening in your niche right now. Where do you find hot topics? These can be found all over the internet - news sites, social
Requests for Site Reviews Every day in WA there's a request from at least a couple of members asking for feedback on a post/page or entire site. Like others I often click on the supplied link and have a look. 'Duplicate Content? Recently I've been looking at quite a few Affiliate Bootcamp sites and I noticed the other day when I was looking at one site that the wording was very similar to something I'd already read. At first I dismissed it. I was tired and thought perhaps I'd imagined it. A
Did you know ...? ... According to the World Health Organisation 5% of the world's population suffers from 'disabling hearing loss'. That's nearly 328 million adults and 32 million children. There are 70 million adults and children who are Deaf (ie born deaf). Why do I mention these figures? Well the other day there was a new member of WA who was frustrated that she couldn't access the Getting Started Video because there wasn't a script and there weren't any captions. In fact she couldn't
One of the great things about WA is that you can always ask people to review a page/post/site and ask for their comments. However, sometimes people are busy and as you're learning to build your site, you also need to acquire the skills to assess some things for yourself. Here is a basic checklist. It's very much a starter list to use in the first two or three weeks and as you progress there will be other things that you'll want to add. Please find the full sized list here