Why use tags?

Last Update: April 21, 2021

Why Use Tags?

The short answer: Tags help you find stuff.

Where did I file that document?

Typically, we file stuff alphabetically and group them in folders. That is a hierarchal filing system. Trouble is you have to remember what folder you filed it in.

For instance, should I file this article under blog posts, article, tags, or indexing? For example, In this example I can tag a document with as many key words as I want and a search will find all files related to that keyword. Of course, I can use multiple tags in my search. WA thinks tags are so important they won't let you file a blog post with out assignin at least three tags to the post.


I've used Evernotes for going on 20 years. Evernotes is my backup brain. Evernotes says less than 2% of their users use tags. Evernote experts recommend minimizing Note Books and using tags as the primary way to find things.

My filing sytem

I have Notebooks for my major interests and my major projects. I use tags for what the file is about. I also have tags to indicate status of the file.

It works whether I am organizing my hard drive or organizing files in evernotes. Many programs do not provide for tags then I will add my tags at the end of an article like this:

#article #blogpost #tags #indexing

Then I use the operating systems global search and it will find all the #articles I am workin on,

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JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Very nice, Bill!

Only1Hugh Premium
Hey Bill I wrote a short blog on how members manage information. You might want to check it out here All the best
Newme202 Premium
Tags are not only for user experience, it is also now used by Google to help rank.your article

Thank.you for your explanator blog. I found your article very interesting
bill808 Premium Plus
Good point I hadn't thought of.
Newme202 Premium
Awesome :)
ERichardson1 Premium
Good evening, outstanding, I also use both of them, it makes everything easier for me and clearer especially when I am in a hurry. May prosperity and good health always hold you tight.
bill808 Premium Plus
Yes categories in WP are important. They represent the broad subject area of the article. In this case: computer
CountessCtry Premium
Hey Bill
Categories are must but tags are not, I use both to make my user experience extremely delightful.
Wishing you well and a terrific day.
bill808 Premium Plus
What is the difference between tags and categories? I notice G-Mail calls them labels.

To me, categories are are groups in a hierachical filing system.
bill808 Premium Plus
In Word Press: The main difference between categories and tags is the way you use them. In a way, categories are meant to indicate the genre of the post, so to speak. Tags, on the other hand, go much more in depth and indicate the individual things that the post talks about.