What's a slug?

Last Update: March 31, 2020

Have you ever wondere what a slug is and how to use it? I finaly asked google what a sluc is. Can you imagine, it is not the kind that eats your plants. It is what coms after the "/" in your URL In other words it is the name of your URL for that particular page or post.

You can edit it it so that long mess URL becomes something more meaningful. So, "website.com/when will the pandemic end" can become "website.com/pandamic-end."

Put your key word phrase in the slug. Eliminate functional words like "and, but, anf a" Search engines use your slug to know what your post is about. That definateky hekps the SEO.

Keep your slug short and meaningful.

Edit you slug before you post your artifle. If you edit after you post you will create a new URL and will have redirect the old URL to the new one. Otherwise anyone you tries to go to the old URL will get a 404 error.

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accad Premium
Yes, we are learning to do it.
bill808 Premium
So much to learn. WA is such a great resource because we all share what we learn.
Thank you for that info!!
Have an Awesome Day!!
bill808 Premium
Welcome. I just added a warning. Edit you slug before you publish your postl.