Straight from the Horses Mouth-What will get your website rejected.

Last Update: April 24, 2020

This is the best explanation of what will get your website rejected I have found.

Guide Lines from Share A Sale

Disallowed affiliate website types

• Sites whose content consists entirely or significantly of advertising, without offering any other significant value to site visitors

• Sites that are flagged for suspicious behavior by one or more major spyware or malware detectors

• Sites that are under construction, have long load times, or present other functionality problems

• Sites that contain misleading free offers or that try to trick visitors into sharing personally identifiable information
NOTE: No direct links to review site, either via PPC ads or redirects, will be accepted.

:First I want to talk about the NOTE. WA has been consistently telling us to write reviews and link from the review to the affiliate site. Now you have it straight from ShareASale. They will not accept a direct link. How do you interpret that Note?

The third line bothers me. They say they do not accept sites that are under construction or that load slow.

I'm always trying to improve my site, so it is always "under construction" It doesn't matter how fast my review loads. What ShareASale looks at is how fast the website loads.

Now what does that mean for my website. My website is devoted to helping people live as resiliently as possible. The site deals with Emergency Preparedness, Financial Resilience and Environmental Resilience, The website is not narrowly focused. The segments within the website are focused.

All WA training tells us to focus on as narrow a niche as possible. Follow Jay Niel I see him develop his foot ball snack helmet website starting with the snack helmet and then building the site review to sell everything anyone need for a tail gate party. Jay says to focus on one site at a time and write at least 3 blog posts a week until the site gains traction.

I can only do that for one site at a time.

Now my big question. My strategy has been to focus everything related to resilient living in one website and try to monetize segments within my website. Frankly, I haven't been able to generate anywhere near the traffic I need for the site to take off.

My question is, do I stay the course, or do I start all over with a new URL. The new URL will focus on what we need to do to stay health and deal with the future we will face on the other side of this pandemic.

My gut is telling me to stay the course and focus my blog posts on what we must do to stay healthy and prepare for the new future.

I need to check my site load speed and if it loads slower than 5 seconds I need to do whatever it takes to speed up the load time.

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bill808 Premium
Thanks you for your advice. Everyone is saying stay the course.
JeffreyBrown Premium
You make some very valid points here, Bill, that require some serious pondering on my part! Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention, my friend!

Have a safe weekend!

Stanleycmng Premium
There is a lot you can write for your niche and you also can develop business models outside of affiliate marketing. Financial services companies may be interested and will pay for lead generation. Therefore, my gut feel is you should stay the course.
Mark1957 Premium
Hey Bill, my gut would tell me to stay the course as well.
There are plenty of "hockey stick curve" examples of sites creeping along for a long while then getting some good traction and then traffic flying in so don't bail while it's still creeping along.
Here's something that might help you regarding site speed....

Good luck
MurphysMom Premium
Stay the course with some light tweaking...You’ve got this!