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Who should I follow?My WA eamails are more than I can read. Even looking for information from people I value is time confusing and I am sure I miss valuable posts.Who am I not going to follow? I have been following anybody in the top 200 and everyone who follows me.Someone following me I checked out today. He has been with WA for six months. He has no contact inforation in his profile and has not posted a single blog question or training.Why should I follow him?I'm going to start checking the p
On the River of Life, some people drift and some people paddle. Some people go through life doing whatever life presents. Others plan every detail of ever day and get frustrated when they cannot make it happen. Introverts tend to plan. Extroverts tend to let it happen.I have been an unsuccessful planner, but I am getting a lot better at it.My life has made a sharp turn in the last 6 months, My wife came close to death last September. Her recovery has been slow and her mobility is severely limit
July 28, 2018
WA can become to total time sink. If you participate in everything WA has to offer, you will never get anything done.So how do I prioritize my WA participation?The training is superb. Follow it step by step and you will be successful.Using this blog to record you journey to success will provide you a record of what you think is important in your life. I try to post a blog at least once a week.Providing traing not only fixes what you teach in your mind, it provides a record of important stuff yo
July 25, 2018
Start your training with Entreprenuer Certifiation and take it a step at a time. When I started with WA I was leading a team of writers and ameture developers who were developing a website of a major international conservation conference being held in Honolulu.When anyone on my team got stuck, I had to find an answer. WA was my savor. I'd always get an answer to my problem within minutes. However my skip around approach to solving our problems set me back. I learned a lot fast, but it wasn't t
I shared this training by katkatskitchen on my Google Plus. Google removed the post saying it was SPAM.This is katkatskitchen's great training about how to overcome imposter training. I think it is tremendously helpful addressing a problem I and a lot of other people have. What did I do wrong? How can I share this type of post without getting black listed by Google?
July 17, 2018
I broke into the top 50 today. It means I have been pretty successful at helping other WAerss. It also means you have expressed you appreciation of my efforts. The ranking algorithm seems to look at how many comments I receive and how well I interact with those comments. What does it mean in terms of my overall IM success. Maybe nothing and maybe everything.In terms of income it means nothing. Only the work I do on my websites makes any difference. On second thought, When I promote my WA blogs
July 16, 2018
I saw this post today, and yes, it is sad. I checked her profile. She never filled out her profile. She shares no interests and doesn't share what her niche is. She has no contact information: no social media contacts and no website links.How can we help when we know nothing about her?As for me, I'm convinced IM is the best business model for most people. You can learn everything you need to know right here at WA.For you, The first thing you need to do is fill out your profile. Let us now what
The world of work is changing. The hierarchy structure of business is flattening. A business doesn't hire to fill a job description anymore. They want employees who have leadership qualities, who can work with teams and who have a broad set of skills. They are looking for problem solvers. So if the Career Ladder is broken how do you promote you career?Obviously, if you are going to stand out from the crowd you have to promote yourself? People have to know what you have accomplished and what ski
It happens in business relationships and it happens in personal relationships and it can result in partnerships falling apart. The ultimate tradgedy is loosing a friend.Often it starts with a simple missunderstanding. There are two ways we can give support to others. One is by providing information. The other is by being empathetic. One is offering advice and the other is simply being understanding. Pychologists tell us that men usually prefer giving advice while women want emotional support."D
We are here at WA to build our on line businesses. We should be sharing what is working for us and what problems we are having. We have WA leaders who are fantastic mentors. You can learn from them by studing their training, visiting their websites and reviewing their profile. I can understand why people are reluctant to share personal information on the internet. Sharing to much information on the internet is never a good idea. But, we are in business. We want people to find us, know what we