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February 04, 2019
I'm confused.What is the path forward?I need to post content on my websites. I want to post here at WA. Time I spend adding content to my websites helps my websites rank in the search engines.How does time I spend writing posts for WA help me?I get the satisfaction of helping other WA members.I am promoting WA as one of my many income streams. My posts to WA rank well because WA is an authority siteSo, how does posting at WA benefit me financially. Other than the income stream generated by peop
December 09, 2018
Everyone needs a website.I am convinced that everyone needs an online presence. Whether you are branding yourself as an authority in your field, creating a business that can provide you a passive, retirement income or introducing your brick and mortar business to the world, you need a website and audience.It is not who you know. It is who knows you.It is that simple. You need people to know who you are and what you are interested in. People who need your help will become your audience. When you
Type as fast as you can think.I just found a great feature on Google Docs. You can dictate to Google Docs and it will type what you say. Go to Google Docs; click on tools and select "voice typing." Click the microphone button that pops up and start talking. You are limited as to the commands you can give it. These are the available commands: PeriodCommaQuestion MarkNew LineNew ParagraisThis does not have all the capability of Dragon Naturally Speaking, but it is free, simple to use and requires
I work with people in transition. School to work. Mid-Career changes and job to retirement. Mid-Career changes may be a purposeful change or simply the result of getting fired., In today's economy the old "climb the corporate ladder" may not work and the only way out of a dead end job is a more challenging job.There are many ways the transition may occur. Point is it happens and I believe everyone, even people who love their jobs, need to have a business of their own ready to scale up at a mome
October 16, 2018
Evernote is my second brain. I use it daily. I've used it for years and am still learning features and ways to use it that I didn't know was possible. Steve Dotto is my Evernote Mentor. He has Evernote Training Videos all over the Internet. He uses Patreon to help fund his business. He explains how it works at 33:00 in this video. someone subscribes to support him in Patreon they get discounted training.Steve's niche is productivity and specific
October 07, 2018
Do you know BES? B.E.S. is :1. BUILD YOUR AUDIENCE2. ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCE3. SELL YOUR AUDIENCEBUILD your audience. How do you do that? WA a recommends we fill our website with high quality, helpful content. Do it by blogging. Jay (Majistudios) recommends posting fresh content at least three times a week. His seven point SEO checklist includes sharing your post with social media. Jay recommends posting to G+. Video is also important and Jay recommends YouTube. Google owns both G+ and YouTube and
September 09, 2018
Know your audience. We've all read here at WA how important it is to describe your audience as a single person and then write your blog posts to that imaginary individual. When you know your reader, you know how to slant and promote your book, article or website and how you must promte it. Here are some things to consider when writing your readers bio:What gender?Age?What relationships does s/he have?Do s/he have kids?(how old?)No kids?What work does s/he do?Where does s/he live?What does s/he
September 02, 2018
A very fast overview of my Internet business modelFirst, I had to choose the niche I want to work in. Environment is my primary mission, but I found it hard to monetize. My second mission is to help people and communities become more resilient, but I need to better focus that niche. I choose to promote products that will make survival and recovery from a hurricane as quick and comfortable as possible.Keep in mind that there are probably as many ways to use the internet as there are users of the
There is no best way to use the internet. We are told there are over 3 billion people using the net and they probably have 3 billion reasons for doing so.People usually start using the net because they want to know something or they may want to share what they are doing with their friends. A third of the U.S.A. workforce are freelancers. They work gig to gig. I have a friend who is currently working 12-16 hours per day 6 days per week building sets for a movie company. When the movie is complet
Failures are potholes on the road to success. Learn from your failures. Check often and make corrections early before they become too expensive. There are three kinds of failure. Only one realy matters. Your concept is knowing what is most important in your life. The most important thing may change as you grow. When you accomplish the one most important thing you have been working on, celebrate your success and then pick a new most important thing that will advance your callingFailure of Proces